What is comparable to revolution for cats?

One medicine that seems to be used to get results similar to Revolution is Advantage Multi. The medication is available for both cats and dogs, just like Revolution; however, there are a few differences between the two.

Which is better Revolution or revolution plus for cats? This means it works for fleas and ticks, but it doesn’t defend against parasitic worms too like Revolution does. Revolution kills fleas and ticks, along with roundworms, hookworms, and heartworms. If your cat is often outdoors, Revolution Plus might be a better choice for your cat.

Is the Revolution worm treatment safe for cats? Revolution has been in the pet market for a fairly long time and has been regarded as one of the finest broad-spectrum products. This spot-on treatment is effective on a number of parasites and is safe for kittens and cats, including pregnant, lactating, and breeding ones.

Can you give Revolution to a cat without a vet? Since Revolution is FDA-approved, it can be given to your cat without worrying about excess side effects. However, before you give Revolution to your pet cat for intestinal worms or ticks and fleas, it is better first to consult a vet. Now, take note that you can buy Revolution for cats without vet prescription.

What are the ingredients in Revolution for cats? As mentioned earlier, Revolution has been approved by the FDA, and it contains an active ingredient known as Selamectin which offers broad-spectrum protection from common parasites that often affect the pets. The brand is available in two different products; one suitable for cats and the other for dogs.

Does Revolution kill lice on cats?

Does Revolution kill lice on cats? Revolution for Cats is a monthly spot-on treatment that kills fleas within 36 hours of application. It kills immature heartworms, flea life stages, ear mites, intestinal worms and lice.

Is Revolution safe for my Cat? Revolution is safe for kittens as young as 8 weeks old, for breeding, pregnant and lactating cats, and for heartworm-positive cats. It’s safe for your cat to be with your family, other pets or even on your bed right after application.

What does Revolution do for a cat? Revolution is a topical medication for cats to protect them from Fleas, ear mites, and heartworms. It can be used for cats of eight weeks and older as per the instruction of the vet. It is a very versatile topical medicine that offers a wide range of protection for cats.

Is Revolution for cats safe? Revolution for cats is a controlled drug. In other words, it has been approved by the FDA and has shown to be quite safe for even kittens around 8 weeks of age. However, it is important to remember that any drug—FDA approved or not—has the potential to cause adverse reactions in our pets.