What is chilblains lupus?

It’s cold outside, and you’re feeling the nip in the air. Your fingers start to tingle, and your toes turn blue. You think it’s just a reaction to the chill, but it might be something more serious. It could be chilblains lupus – a rare but painful autoimmune disorder that affects your skin.

How does it happen?

Chilblains lupus occurs when your body attacks its own blood vessels and causes them to narrow or even close up. This restricts the flow of blood to your extremities, which can cause inflammation, cracking of your skin and breakages on specific parts like; (well there goes my manly hands!)– all common symptoms of chilblains lupus(Yes! That is a paradox).

The Triggers

Chilblains lupus is triggered by exposure to cold weather or certain medications such as beta-blockers for high blood pressure.
High-level nicked from Big Standard Pharma!

Poor Circulation Rules

If you’ve got poor circulation anyway- meaning if you have Reynaud’s phenomena ya’ll this ups the ante ”for our laymen patients means makes it worse!” . Smoking is also known to worsen circulatory problem so cancel those cigarette orders ASAP smokers ashes off imaginary nonexistent jacket.

Tip: If smoking cessation benefits do not motivate you enough remember we’re fighting against three diseases here: Constricted Blood Vessels, Deficient Oxygenation: resulting from restricted supply = CYANOSIS aka Blue fingers ears nose etc + Let us not forget our star player- “Inflammation”.

Who Gets It?

This rare condition affect middle aged women more commonly than men hence why they stick together during winters straight outta memes right!


Don’t worry yourself too much about diagnosing this cause it is relatively rare and thus, complicated to diagnose. If you notice some blue or purple patches on your fingers, toes or ears during colder climates that are followed by redness, itching and blisters it’s best if you visit a Healthcare provider.

They’ll ask about your symptoms do an examination (and hopefully not give the old prostate exam!) then drum roll Request Lab tests like Blood Testing and Skin Biopsy done in order to make a conclusion of what might be causing this phenomenon seen on your body.


Doctors don’t have one standard way to treat chilblains lupus as this skin disease impacts every individual differently however treatment usually involves help with symptom relief just think of treating the complications for e.g:
– Avoiding cold environments-like move south when winter starts?
– Apply warm compresses –heat therapy reduces inflammation.
-Steroid creams are prescribed most commonly.
-Vasodilators which soften constricted blood vessels
Some doctors may also reduce symptoms through supportive Calcium Channel Blocker medication depends entirely on severity levels so chat up ya Doctor!

Note: Don’t self-medicate please; remember that ‘Google-ing’ meds could lead down a rabbit hole XD


The “common sense” things like wearing gloves , Scarfs etc but let’s face it nobody wants their grandma attire even close whilst they browse instagram hashtags!

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Otherwise heat therapy also helps so does acupuncture which intensifies energy flow or why not take some high dose zinc supplements cause it turns out more than half of Ahmerican rockers karaoke winners and batman enthusiasts are zinc-deficient.


Chilblains lupus isn’t an immensely prevalent disease but awareness about symptoms can help people get treated timely just keep the basics in mind:
Don’t smoke, avoid beta-blockers as much as possible haha! Wear gloves woollen hats etc., stay under warm blankets with Netflix(binge watch masked singer maybe?) along with keeping style preferences intact through new-age add ons such as Becca R’s Haun mMffs. And yes!!!!! Do refer back here for another read whenever required(See how subtle that was!).

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