What is best for allergies?

Ah, allergies. The ol’ runny nose, itchy eyes, and scratchy throat combo that puts a damper on any spring or summer activity. As pollen counts rise to unimaginable levels in your area (seriously, who knew trees could produce this much?!), you’re left wondering what is the best way to combat these pesky allergy symptoms. Fear not my friend; we’ve got you covered with some tried-and-true solutions.

Understanding Your Allergy Triggers

Before diving into remedies (nope sorry folks, no magical cures here), let’s chat about what causes those unpleasant allergic reactions in the first place.

Allergens can come from various sources such as:

1) Pollen – from trees/weeds/grass
2) Dust mites
3) Pet dander
4) Mold spores
5) Insects

Betcha didn’t know insects were an allergen, but hey now you do! It’s good to recognize which allergens affect you personally so that proper prevention measures can be taken.

Prevention Techniques

Prevention techniques are key in combatting allergies and should become part of your daily routine during peak allergy season.
Here are some tips:

Wear Sunglasses and Masks when Outdoors

Sunglasses will keep pollen out of your eye while masks prevent inhaling pollen directly into your lungs (win-win).

Keep Windows Closed In Your Home And Car To Avoid Unwanted Pollen Exposure

Open windows may allow dust and microscopic plants indoors causing more problems!

Take A Shower Before Sleeping Or Going Out:

A refreshing shower before hitting the sack helps remove any pollens stuck on hair or skin. Another shower before stepping outdoors helps wash off unavoidable prior exposure throughout day!

Invest In An Air Purifier Or HEPA Filter

These filter out impurities in air, including pollen (bless the inventor who gave us this).

Try Nasal Irrigation

This method includes flushing out nasal passage with a saline solution using a neti pot. It helps rinse away all allergens and keep mucus thin, giving you some relief when paired with other remedies!

Home Remedies for Allergies

Running to the drugstore may seem like easiest response to allergies at hand but no worries, there are natural ways to get rid of those symptoms without having to leave your house:

A Spoonful Of Honey

Honey is known for its healing properties! Its antioxidants help eliminate free radicals that cause inflammation among individuals suffering from an allergy attack. Be sure not to give children under 1 year old honey as it can lead to infant botulism.

Essential Oils

Certain oils may reduce allergic reactions such as Eucalyptus oil which drops histamine levels inside body while Peppermint oil almost immediately opens up blocked nasal passages upon application on skin around nose area! However be careful always do patch test before applying essential oils directly onto sensitive skin areas!

Tea Time

Sipping on tea has several benefits one being that stinging nettle and butterbur teas have been used throughout time treat seasonal allergies! Both these plant-based ingredients contain components reducing effects triggered by allergic inflammation present within person’s respiratory system!

Over-the-Counter Solutions

When home remedies don’t quite cut it or you need something quick relief try one of these options:


Histamine causing uncomfortable sensation found in human body during various allergic responses can easily treated using antihistamines medication over counter so pick what works best you!

Saline Spray

After any kind of exposure use saline spray clearing irritants right back out nasal cavity plus restoring hydration surrounding tissues without drying things out more than needed especially sinuses like little moisture once in while!


Time try to reduce swelling in those nasal tissues where congestion attack lurks just around corner! Some common decongestants which you can use are Psuedoephedrine and Phenylephrine but be aware these may worsen high blood pressure symptoms.

Final Tips

(these 3 tid bits of info might come in handy so keep them close):

1) Drink Plenty Of Water. Staying hydrated thins that mucus allowing a quicker get-way outside body keeping it from causing any irritation inside especially if combined with home remedies above under prevention techniques section.

2) Install And Use A High-Quality Air Filter In Home HVAC System this ensures good air quality throughout house without having to constantly change filters or clean up surrounding areas hence less time cleaning!

3) Consult Your Doctor Before Taking Any Medication, Especially If You Have Pre-Existing Condition:
This will help prevent any negative medication interactions or utilizing medications making current condition worse (always better safe than sorry).

There you have it folks; a complete guide to battling allergies like the champ you are, sans the tissue boxes scattered throughout your room! Remember that breathing easy is never overrated but calming down little bit once awhile sure doesn’t hurt either…take care of yourself amidst pollen counts rising every year bringing about allergy season much earlier than expected be smart prepare ahead avoiding unwanted sneezing fits coming way.

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