What is good for hiccups?

Hiccups, the involuntary contractions of the diaphragm muscle followed by a sudden closure of the vocal cords, are an annoying but harmless condition that most people will experience at least once in their lifetime. Despite being largely harmless, nothing can be more irritating than prolonged hiccupping particularly when you’re trying to enjoy your favorite movie or win over your crush with a silver-tongue conversation.

Whether it’s that old wives’ tale passed down from generations, your drunk friend’s advice or scientifically backed remedies recommended by doctors, everyone has a hack they swear will get rid of these noisy and pesky repetitive spasms. This article explores some popular methods used to stop hiccups when they strike.

The basics

Before we delve into specifics on how to eliminate hiccups effectively, let us first consider what causes them. Hiccups occur due to multiple factors such as:

  • Eating too fast
  • Drinking carbonated drinks
  • Consuming spicy foods
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Swallowing air while chewing gum

Considering this diverse range & extent of possible triggers depending on different lifestyle aspects and related habits maintained thereof; It’s essential to determine what has triggered these stubborn hiccups that have been plaguing you for days so you can adopt fixative measures accordingly.

Now let’s go through some tried-and-tested fixes (and possibly some strange ones) accrued across cultures and timeframes everywhere!

Upside Down Trick

This might look like something straight out of a children’s fairytale book — where everything happens in reverse order — but hear me out before dismissing it: the upside-down trick entails holding one’s breath while bending over until all residual CO2 releases from lungs thereby undergoing somewhat positive pressure variance resulting in unsuccessful beltching.Confuse enough? Well long story short – An unhappy diaphragm tends calls shots!

In a nutshell, you need to invert your body by leaning forward and holding your breath for as long as possible. The underlying philosophy is believed to be based on the idea that this breathing exercise resets the diaphragm’s rhythm which eliminates hiccups altogether.

While it may not always work, its degree of effectiveness seems rather promising since it’s been documented in many individuals’ experiences over the years.

Digital Rectal Massage

Yes, you’ve read that right! It seems like weird advice and almost curses everyone’s reaction with an arched eyebrow every time we hear about it, but hey – desperate times lead to unusual solutions.

Despite being an unconventional approach- This bizarre tactic claims accentuated success rate when done correctly – diminishing hiccup spasms within just a few seconds. Here Is How:

  1. Ensure sanitized hands for hygiene purposes
  2. Lubricate index finger
  3. Insert lubricated finger into rectum ensuring soft pressure points of sphincter muscles are gently compressed
    4.. Hold paper towel beneath expected gas escape path
    5)..This said action also ensures some unwanted wind explosions don’t occur during process

Intriguingly enough,research shows us that digital rectal massage can stimulate the vagus nerve, creating heightened parasymapthhethic activity throughout our bodies leading up-to immediate relief from upset tummy sensations & apparently even hiccups too.

Please ensure immersing oneself with adequate further research before experimenting!


Holding one’s breath ranks highly among natural remedies used largely across different cultures.The ritual functionality works around neutralizing blood oxygenation saturation enabling hypercapnia (excess Co2 presence) thereby tampering rise-up or progression of Diaphragm contractions.Nevertheless please remember do not attempt for longer durations or endanger your respiratory wellbeing

The next time you experience these obtrusive spasms— try holding your breath for a period of 20 seconds.It’s natural to heave out the relieved breath with a loud gasp -but that very act signifying your phrenic nerve being successfully distracted and reprogrammed in slowing down those pesky hiccups!

Carbonated Drinks

If you love carbonated drinks, then this hack is right up your alley! While they can contribute to causing hiccups initially, consuming predetermined amount of club soda (even though it seems counter-intuitive) could be the potential solution.

The idea behind it entails drinking little sips from an entire glass of flat mildly chilled distilled water OR better yet,sipping on coke-zero or any other Sugar Free(artificially sweetened preferred) soft drink.

Although there isn’t concrete scientific evidence suggesting how exactly it helps, some healthcare professionals posit that its ingredient composition mediates disruptive nerve spasms reportedly aiding relief.

Pull Your Tongue Out

like high school bullies poking fun at their classmates- pulling one’s own tongue does seem like kindergarten prank,
however – considering about hiccup freedom- why not try?

Here’s What Need To Do:

  1. Stretch & Extend Your Mouth
  2. Stick The Tip OF Your Tongue
    3..Pull With Sufficient Pressure On Extended Organ

Apparently,this tension stimulates vagus nerves connectivity leading cause distractions from Diaphragmic workings Resembling Digital Rectal Massage.


Everyone crows as if they’ve got solutions that work miracles successively against desired outcomes when we are doubtful actually experiencing obscurity and totally clueless what triggered Hiccuping Remember Everyone’s body reacts differently ,so things might not work for everyone always; but Trying these simple remedies shouldn’t hurt either.Nothing tackles stubbornness than drastic & deviant measures-if problems persist contact patient Practitioner.

Hopefully this article helped improvise thwarting discomfort soon let us know which technique from our list relieved your hiccups in the comments below!

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