What is cerenia?

Are you a pet owner? Do you spend hours googling for ways to cure your furry friend’s nausea and vomiting? Look no further as we introduce Cerenia, the miracle drug that not only stops vomiting in pets but also prevents it!


Cerenia, which sounds like a fancy cheese, but believe us- it’s much better than the stinkiest blue cheese out there. It is an FDA-approved medication used to treat acute vomiting caused by various conditions in cats and dogs.

Discovery of Cerenia

The discovery of this magical medicine lies within our own digestive system! Yes, you read that right. Imagine if we got nauseous every time we ate something bad – wouldn’t life be great when chugging down tequila shots or binging on chocolate fudge cake during PMS? Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!), our body decided long ago to correct itself with some good old fashioned vomit.

However, as they say necessity is the mother of invention. So when our beloved furry friends were repeatedly getting hit by waves of nausea without any real solutions available- That’s where fortuitously Novartis stepped into action.

In 2005‐2006 they launched their first anti-nausea FDA approved treatment – ‘Maropitant’ where clinical studies identified other potential aliments Maropriant could treat such as pain transmission modulation via neurokinin receptors. But through years of continuous research efforts came forth some profound changes which eventually led Maropriant to become CERENIA® Injectable Solution or Tablets (24 mg). The name derived from ‘Ceres’ Roman Goddess who helped heal agriculture and gardening produced another fine product for healing yet on a different soil..

How does it work?

If science bores you then hold tight because things are about to get super interesting ! Unlike humans when pets experience high-levels of nausea or vomit, their esophagus and stomach fails to relax. This inability leads to reverse contraction ultimately throwing out undigested food and bile.

The good news – this cycle can be stopped by injecting Cerenia! The drug targets the area in our pet’s brain that controls nausea and vomiting ensuring a smooth gastro experience.


Let’s face it every time we try to give medication for any ailment either orally or through injection – it seems like giving medicine is transformed into a nauseating experience for both pets and owners- with constant worry about whether your furry bud has swallowed it rightly or not.

Thankfully with Cerina tablets, there is no rushing anxiety over if your four-legged friend ingested his/her proper dose of medication since all you have do is simply hide the medicine (in food) from them OR opt-in for injections which lasts longer than tablets rendering an outstandingly impressive efficacy rate on reducing chances of repeat symptomatic expressions.

Side Effects

Here’s some science talk coming up “extra-pyramidal effects”(sounds terrible but really isn’t), means potential implications such as restlessnessness, decrease in appetite (more begging-with-those-familiar-wide-brown-eyes). However these risks are typically extremely rare; thus monitoring its use won’t be unnerving at all!

Anyway…. Since you’re still reading here comes some scientific backing: In trials conducted only 0.2% experienced side effects when using Cerenia which alleviates risk associated with drugs injected systemically the aim should always be #keepingoursuperpoocheshealthyandhappy!


In conclusion, we conclude ,cerenia is an absolute boon to pet parents who want nothing more than instant relief whenever their furry babies suffer from acute vomiting episodes. There are little side-effects making it one of the safest options in treating sudden vomiting attacks afflicting beloved dogs and cats.

We hope this article offered some insight into the mysterious life of Cerenia and how it aids in treating sudden episodes of nausea and vomiting. Give your furry friend that extra belly rub for being such a brave patient and make sure you have saved/hidden the chocolate fudge cake just out of their reach!

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