What is bromelain?

Bromelain, hear it or not, has made its mark on human health and wellness. This naturally occurring enzyme that can be found in pineapples might just be your new secret weapon for various conditions, like inflammation and digestion issues.

In this article, we’ll give you the lowdown on bromelain – what it is, where it comes from, how to extract it from a pineapple (or not), and most importantly – how beneficial bromelain can be to both your physical body and mental well-being.

Origins of Bromelain

Bromeliads are plants native to tropical America which belong to Pineapple family: Ananas comosus. So by extension history indicates that traditional use of pineapple may have been implemented long ago as an anti-inflammatory agent since its active ingredient- Bromelandin was first isolated over six decades ago in 1957 by Brazilian scientist Vicente Marcondes Baldoíno.


The word “bromelan” originiated from two different words- Brome’ means bitter taste while ‘ananas’, a Brasilian terminology refers to pineapple ascribed with originating via Atlantic Ocean trade route.

How does Extraction Work?

Imagine you managed somehow got hold of some fresh pineapples –golden juicy fruits! After peeling off their skin exterior layer (which would fortunately leave behind only the juicy flesh layer), cut them into small chunks then leave this roughly chopped delight sitting for hours separated from air contact– presto! Your expected compendium of nature’s vital force extracted!

Or alternatively:

Foods processors usually prefer pressing out pureed/pulped form through methods such as mechanical blenders followed internal refining stage possible up-to cleaning with some salt water if available assuming commercially available equipment resources provided.

Nutrition Composition Analysis

When consumed orally certain health advantages are attributed to bromelian. Studies have indicated that small amounts of supplementing bromelain may offer anti-inflammatory response which complements bladder, colon and breast cancer treatment.

It is important not to consume TOO MUCH pineapple as concentrated doses of Bromelain can pave the way for abnormal bleeding in persons with blood clots due to hypertensive conditions or even thinning medication usage.. Otherwise, your best bet would be test-run through consumption within recommended intake dosage procedures.

So outside its home base(America), various cultures around the world incorporate pineapples into their diets- it really help folks get more portion servings of fiber without including another dish! They might also seriously just enjoy this summery fruit as a treat especially if well sliced and garnished over butter-fried pancakes(recommended based on personal preference). So here goes – brief overview breakdown of nutritional make-up:

Nutrient Name Amount Per Serving
calories 82
Sodium 2mg
Manganese .75mg

In addition, enyzmes protease & amylase produce valuable byproducts from proteinous matter during metabolism cycles namely energy boosting factors

Health Benefits

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Sometimes body inflammation tends to stick around longer than necessary such as following surgical implants or slightly sprained ankle bones could lead potentially lead towards arthritic based problems later on. Recent studies indicate that Bromelian when used a swelling-reduction agent particularly along with standard medications brought about greater relief particularly when synthesized post-surgery based implants.What’s promising is its also proven effective among bronchitis patients suffering from excess mucous build up seeking relief.

Digestive Health

Think how much productivity increases after you’re treated yourself same-day recovery miracles like heartburns,frequent upset tummy schedules, bloating or gas-forming foods? Bromelian secretly might just be responsible for playing its’ game behind the scenes! This naturally occuring digestive enzyme primarily decomposes proteins into further simpler compounds with relative simplicity.Now imagine your traveling to a new country where exotic spices and herbs maybe not be compatible tummy-wise yet you just can’t resist trying native cuisines; Who knows, bromelain found in local pineapples may offer some insurance towards digestion hiccups!

Pain Relief

Vital components like bioflavonoids aid substantially when targeting painful sensations within cysts, ulcers occurring at unusual sites that lead to accelerated rapid tissue breaking. Its mild nature based multiple ways of consumption make it perfect alternative choice for individuals who aren’t satisfied with supplements offered.

Dosage and Availability

If pineapple’s already part of diet (great if so) – no need to go searching high-and-low over-the-counter medications as supplemental blood-thinning porpoerties require consulting healthcare practitioner before being incorporated. However currently limited dietary sources comprise mostly proteolytic enzymes such as papaya & apple cider vinegar which pales significantly in comparison, therefore during restricted availability / fruit travelling constraints look out for Bromelian tablets/capsules available online pharmacy stores .The dosage amount commonly ranges would depend upon projected outcome targets recommended by qualified practitioners .

  • For those broken hearted souls out there reading this article wondering whether their significant other is going behind their back ,you ARE NOT crazy!. In fact did you know secret societies throughout history have utilized various plants extracts along side modern psychology techniques triggering behavioural change tendencies reducing nuerone-tonic actions leading up-to anxiousness distress syndrome symptons through anti-dote substances like our little friend here– Bromelain.

  • Warning Not Tested on Animals:

Since we’re on subject matter discussing health-related topics today: Here’s your daily public announcement urging folks purchasing healthy vegan based supplements & products to be very mindful of certain cruel testing methods still prevalent in some developing world regions ranging from lethal dose requirements up-to skin irritation severity tests leading towards chronic ailments- steered away from detailed discussion for better reader experiences. Anyways moving on – if you’re lacking sleep or just haven’t been getting enough bit of shut-eye, there are a number of smart ways bromelain can improve the quality and length while limiting negative side effects coming such as grogginess after waking up.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion folks who struggle with chronic pain/inflammation syndromes alongside taking prescribed treatments may weight-in positive responses by incorporating pineapple into diet as an add-on factor supplementing relief naturally, gaining greater access towards nutrient rich sources .Always remember any major change dietary adjustments utilized require constant monitoring alongside expert opinion inputs given support intricate body fine-tuning changes implemented for better benefit gain.