What is bovine colostrum?

Do you ever wonder what comes out of a cow other than milk and manure? The answer is colostrum, which for cows is a smorgasbord of nutrients that help newborns become strong and healthy. And now, bovine colostrum has been touted as a superfood supplement for adults too…but is it all just bull?

First things first: What even IS bovine colostrum?

Bovine colostrum (BC) is the first milk produced by cows after they give birth. It contains high levels of proteins, growth factors, immunoglobulins and more to nourish their calves during their crucial early days. BC differs from regular milk in significant ways- For instance, while normal dairy carries low levels of antibodies that are useful only within its species…bovine colostral IgG works actively in humans with various benefits.

Some ranchers will go as far as to swear by BC’s ability to bolster health and immune function in humans; but there seems to be a lot unclear about dosages efficacy when put into perspective etcetc.

A happy calf near his mother

Can we consume bovine colostrum despite our humanness?

Why yes we can! In fact some BC supplements have begun being marketed toward human beings who want an edge on their fitness endeavors or those looking for alternative remedies related; But understand this —not ALL bovinarized products should be consumed by moms-to-be lactating women because toxins necessary for fetal development and growing child aren’t useful in adult bodies the same way.

In order to find out if BC is worth mooing about, let’s take a closer look at what science says it can do.

What are some benefits of consuming bovine colostrum?

  • Mootrition: There’s evidence that BC could boost our immune function, since it provides us with important antibodies we wouldn’t get otherwise. 
  • Bulk Oxidation Resistance: Additionally there have been studies conducted that have resulted in improvement of athletes’ performance and recovery times.
  • Building your Bovinity Beyond resistance support and athletic advantages BC also promotes healthy gut flora.
  • DM me for more deets on 🐮intestinal🐄 health?

Interestingly enough scientists aren’t sure which proteins within the milk work best & research into actual optimal amounts is still ongoing! It seems hinged by manufacturer claims (at least up until this juncture).

Nevermind hearing your guts purr like a kat just thinking about this stuff; Let’s not overlook one big question…

Is there any reason to be cautious before taking bovine colostrum supplements?

As with anything you consider adding into your regime… be informed & cognizant of overall risks taking new substances unprescribed or without protocol precautions:

  • Folate deficiencies
  • Allergies/intolerance
    • Side effects include bloating,
      stomach issues etcetc
    • Possibly trace exposure to mad cow disease 🙁

The side effect chances aren’t terribly high but as always proceed w/ caution when trying out anything new

And now, for my Opinion (which wasn’t asked for…or worth much really)

Overall I’m all “MOOOve over every other supplement?!?!!? ’cause here comes BOVINE COLOSTRUM!!!” Yeah okay I made that up on the spot, but I am generally pretty open to new things like this. Considering adding BC into your life proactively should possibly lead to some benefits for gains in gym performance or immunity boosting… just stick to stuff that is actually valid product; If it’s claimed “acceptable for both humans AND livestock” maybe
🚩 walk away 🚩

The bottom line: Seek expert/doctor advice before trying anything too out of left field!

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