What is high ldl in blood test?

Ah, high ldl! That Queen of Hearts-like villain that makes our blood boil, quite literally. But what is it? How does it happen? And what can we do to fight back? Don’t worry; I’ll explain everything below. Just make sure to have some popcorn ready because this is going to be an entertaining ride!

The ABCs of LDL:

First things first, let’s understand the basics: What is LDL? Well, we all know cholesterol – the stuff that clogs your arteries and gives you a beer belly – right? Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is just one type of cholesterol that carries bad cholesterol around your body.

Here’s how it works; imagine our body as a freeway system with tiny little cars running around carrying vital supplies like oxygen and nutrients. HDL staff those cool convertibles which move molecules from liver to tissues, whereas LDL supervises rusty jalopies blaring “Eye Of The Tiger” holding fats too big for Team HDL.

You see, when there’s too much bad cholesterol (courtesy of LDL), these rusty jalopies start pilling up on the freeway lanes carrying blood cells compromising traffic altogether leading to heart disease risks collectively called atherosclerosis.

Bad news bears:

So now we know why high levels of LDL aren’t great but let us get into more horrific details- they put corn syrup sodas filled with molasses and Maple Syrup flavored donuts!

Jokes aside though humans have two types: Good ‘ol Docile SteveX aka Delta density Lipoproteins_HDL or Loyal Underling HankY type B_aka Lower Density Lipoproteins-LDL)

Delta density lipoproteins are friendly chaps who divert bad fats away towards the sector where they belong meaning they should go home happy after shift hours. Lower density lipoproteins, on the other hand, are not as smart and tend to send these bad fats wherever without questioning what they’re doing.

It sounds like you don’t want the Lower Densites around your bloodstream fetching beers from fridge for too long – right? Unfortunately it’s sad good Delta Density has no job openings.

Action point: cut down popular comfort foods that essentially gives LDL those easy pickings- aka trans fats found in cookies,chips,waffles,a plate of ribs smothered in bbq sauce fried anything .

Show me the numbers:

Whenever that one doctor who always ends with “eat a salad” recommends getting blood tests done, chances are they will measure levels of Total Cholesterol (both HDL+LDL). Don’t forget you’ll meet their cousin(s) Triglycerides, which is another type of fat droplet in your blood whose high levels add increased risk towards Cardiovascular disease.

Now let us dig deep into ‘what do my test results mean?’ because knowledge is everything :

Total Blood Less than 200 mg/dL (Desirable)
HDL Greater than or equal to 60mg/dl (Desirable)
LDL Less than or equal to 100mg/dl (Optimal)
But more importantly we should focus on

[if there was a dramatic pause here] God forbid something untoward shows up ..

How High Is Too High?

The maximum amount varies depending upon several factors e.g. age,gene pool ,varied life experiences but generally:
Adults who have experienced Cardiovascular diseases anytime >=100(more lower even better )|
Heart troubles lurking around >=130(more lower better)

Do note such values put individuals under Hypertension risks; which means what? more medical appointments ,cutting down fatty acid loaded foods,free annual supply from Old Navy Loungewear collection.

Why are my LDL levels high?

Ah, the million-dollar question! There can be many reasons behind this problem, some of them include:

1. Overindulging

It’s no secret that we’re a species built to enjoy or at least that is what one guy dressed in science cloak told us so. The trick is to indulge where and when you should do it while keeping your eye on how much.

You don’t see marathon athletes diving into deep-fried cheese sticks covered in ranch dressing every day right?-if yes then cough anecdotal evidence might mean an appointment for stomach-lining repair.

Instead try having whole grains,fiber-rich fruits/vegetables,balanced proportions of those precious macronutrients (fats/proteins/carbohydrates) but look mom emphasize on monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats

2. Genetics

Your DNA doesn’t put you under Auto-Pilot mode for good health.Higher Familial Hypercholesterolemia pops up when genes pass pointers ahead ensuring our lipid profiles aren’t optimal..meaning they nudge cholesterol components towards destructive tendencies Whereas illnesses like hypothyroidism , kidney diseases having roots in gene expressions can misalign the marbles floating around making patients pay extra attention towards their diets(ex; avoiding canned/packaged meals)

3. Life choices:

They call them vices because its a lot easier paying attention to Short term goals than long-term ones – Be it stress eating ,smoking or Chuck-the-vitamin-supplements .

But here’s your buddy with the comic relief nugget: You know which company knows all too well how life-interrupting High Blood Pressure,Hypertension can get ? Pharmaceutical companies who put out warnings for side-effects such headaches,nausea and can also affect you financially long term.

Well, the point being that we should keep a sharp eye out for our blood pressure just like any other body process by doing a prompt self-checkup, aerobic exercises yada yada.

Prevention is better than cure:

So now it’s time to tackle the elephant in the room. What do we do if our LDL levels are high? Here are some tips:

1. Exercise:

Science has shown short laugh therapy circuits or socializing with office gang dispersing blood-pressure build-ups – However Jokes aside exercising even for 30 minutes daily raises good cholesterol and reduces bad ones overall concentration.

ACTION POINTS: Dust off the Marios cart . Call up your friend(let them be baby steps) dance around(!?)

2. Diet

Yes yes ,Most articles end with suggestions on meal swaps but listed here are food items which sing “High LDL ?! Challenge Accepted!”

Saturated fats : Meat(especially red), tropical oils (restricted consumption of Fried fish & Chips/ Gulab Jamun)

Trans fat: Cookies,chips,double-stuffed Oreos and cinnamon buns

Choose instead unsaturated fats found in nuts/seeds/oils/fish/yogurt coupled with fruits/veggies/salmon/dark chocolates/things sprinkled with old bay seasoning During Dr.Mario breaks exclusively though 😉

3.Lifestyle Changes

Apart from adding green leafy veggies to shopping carts early morning trip”just-launched-4-for-4s-new-deal ‘ might not always cut it.

The extra salt traps water inside raising BP ultimately messing up choleric profile in return.
However practicing stress-relief activites E.g meditation,journaling;monitoring weight,kick starting environment fitting outdoor activities will lead towards greater body satisfaction all while keeping those Low Density Jalopies in check.

In conclusion:

There you have it! High LDL may sound like an intimidating problem, but with a few lifestyle changes and adjustments, we can keep our jalopies under check- yay!

Remember – everything in moderation is the key. Change might be tough at first; “Initial steps” never smooth your way (cue musical notes). But trust us when that HDL staff are doing their morning Teslas routine , picking up those keys will be much much easier. Cheers to this journey of better habits!

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