What is hdl cholesterol in blood test?

Do you know what they say? High cholesterol may lead to heart diseases. Yikes! That’s why a lot of people go through blood tests, where the doctor suggests them to check their HDL cholesterol levels. But hold on, are you aware of what HDL means? If yes, Kudos buddy! But if no, then worry not as we will be telling you all about it.

Before diving into details let’s take babysteps and talk about-


Did anyone tell me that I had too much cholesterol before my first date with my girlfriend!? NOPE but lemme tell ya” I clearly remember having scrambled egg whites for breakfast cause suddenly everything turned French outta nowhere!

Jokes apart; Haha! Cholesterol is present in your body naturally and believe us when we say it is essential for living a healthy life. It helps build up cell membranes being an important component because without its existence our bones wouldn’t have formed properly during development.
Ahem,fun fact– Your liver produces 80% of Cholesterol directly bahahaha now pet that organ puttin’ in work!!

Coming back after some laughter breaks…let’s get serious again and conclude- Cholesterol travels throughout the bloodstream via molecules called lipoproteins which can either be good or bad (yeah chucks!). And this is where that ‘Good’ ol’ boy hdl comes in play.

Goodness Of Goody GOOD – ‘HDL’

aka high-density lipoprotein(Oh yeah fancyyyy!). This ‘good’ guy has one primary function-.snatch away excess bad guys(low-density-lipoprotein) from the walls of arteries(epic getaway plan!)and flush em offa da system.. Sweet reliefs..Bye bye pills!

Well,”you definitely don’t want any plaque formation at your cardiovascular level which can lead to artery blockages and ultimately heart diseases.”

Therefore, HDLs are known as the good cholesterol. But wait! We can’t forget about our heinous friends which slum around everywhere.

Bad in a bad Way – “LDL”

aka low-density lipoprotein (even fancier …SIGH)It carries cholesterol particles within arteries leaving fattyyy deposits permanently..Oh nooo!? Let’s identify some possible culprits liable for this:
1. Genetic issues- Your ancestors passed you an unstable kitbag.
2. Poor Diet Habits- You ate things that’d make ole Ronald McDonald cringe!
3. Sedentary Lifestyle – When was the last time ya did sit-ups? Is’ weight-loss jus’ utopia ?

Doc believed it’s never too late to stick to healthy choices!. Sayonara junk food!

To sum it up; The ideal range of total cholesterol is around 125-200 mg/dl with HDL levels> 40-50mg/dl(Lightni’n up!). Now your doctor would further guide you according to age and health conditions by considering other factors like Triglyceride levels etc.

What Causes Low Levels of Good Cholesterol?

“HELP!” shoutin’ Out!!! Well don’t be Al Pacino-yet!”

There could be several reasons for low HDL levels including genetics(yaaah!), sedentary lifestyle(again ), unhealthy diet(high on fats and carbs), high triglycerides(Hurry yet pant!) hormonal imbalance(if unique) And yes once again , being overweight(obviously). In contrast sounds pretty well-balanced when done sincerely.So if there are issues whereas hdl levers falls below average limits do consult professionals.They got better solutions(list below).

Don’t yo worry buddy!!Here’s how YOU can get em back up:


Let’s start with the basics; Kick out chips and processed foods & welcome veggies (Ah…). Straight facts say adopting a healthy Lifestyle would do more wonders than any other intervention.

  • Regular Exercise – Start gradually but keep improving day by day.

  • Quit Smoking, numerous studies have shown that smoking decreases HDL levels
    include this too?


Limit Saturated Fats(more cheese?->Nah),Include healthier fats like olive oil, nuts,strawberry YES strawberries they’re great in taste! Cut down on carbohydrates try meat free meals or Opt for lean proteins(Yes Protein is important to disco from Diet!).

Egg yolks are also great sources of vitamin D and lutein which helps protect against macular degeneration (No,I’m not recommending only egg yolks ). Nor i am!!

Overall, cholesterol including good and bad types together play different roles. You know now about the ‘good’ guy- hdl which takes away the excess LDL particles. Watch your lifestyle choices diligently as per guidance because y’all gotta preserve it for long-term health happiness!.

Finally,”A consolation quote” to end all-“Everything in moderation-Including Cholesterol”!”

WHEEE! Done here!!! We “goody goods ” shall Say goodbye now.Hope comfort found
Peace Out!!

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