What is bee pollen used for?

Buzz, buzz—the sound of bees hard at work can be heard in gardens all over the world. But did you know that these little creatures produce more than just honey? They happen to create one of nature’s superfoods: bee pollen! This powerful substance has been used for centuries and boasts an impressive list of benefits. So, let’s dig into why bee pollen actually matters!

The Basics

Let’s break it down for those who aren’t up-to-date on their natural health trends—bee pollen refers to the flower pollen that collects on bees as they make their rounds from bloom to bloom; this trapped pollen is removed from them by a special comb when they return to their hive.

Despite being comprised mainly of carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids, studies show that this beige-colored substance also contains small amounts of vitamins such as vitamin A, C, D and E along with almost all types of essential minerals including iron and potassium.

Bees Have Great Taste

The flavor profile associated with bee pollen tastes sweet-ish compared to other supplements like Spirulina or Fish oil (trust me not many good things can taste like fish). You can trust us because we have taste tested everything under the sun –including random plants we found outside the office.

Nowadays some people take a spoonful first thing in morning because if there is any better way than consuming straight Sweeteners Spicy Vegan Porridge—we would love nothing more than someone telling us about it.

But what are you benefiting when taking your daily spoonfuls aside from something slightly more enjoyable than bitter greens?

Hair Growth & Skin Health Benefits

We spend hours washing our hair only cringe later in horror as another shower full runs down our drain but FEAR NOT—for those who suffer dry skin or hair loss will find help through incorporating products infused with Bee Pollen into their routine regimen.…

Better yet: take bee pollen supplements to see even better results. Bee Pollen has an impressive range of amino acids and vitamins needed for healthy hair growth, skin rejuvenation or positive effects against acne.

Energy & Allergy Fighting Benefits

Feeling sluggish in the mornings? Reach out to Mother Nature’s candy jar (AKA bee pollen) rather than that third cup of coffee; High in carbohydrates- this natural energy booster will catapult you through extensive hours of meetings and THEN some!

In fact, whilst athletes often rely on it for a quick burst of high-octane energy, it’s not just physique lovers who turn to the superfood: practitioners of Chinese medicine use bee pollen as a tonic designed to help longevity—proving it may have beneficial effects on overall state-of-health.

But this isn’t all—eating locally sourced bee pollen might actually be good for any seasonal allergy sufferers’ health! The consumption exposes the immune system slowly allowing time build up tolerance toward common allergens thus reducing symptoms overtime.

Safety First

Although there is no current consensus regarding its safety during pregnancy, those consuming Bee Pollen face NO immediate dangers from doing so despite various allergic reactions associated with exposure in most cases…

Bee-Pollen should NEVER BE provided directly to children below 1 year due allergies or choking hazards [^2] hence- anybody allergic towards Honey ought keep themselves away from trying their luck contemplating supplementing daily diet regimes with Pollen-stuffed cereals without consulting healthcare providers first!


To sum things up in case some numskull didn’t get what we wanted them too: incorporating small powdery bits can bolster health benefits including anti-allergenic immunity building properties along assisting areas related hair growth youthful appearance PLUS helping obtain muscle recovery post exercise/wakefulness when tired AF. So beat those later rumblings by adding themselves spoonfuls before workout classes meetings etcetera –nature provides us all something more empowering than GU or even cold hard caffeine!

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