What is gender variant?

Gender variant, huh? Well, have you ever heard of the saying ‘gender is a social construct’? No? Well, don’t worry. I’ll break it all down for you.

Understanding Gender Variance

Firstly, let’s clarify what gender variance means. In simple terms, it refers to behavior or expression that doesn’t conform to traditional notions of male and female. So basically,anything outside the realm of pink and blue, if you catch my drift.

A Brief History Lesson

Before we dive deep into understanding gender variance in today’s world, let me take you back in time. The concept of gender as we know it today didn’t always exist. In many societies throughout history,people were free to express themselves however they wished without judgement.

It wasn’t until Western colonialism started spreading across the globe from 1500 onwards that people began enforcing their strict binary views upon other cultures (thanks for nothing!)

Deconstructing Binary Gender Norms

As mentioned earlier, society tends to divide individuals into two categories – male and female. Everything from your choice of clothing or toys as kids to public restrooms depends on this classification! But why do we need societal boxes?

People who identify neither fully as male nor fully female are considered “non-binary”. This term can be used by anyone whose personal identity does not fit within conventional societal norms for their assigned birth sex.

In recent years more people are identifying beyond these limiting binaries , leading us slowly but surely towards a utopia where individuality leists over conformity!

Understanding Transgenderism: When Your Biological Sex Doesn’t Match Your Identity

Transgenderism falls under the umbrella category known as GNC- (Gender Non-Conforming) which includes anything off-kilt with typical perceptions around gender expressions but specifically referring to an experience when one’s biological sex does not match one’s gender identity.

The Myth That Gender is Determined by Biology

If your (confused) conservative aunt tries to argue with you stating she has evidence of the XX and XY chromosomes and how anatomy can’t lie, remind her that gender ≠ sex; Sex organs are only part of many complex systems our body works with helping create our personal identities. Believe it or not – this debate whether nature vs nurture contributes about 50% each to human behavior!

In simpler terms, there’s a lot more going on than just biological differences between males and females (so we should all quit wasting precious time flaunting outdated stereotypes)

Navigating Labeling

As humans, we naturally want a way to define things. It helps us make sense of them! However when it comes to gender being rigidly put into boxes might feel natural but it can be incredibly damaging for people who don’t fit within its constraints

Intersectionality : Your Gender Expression Its Not In A Vacuum

Social categories like race, class / caste do not exist in isolation from each other – they overlap & intersect within individuals’ lived experiences..

For example if you were a low-income POC Muslim woman living in India struggling with unemployment <!–3- raising issues around symbolic as well as actual accessibilities beyond race-, language barriers , cultural understanding amidst systemic inequalities may become much more apparent because your experiences cannot be limited nor explained away by solely questioning racial prejudice and discrimination. Similarly ones gender expression shouldnt always been viewed too independently those themselves being impacred alongside their broader contexts.

We realize this defies traditional views on discussing “transgenderism,” «transition» so henceforth let’s focus upon self exploration as opposed towards societal standards.

Pride Month: Celebrating Variations Across Identities

Every June sees LGBTQ+ events across the globe come together for pride month celebrating love over hate highlighting inherently meaningful expressions of challenging harmful dominant societal narratives surrounding gender and attraction wherein those identities who have found themselves ostracized around the world it’s an endearing spectacle to see many come together as a culmination of so much love, artistry, entertainments which offer opportunities for the LGBTQIA+ community align with various organizations that promote inclusivity , accessibilities and equity.

Acknowledging The Diversity Within Gender Variance

Similar to navigating intersectionality in our conversations around gender variance, its also essential we understand all the different ways people express variations of their gender identity.

Some people may identify as third or forth gender; others reject labels entirely. In any case– Each individual is unique!

NB: Non-Binary

Someone whose personal identity falls somewhere outside conventional binary classifications— male/female majority status either identifying as both simultaneously or another category altogether such hir!

BI: Bigender

People under this category feel they have tow seperate genders- emotionally experiencing themselves as female at times but then equally feeling more masculine too.

TR-GF:A Trans Woman Attracted To Women

Now generally classified into LGBQTIA+, a transgender gay woman can be anyone from occasional cross-dressers to hormonal transitional treatments on their way towards having sex-reassignment surgery.

Of course these are only just several aspects amongst multitude upon variation across individuals heterogeneity..

To put it simply, mean no harm by using language/names you’re not necessarily familiar with (and actively avoid shortening terms without full consent)

Individuals deserve the opportunity to define themselves according to whatever feels most accurate within them individually rather than fitting within certain categories set societally by birth< because let’s face it — sometimes things fall outside traditional binaries., comfortability whilst exploring your evolving self should be priority over being forced into narrow rigidity!

And honestly? As a wise cis-gendered woman once told me “as long as you are happy and healthy, nothing else matters”