What is epigastric region?

The epigastric: Region is the upper abdomen between the bottom of the chest/ribcage and the bellybutton. The main gastrointestinal organs associated with digestion there are the stomach and first part of the small bowel (duodenum).

What organs are located in the epigastric region? Epigastric region comprises mainly stomach, pancreas, duodenum and a part of liver in addition to muscles, peritoneum and fascia. Pain arises in this area due to problems related to these organs. Pain can be radiated to this region from some other disease area.

Does the epigastric region surround the umbilicus? The right and left hypochondriac regions are found superiorly on either side of the abdomen, while the epigastric region sits between them in a central, superior position. The right and left lumbar regions surround the umbilical region, which is central and has the umbilicus as its centre point.

Is the epigastric region in the navel area? The center portion is the umbilical region, the region of the navel or the umbilicus. Directly above this is the epigastric region, or the region of the stomach. Directly below the umbilical region is the hypogastric region. On either side of the epigastric region are the right and left hypochondriac regions.

Where is epigastric pain located? The epigastric pain is located in the central part of the abdomen, just below the ribs. Sometimes, because of its location, it can be mistaken with the pain that is caused by angina or heart attack.