What is coppertone?

Summer days are here, and we all know what that means – time to hit the beach or soak up some sun in your backyard. But with fun summer activities comes a hidden danger: harmful UV rays from the sun. That’s where sunscreen comes in handy, and one brand that stands out among the rest is none other than Coppertone.

The Birth of Coppertone

Back in 1944, a pharmacist named Benjamin Green developed the first ever commercial sunscreen while tinkering with various formulas to help alleviate his own skin condition. After several trials, he settled on an emulsion of cocoa butter and red veterinary petroleum jelly which soon became known as Coppertone Suntan Cream – because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a gorgeous golden-brown tan while protecting their skin from harmful rays at the same time?

Variety is Key

As more brands began introducing their own versions of sunscreen over the years and increasing awareness about its importance grew within society – Coppertone stepped up its game by expanding into different types of products under their umbrella brand such as:

  • Sport Sunscreens which includes spray-on options that are formulated for long-lasting wear during outdoor activities like volleyball games or surfing without having to worry about it sweat off.
  • Kids Sunscreens specially designed for children’s delicate skin so they can enjoy outdoor playtime without being exposed to harmful UV-rays when using any lotions.
  • Tanning Oils enriched with natural ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter (among others) makes tanning not only super-nourishing but also safer; these oils will enhance your color by distributing pigments evenly throughout your body cells making sure you don’t end up looking patchy after too much sun exposure.

With all these different options available there surely must be something perfect for everyone right? Well unbeknownst to most, Coppertone has been secretly collaborating with our gadgets and technology to create innovative products that provide even better sun blocking benefits.

High Tech Sun Safety

Tired of re-applying your sunscreen every 30 minutes? Don’t want a nasty sunburn on your shoulders from wearing an old-fashioned hat all day long? That’s where the Coppertone Smart Cap comes in.

Utilizing advanced sensors in a tiny clip attached to the top of any bottle this cap will alert you when it’s time for another application as well as providing other unique features such as monitoring temperature and humidity levels around you to ensure maximum skin protection.

For those who don’t like anything more technical than their favorite beverage container, Coppertone’s got your back too! Their classic spray-on options apply without leaving behind any greasy residue or stickiness while also protecting against multiple different kinds of harmful solar radiation simultaneously!

So Why Choose Coppertone?

Well besides being pioneers in the field; they’re so much more than just any generic sunscreen brand that you might find at drugstores today. They pride themselves not only on making sure everyone gets a beautiful golden tan but also surviving summer healthy-looking forever awesomeness(sarcasm detected)! But seriously folks, here are some reasons why people prefer using this brand:

  • It has InvisiBlend Technology – which helps prevent embarrassing white streaks often seen after applying other common brands.
  • Its water-resistant formula allows hours of fun outside without worrying about sweat washing away essential wrinkle-preventing components.
  • The easily downloadable app connects into weather detecting software linking up closely over-the-air notifications wireless wearables announcing upcoming sunny weather forecasts how effective target cleaning regimens accordingly (just kidding about the last bit).

All joking aside though – Coppertone is undoubtedly one of the best choices for keeping yourself protected while enjoying an outdoorsy lifestyle during summertime events this year. And who knows maybe they’ll even have some new technologies up their sleeve already!


In conclusion, Coppertone is the perfect solution for anyone who loves spending time outdoors but wants to keep themselves healthy and safe from harmful UV rays at the same time. With a variety of products available to cater all ages and needs + smart-cap technology that just makes life easier there’s no reason not to choose it over other sunscreen brands. So why wait? Try Coppertone today – your skin will thank you later!