What is cumin powder?

Let’s start with the most important question of all: what is cumin powder? If you haven’t heard of it, wow. Just wow. But don’t worry, I’m here to enlighten you on this crucial topic because frankly, your culinary life depends on it.

The Basics

Cumin powder – also known as “jeera” in some parts of the world (fancy that) – is a spice made from ground up cumin seeds. Simple enough, right? Wrong! There’s so much more to this magical little dust than meets the eye.

Where Does It Come From?

Like many awesome things in life (unicorns and rainbows included), cumin hails from the land of Arabia…where camels roam free and belly dancing reigns supreme. Okay, maybe not quite like that but you get my drift.

Taste Profile

Now let’s talk taste buds. Cumin has an earthy flavor with a slightly nutty undertone and a hint of sweetness (prepare yourself for some serious descriptive language here) that can only be described as “almost spicy but not really.” See what I did there? You’re welcome.

Culinary Usage

But wait- there’s more! Besides its amazing taste profile (and how beautifully I’ve described it), cumin powder is used extensively in various cuisines around the world such as Indian and Mexican foods to add depth to dishes like curries or tacos (drool). Ready for another tidbit? It’s also found in traditional Egyptian spice blends like Dukkah; how boujee!

What Happens Without It?

So now you have a basic understanding of what magical properties come packaged within this colorful jar called ‘cumin’. Let me ask you: ever wondered what would happen if someone just woke up one day and decided, “hey, we don’t need cumin powder anymore”? Let me tell you: absolute chaos would ensue. Okay, I’m being a tad dramatic here but seriously folks- let’s take a look at what life would be like ‘if’…

Indian Food Would Cease To Exist

We all know that the core of any great dish is spice (well..besides main ingredients obviously). Without cumin powder to flavor every other bite of Indian food… it just wouldn’t exist in its current form. Say goodbye to spicy curries forever!

Mexican Cuisine on Life Support

Can you imagine biting into a carne Asado burrito and not getting punched by that awesome roasted cumin flavor? Who wants plain old rice anyway?

Carb Dishes Depression

Remember one trick for cooking – butter makes everything better. If anything lacks taste, add some butter! Now without cumin powder present to bring out flavors in carb dishes such as delicious pastas; how could we possibly cook with confidence?

…I think my point has come across quite well.


It’s now safe and arguably reasonable enough to say that everyone needs this powdered charm from around the world within their kitchens because ‘cuisines’ can make weekend goals possible!. Let’s get culinary people.

Versatility Reigns Supreme

There are no limits when it comes to adding this magical dust sprinkles to your dishes. From homemade hummus (YES PLEASE)to spicing up sauces or soups – trusty little dutch oven never felt so good-, even your morning scrambled eggs (now were talkin’), are instantly transformed into la pièce de résistance before anyone can have additional coffee sips.

Think outside the box; use it as rub especially with lamb chops or grilled chicken breasts/cutlets …and voila- fancy dinner date achieved! Get creative because who knows, you could wind up being the next culinary superstar all thanks to your love for cumin.

Health Benefits

Okay, so now that I have convinced you of its flavor profile versatility let’s talk how good it is for’s the boody as well! Cumin powder not only adds flavor and punch but it offers potential health benefits.

  1. Improved Digestion – You’ll never feel bloated after a bowl of chili again because cumin encourages natural absorption in overall digestion (a great hack if ya know what I mean).
  2. Rich in Iron – Not everyone loves spinach…but almost everybody needs iron: The many benefits from boosting energy levels to keeping our immune system on point!
  3. Anti-diabetic Properties- Studies show that consumption helps keep blood sugar within healthy range.
    4.Benefits during pregnancy– In traditional Chinese medicine; intake moderates melanin secretion which leads to various skin issues during newborn growth stages.


There are good spices, there are great spices and then there’s cumin powder – little spice extraordinaire packing a serious punch of flavorsome awesomeness whilst providing some seriously remarkable nutritional value!

It’s hard to imagine life without this gem anymore…simply put – where would food be without medicinal values? So go ahead and experiment adding generous splashes with grace knowing today marks the beginning of something new (of course with possibilities consisting #globalCuisines), owing credit where credit is due (will say no more).. get creative with pantry staples ; they’ll always make sure you’re pickling right.
Bon Apetite!