What is black maca good for?

Black maca isn’t just another addition to your spice rack or condiment collection. This root vegetable, which grows in the high Andes mountains of Peru, has been used for centuries as a natural medicine.

In this article, we’ll explore what exactly black maca is and share some insight into the benefits of adding it to your daily routine.

What Is Black Maca?

Maca itself is a cruciferous plant that’s native to South America. It comes in different colors like red, yellow, and black – each with its own distinctive taste and health benefits.

Black maca (Lepidium meyenii) gets its name from its deep richness in color than the other variants due to being roasted before purchase. It has long been used both medicinally and nutritionally in traditional Peruvian culture.

Historically thought of as an aphrodisiacal remedy that could enhance blood flow, balance hormone levels such as testosterone among men and estrogen among women — there are many more areas where black marc shows promise!

Nutritional Profile

Before diving into all its amazing medicinal qualities (no exaggeration here), let’s start by taking a look at black maca’s nutritional profile:

  • 59% carbohydrates
  • 10g protein per 100g serving
  • High in antioxidants
  • Rich source of vitamins B1,B2,C,E
  • Contains iron & calcium

As you can see, this powerful superfood packs quite a nutritional punch when compared amongst regular foodstuffs! That alone makes it worth paying close attention to; but wait until you hear about some more exotic perks…

Benefits Of Black Maca

Here are just some areas where consuming black maca may be beneficial:

Boosts Athletic Performance

To help support physical endurance and stamina performance-wise ; athletes may be interested due to researched citing positive effects on energy . In fact, this has been a popular dietary supplement for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts!

Sexual Health

This is something that the indigenous peoples of Peru have known for centuries. Both black maca powder and root extract are believed to be useful in treating sexual dysfunction impotence, erectile dysfunctions or low libido.

Experts believe it might support sex hormones stopping estrogen buildup among women using balance hormones between men.

Additionally, humans may show increased fertility rates with either more sperm being produced or strengthening of existing armies due to black maca usage although it still needs researching.

Moods & Energy Levels

If you’re feeling tired and sluggish all day long like most humans then put down the coffee! Black Maca powder might improve mood and increase energy levels without causing jitteriness meaning far less anxiety post-consumption!

Unlike caffeine-laden drinks that deliver an energy rush but leave consumers crashed soon after; another perk was noted as no negative effect was observed despite extended periods taking high dosages — which is great news for students pulling an all nighter or working individuals trying to up their productivity game.


So how much should one consume? Studies recommend at least two grams per day (about 1 teaspoon) daily though higher volumes can be taken when needed such as athletes preparing for competition etc.

However one must also check in with an expert first before adding new supplements especially if they’re on prescription medications already. A little conversation beforehand could smooth any potential reactions out alerting about allergies etc.

Cooking With Black Maca

Black Maca looks like cocoa hence many people blend them together while making shakes/smoothies Additionally some add sweetness by sprinkling over oatmeal porridge pancakes- Or replacing regular flour Upgrades not limited to foods only, a quick google search will show pharmacy stores carrying supplements specifically designed around Lepidium meyenii ranging from powders to capsules.

Complex Flavors

Black maca has an unusual and distinct flavor – it’s a little nutty, a little savory, and not too sweet. It can be quite pronounced so we recommend using it sparingly until you become accustomed to its power.

Side Effects & Risks

We must pause pandemonium here- Not everything that sounds great is perfect. All natural supplements come with potential side effects:

First things first; stomach upset or bloating are very common after consuming black maca but they disappear quickly without medical intervention however they’re not something one should ignore .

The second warning stems from low-quality brands, improperly prepared may exhibit toxins due to inappropriate handling. This is caused by these manufacturers cutting corners when producing their goods hence be warned of excessively good prices bearing no semblance towards payoffs bad for your gut health!

Lastly; adverse reactions similar to allergies (like itching) have been reported among individuals especially those allergic to brassica veggies such as kale, broccoli etcetera .


In conclusion ~~duh~~ , Black Macamight seem like another trendy supplement seen on Instagram stories/feeds enticing you into trying them out as well-, But our research indicates there’s more than just hype! From increased athletic performance levels coming through balancing sex hormone ratios along with stronger mood stability elevations being observed overall wellbeing-wise- There’s certainly enough evidence-backed inclusions here worth giving this root veggie extract superfood the eye of scrutiny regarding prospects reaching new peaks/lows? Guess we’ll never know unless someone tries it themselves 😉

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