What is bad to eat when you have diarrhea?

Oh dear, looks like your stomach has gone on the fritz again. Diarrhea can be a real pain in the butt (pun intended) and it’s not always clear what foods will help or hurt your cause.

Well worry no more, because I’m here to tell you all about which foods are not your friend during this trying time.

Why should you avoid certain foods?

Before we dive into the specific types of food that are hazardous for those with diarrhea, let’s quickly go over why they’re problematic in the first place.

When you experience diarrhea, it means that something has irritated or inflamed your GI tract (i.e., digestive system). There could be any number of culprits responsible – from a nasty virus to an imbalance of gut bacteria – but regardless of what triggered your symptoms, one thing remains true:

Your delicate tummy is already working overtime to flush out whatever doesn’t belong there. The last thing it needs is further irritation caused by hard-to-digest meals (groan).

So without further ado…

Avoid These Foods

Here are some foods you should steer clear from while battling diarrhea:

1. Greasy and fried food

I know…it hurts my heart just as much as it probably hurts yours to see this on the list. But alas! Foods like pizza (yum), French fries (double yum) and deep-fried candy bars (ugh) are heavy hitters when it comes to causing trouble in our weakened tummies.

Eating high-fat meals actually slows down digestion since fat is harder for our bodies to break down than other nutrients. This delay only prolongs inflammation within the GI tract! Plus let’s face it: doogie navigating through sloppy joe isn’t exactly pleasureable anyway.

2. Dairy products

Milk does a body good – minus when you’re battling a case of diarrhea, that is. Foods like cheese, ice cream and even butter can spell disaster for your tummy in this weakened state.

Lactose intolerance could be responsible if you experience extra gassy side effects from dairy products- At times we want to pass gas at the beach or supermarket- but really its best not to set off any unwanted rumbling err…. (squibbing) while trying out the new cologne at Sephora.

3. Fruits rich in fiber

Stay away from high-fiber fruits such as berries (ahem strawberry shortcake), figs, prunes (double ugh) and apples while experiencing diarrhea.

Now hold on: doesn’t fiber aid digestion though? Regular intake of fiber is essential for long-term health, yes; however it proves problematic when our tummies are upset since fibers pass through undigested! Instead reach fo apple sauce-have some Peter Brady flash backs with me!

4. Caffeine

I know what you’re thinking: ‘seriously lady how will I function without coffee’ . I hear ya! caffeine may provide a pick-me-up boost during regular mornings– but stay away from caffeinated beverages like energy drinks and tea right now; stick to water instead.One look into the bathroom after drinking one-too-many cups-o-joe should make cense that caffeine stimulates bowel movements.Your grit’d :b teeth during sipping day will come back eventually…chillaxxx.

Pro-tip: carbonated drinks tend to increase bloating so either sip/ditch completely which ever suits you best

Oh well seems like there’s alot more foods forbidden than allowed yet there’s still few fairly safe ones-not too exciting but at least yayy something normal?

Eat These Foods Instead:

Here are examples of light meals/snacks/drinks that won’t worsen your symptoms:

1. Clear broth and soup

Hearty meals are tempting but they often don’t sit well with upset tummies. Instead, try a bowl of clear or light chicken/beef/vagetable broth made from scratch!You can never go wrong adding noodles-perfect snowy day comfort food!

2. Bananas

Rich in important nutrients such as Vitamin C & B, minerals like potassium and magnesium-lets not forget the age old superstiction, eating bananas may help reduce muscle cramp–,bananas provide nutrition while being gentle on your stomach.

2 am cures by chopping up banana on toast,cinnamon (why not :p) coffee/tea/but definitely no energy drinks/sodas! Your tummy will thank you.

3. White rice

A simple way to add bland bulk to your meal without effort is through white rice.Butter makes it even better #treat yourself ;),but forgo sugar-rich seasoning to get quicker back-to-normal healing window – this time settle for salt only-it’s still within safe range trust me!

### 4. Toasts/Crackers
If you’re feeling super queasy,taking small bites between naps is key-literally brings so much relief.Try slices of toasted white bread or crackers if you want something dry-kinda similar texture wise to sand:that’s how ‘light’ we wanna go right now….

When in a rush/need work fuel? Wheat-based products provides calming effects when scattered along main course(even though there aren’t any wonders they do).

 | Frequently Asked Questions |

| — |
| Q: Can I eat small amounts of dairy during diarrhea?

A: You can try lactase pills after first trying out smaller portions,and make stick figure comics crying about wanting ice creaaammm….Better hold that thought-better win situation awaits ahead;)

| Q: Is there any fruit that’s safe to eat during diarrhea? |

A: Absolutely! Bananas are a great option since they contain natural sugars and have plenty of softness for delicate digestive systems.

| Q: What about alcohol or sugary foods?

A: A big huge no-no!Our tummies want nothing but food easy on stomach until healing peak is achieved- please manage those cravings another night.

Wrapping up:
Diarrhea isn’t exactly the most glamorous of topics, but hey it’s nature so we may as well embrace it with some humor right? -ha squareheads!

I hope this guide helps you understand which food groups aren’t your friends in times of distress; don’t despair-there are still plenty options waiting,waiting for us:) just remember-hydration is key,I’ll leave you with these wise words from popular cartoon:

“Water…earth…fire…air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when gastroenteritis attacked.”

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