What is dmso good for?

If you’re looking for a miracle solution to all your problems, DMSO might just be it. Don’t know what it is? That’s okay, most people don’t! But fear not my dear reader, I’m here to enlighten you on this magical substance.

The Basics of DMSO

DMSO, or dimethyl sulfoxide if you want to get technical, is an organosulfur compound with the formula (CH3)2SO. It has a somewhat oily texture and a slightly garlicky/metallic taste. But don’t let that scare you away – beneath its unassuming exterior lies a cornucopia of health benefits!

Origins and Discovery

Believe it or not, DMSO was first discovered as by-product of wood pulping more than 100 years ago [1]! After some testing in animals in the early 1960s, it became popularized as an industrial solvent before eventually being studied for medical applications.

Medical Uses

The uses for DMSO are broad spanning across multiple areas:

Pain Relief

Perhaps one of the most well-known benefits(note:Source), DMSO can drastically reduce pain levels which makes it very useful for arthritis , joint pains from trauma, treatments such as chemotherapy etc.(Note: According to laboratory research done using human cells).

It seems like magic but scientists think they have figured out how DMSA—(for example), reduces inflammation—-(%or analgesic) :by decreasing cytokine production responsible for inducing inflammation (%source?)

Tissue Injuries Cure

Those pesky tissues injuries leave us bedridden taking medicine every other hour––-not anymore!//With regular use(%example: once daily)of Gel-DMSA, you can be up and back to your routine life in no time.

Other Medical Uses

  • Treating interstitial cystitis

Apparently, using DMSO For patients with bladder inflammation is very effective. Its effectiveness has a lot to do with how well it penetrates the skin – meaning it get into the bladder tissue effectively__(Note: According to studies done on human subjects).

  • Reducing fluid pressure within eyes
  • Treatment of shingles lesions

Non-Medical Applications

But wait there’s more! Not only can DMSO’s medical uses blow your mind but its non-medical benefits can solve all sorts of everyday problems. So next time somoene asks about DMSO, tell them “it’s not just for aches an pains”

Industrial Solvent

As I mentioned earlier,DMSO found its origin as being used as industrial solvent.This could range from paint stripping off furniture rto protecting vaccine samples(source)

It still remains popular for this purpose until now among other solvents like chlorinated solvents such as methylene chloride etc due to various factors including decreased toxicity. (Note: %example)

Like any drug or chemical compound, questions surrounding safety often arise when new users are introduced to— (a) treatment they have never had before.. The reality is that while some may experience mild side effects such as dry mouth,%headaches , painful erections —% occasional diarrhea ) %(source?), these discomforts don’t compare near enough their actual pain relief._

In conclusion, if you’re looking for something versatile that works wonders on-tissue injuries or reducing inflammation,Dmso might work for—-you.Apart—from———–__,——its ability fo even act——-as–an industrial solvent makings it great economic value-for-manufacturaers.

But, as with anything please make sure to reliable information on the brands or sources that are safe for you given your health status.

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