What is good for wound healing?

When you’re injured – whether it’s from tripping and falling flat on your face or getting bitten by a rabid raccoon- it can feel like the whole world has turned against you. And if that open wound sticks around longer than necessary, well let’s just say things go from bad to worse real quick.

But fear not! In this very informative and definitely trustworthy article, we’ll be discussing all the odd ways to speed up wound healing (sorry, no magic spells included!) so that you can finally kick bandages, ointments and those pesky stitches goodbye!

The Blood-Gushy Basics of Wound Healing

Before we dive into our weird-to-the-point-of-being-wonderful tips, let’s briefly talk about how wounds heal at all. When your skin is broken because of a cut, abrasion or puncture =ouch= blood rushes to the site in question.

In technical terms: “The platelets in your plasma (the liquid component of blood) help form strands called fibrins over the wound spot which stop the bleeding.” That scab-ish looking thing? Yup! It forms later as part of clotting too. But beneath that-yep again!- brand new skin cells are multiplying at lightning speed; forming collagen fibers which provide structure and organization to what will eventually become fresh skin tissue.

Feeling grossed out yet? Great!

Now let’s get right into some unconventional tactics for aiding this natural healing process.


If there was ever an excuse needed for taking daily dips in freezing cold water…this is apparently one folks have been using since ancient times! Yes cryotherapy -aka brief exposure to extreme cold temperatures-has been used for centuries as a way to increase circulation/immune response.Very few studies exist on its effectiveness.However, anecdotal evidence suggests that—um so how do we say this…Frozen fits work? Sorry not sorry! So, if you’re feeling chilly and daring enough to sit in an ice bath for a few minutes every day, it might just help decreasing inflammation around the wound site.

Maggot Therapy

We know what you’re thinking. Why on God’s green earth would I put creepy crawly things near my open wound?

Well folks hold onto your hats because maggot therapy may actually be helpful-in some cases. Maggots secrete enzymes that can break down dead tissue while leaving healthy cells alone= nature’s little clean-up crew!

One double-blind study suggests that maggots were more effective than hydrogel when used to treat diabetic foot ulcer wounds with serious levels of necrosis (aka dying skin). Hmm…food for thought!

But hey,if it makes your stomach turn free-range organic honey could also have antibacterial properties and encourage faster healing so skip the maggots if they are too “gross”.

Hydrogen Peroxide: Bane or Boon?

If peroxide was a movie character it’d probably be cast as an erratic protagonist- trying its best to help one minute but causing “explosive” issues next. It is said nottoapply hydrogen peroxide directly onto open wounds since application removes living cells and bacteria alike.What about cleansing areas around the affected bits though?”Might” give us-finger crossed-ish effects!(Though avoid using steady streams from high pressure devices please.) Also note—it does seem overuse may slow rather than accelerate recovery time.Other alternatives such fungicides are now being investigated although much research remains.

Maybe Stop Smoking / Would You Believe Skin Yoga?!

Now let’s switch things up from startling remedies discussed above.A no brainer here-stop smoking already! We all know by now,that smoking slows down organ growth which can increase risk of cancer, heart disease and generally make you looknot so healthy. But cigarettes also slow wound healing- basically undesired on all fronts! So if there was ever an excuse to drop the habit (or maybe take it up as a form of keeping oneself motivated regardless?) this would certainly be one!

Not too keen on quitting huh?No worries-this next strategy is another low-effort suggestion that may truly yield results: skin exercises sometimes package along with facial yoga exercises can help increase blood flow which in turn promotes faster cell turnover. Look-up some routines-probably not involving moving arms like chicken wings or something-worth giving a shot.

Better Diet= Stronger Healing

As much as we’d all love eating cake 8 times daily…it turns out our bodies are quite fond of leafy greens,different kinds nuts,berry berries,dark chocolate,Turmeric and lotsa other fun sounding things.Wanna know why? Because vitamins A C&D, plus minerals such Zinc being in these foods can aid immunity,blood clotting et al.(And no hate here for those who have sweet tooth’s; they can enjoy their little bit without ruining everything!)So while indulging every now and then is great(for happiness) hard pass on junk/overly processed stuff if our main goal is fast wound recovery.

### Conclusion

Wound healing may seem tedious but turns out listening to grandma wasn’t too far off…Stay hydrated,Mind What You Eat,a touch bit of Cold Therapy cant hurt,lengthen your exercise routine,Yoga For The Skin Serves A Purpose!,and most importantly-skip smoking altogether(if nothing else do it for us 🙂 )

Now go forth reader,it’s time to let wounds just fade away into obscurity !

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