What is cellulite cream?

Alright, so let’s talk about everyone’s favorite topic: cellulite. What a fun word, am I right? It sounds like something you’d find on the bottom of your shoe after walking through a swamp. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy to get rid of as some pesky mud caked onto your sneakers.

But fear not, because there is an entire industry dedicated to helping us combat this dimply foe – using products such as drumroll please – cellulite cream!

In this article we will explore what exactly cellulite cream is and whether or not it actually works (or if it’s just another gimmick taking advantage of our insecurities).

Dimples in All the Wrong Places

Before we dive into the magical world of cellulite cream,let’s talk about what causes that dimpled skin look in the first place.

Cellulite occurs when fat deposits push against connective tissue underneath your skin creating a puckered effect. This affects approximately 80-90% of women (cue collective groan) regardless of age or weight.

Contrary to popular belief, even supermodels can fall victim to this issue (thank goodness for body positivity movements bringing light to these kinds of unrealistic beauty standards set by society). Anyways…

There are varying degrees of severity with regards to how noticeable someone’s case might be but generally speaking; lumps are usually larger and easier seen while slight cases may be only visible when pinching at certain areas.

The Answer We’ve Been Looking For?

Now that we know why those darn dimples show up on our bods unannounced (spoiler alert: genetics and hormones play major roles); let’s discuss whether or not battling them with creams that promise smoother thighs and buns o’ steel really makes sense.

To put it simply – yes and no.

Most cellulite creams contain ingredients that help increase blood flow to targeted areas – this is not a permanent solution, but it can temporarily reduce the appearance of dimpling hence why these products are so popular among consumers. Creams often contain retinol or caffeine which help plump up the skin cells (resulting in firmer looking skin) as well as antioxidants that protect against damage from free radicals.

However, despite promises made by manufacturers, there exists little evidence supporting their claims with regards to permanently reducing or erasing cellulite…bummer. Don’t despair just yet though – let’s take a closer look at certain components used in these creams:


Almost everyone starts their day with coffee nowadays, so why shouldn’t your bum too? Kitschy jokes aside – caffeine topically applied can have a positive effect on stubborn areas. By penetrating deep into dermal layers of the skin, caffeine may lead to increased metabolism within fat cells; theoretically aiding ongoing weight loss efforts while helping you maintain results without having to break much sweat

You should note however that any changes claimed through use of such methods do not constitute prominent bodily transformations which come primarily from eating healthily and working out regularly.


Retinol shows promise for treating age-related conditions — one being those unsightly ole’ orange peel legs we’ve been discussing (As if brown spots weren’t enough!) A derivative of vitamin A; retinoids mimic oestrogen levels beneath our skins’ surfaces thus promoting collagen production/reducing wrinkles and fine lines altogether.

Though this ingredient has shown success when tested during clinical studies (less visible unevenness seen on upper thighs when paired with exercise over six months); further research is recommended before definitively recommending its usage long-term outside medical study environments.


An international buzzword now find themselves added to everything according to marketers- right down to your face wash and groceries. These are vital elements integrated into our daily life – through dieting, exercising or skincare regime alike.

Although topically applied antioxidants have been known for their ability to protect against damage from free radicals, it’s best not relying on them solely as anti-cellulite agent; whereby continuous exercise alongside healthy habits contribute most towards visible results with above average efficacy long-term.

Hollywood Hype?

Celebrities always look good no matter how close we zoom in on paparazzi snapshots of those off-duty moments! From sweaty post gym pics to high maintenance red carpet appearances – stars don’t seem bothered by pesky dimpled skin issues at all.

However- famous folk often avail themselves to specialized cosmetic treatments most people have never heard of (until after some superstar name drops them during an interview). Lasers for example hold great promise according to research but require quite the investment ($$$)

It is also possible that they’re photoshopped? Just a thought…

The Low Down

In summary,creams can help manage visibility and temporarily smoothen skins surface using ingredients such as caffeine & retinol, nonetheless should be incorporated within overall fitness plan rather than seen as sole solution bringing physical transformations about.

Though industry claims indicate many otherwise u nder-promising results while over-delivering disappointment; given cosmetic lines’ economic incentive producing hype products occasionally found wanting in practice (& sometimes even potentially harmful); forming realistic expectations utilizing reliable sources makes sense when considering embarking upon use of any new substance whether homemade or store bought.

Aim instead for finding an appropriate balance between external care (through skincare regimes including antioxidant based complexion enrichments) combined with progressive inner health-focussed efforts done regularly which logically promote desirable outcomes aimed at reducing cellulite via body fat reduction / strengthening muscles affected.

So there you have it folks…advice molded outta decades worth fighting dem unsightly dimples costing ya both time and money. The real catch, regardless of what $60 worth of jar goo claims – keeping it low key real, the effort you put in equates directly to results seen…those curves waiting for no man but your willpower!

So on that note- (get up off chair & stretch those legs!) It’s a wrap folks!

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