What is dequadin?

Dequadin sounds like a cheesy villain name from an old school superhero comic. But it’s not! It’s actually a real thing that you can buy at your local pharmacy or drugstore.

The Basics of Dequadin

Dequadin is an antiseptic medication used to treat various conditions in the mouth and throat. This includes sore throats, throat infections, and even gum infections. The active ingredient in dequadin is called dequalinium chloride, which works by killing off harmful bacteria in the affected area.

Other Uses of Dequalinium Chloride

Interestingly enough, dequalinium chloride has other uses outside of medicine as well. It’s also been used as a preservative for contact lenses and even as an antimicrobial agent on surfaces such as kitchen counters!

How Does It Work?

For those who are curious about how this magical potion works its wonders, here’s the short answer: it disrupts bacterial membranes.

To go into more detail (prepare to be wowed), bacterial cells have membranes that protect them from their surroundings. These protective layers work kind of like armor – they’re tough and durable so they protect what’s inside from harsh external environments…like antibiotics!

When we take antibiotics, we’re trying to destroy these membranes because if they break down then the bacteria inside become vulnerable too! In other words, instead of attacking bacteria directly like most antibiotics do, dequalinium chloride goes straight for this membrane layer where it can effectively “punch holes” in it until there’s nothing left standing.

Once the cell membrane becomes compromised due to dequalinium treatment (cue war drums), necessary molecules aren’t able to continue penetrating through into the inner machinations required for DNA synthesis or breathing room within proteins; leading ultimately reducing chances resulting with pathogen death granting all heroes-in-training victory over germs everywhere once-and-for-all!

Does It Actually Work?

Indeed it does! Although everyone’s experience may vary, research has shown that dequadin can be an effective treatment for various mouth and throat conditions. In fact, a study published in the International Journal of Orofacial Myology found that “Dequalinium chloride gargle is useful and safe, with significant effectiveness on subjective symptoms as well as objective oropharyngeal inflammation.”

Possible Side Effects

Like most medications, dequadin has potential side effects. However they are generally mild and uncommon; common types include dryness due to long-term use which might cause irritation/ worsening inflammation when exposed to irritants such as smoke (leads visibly visible red patches) but these often disappear shortly after medication discontinued.

How To Use Dequadin

Ah yes: The million dollar question. For those considering taking the plunge with this magic potion, here’s how:

Gargling With Dequadin

  • Dilute one teaspoonful of dequandin solution with about 15 ml water (if instructions unclear consult your doctor/pharmacist!)
  • Swish around inside your oral cavity for around 30 seconds before spitting out.
    Note that you should NOT swallow this solution, since doing so could lead to digestive system issues

For gum infections:
1 tablet must be dissolved slowly between cheek n teeth until completely melted then swished sorta like mouthwash (wink-nudge), no more than six times per day while avoiding food/drinks at least half hour afterwards.

Always refer back t box/packet leaflet for additional dosage guidance.


Well folks there you have it: dequalinium chloride in a nutshell…or should I say test tube? Anyways whatever you decide to call it just make sure not bruise feelings by dismissing its true heroism!! Whether facing off against gingivitis or sore throats galore–it’s always there fighting germs head-on so people like us don’t have to!