What is bad for your hair?

We all want luscious, silky, and healthy-looking hair to enhance our appearance. However, sometimes our beauty regime can be counterproductive, causing havoc to our precious locks. So if you are wondering why your hair isn’t looking its best lately or just seeking some insights on what not to do with your hair regimen (because who doesn’t love hilarious how-to guides) – here are some things that may be terrible for your hair:

Chemical Overload

Have you ever walked into a salon and felt overwhelmed by the smell of chemicals? Yeah, me too! Chemicals like ammonia in color treatments (Oh my God! Is it just me, or does anyone else’s head hurts after applying dye?), sulphates in shampoos (is this another word for chemical warfare?), relaxers containing sodium hydroxide(sounds like something from a Breaking Bad episode) can leave damaging effects on your gorgeous mane. These chemicals strip away natural oils from the scalp leading to dryness and split ends.

Say No To Alcohol!

Now hold on bar-hoppers; we aren’t talking about those kinds of drinks but rather alcoholic ingredients in hairstyling products such as hairspray or mousse pose true threats against healthy natural strands (See Mom! Told ya carrying an entire bar-office wouldn’t help my frizz!). The alcohol will cause dehydration which leads way towards dullness resulting in breakage.

Heating Tools = Heating Hell

Are these magical devices really worth sacrificing effortless quick fixes over long term destructive patterns? Constant exposure through heat styling tools such as blow dryer, flat iron and curling tongs damages cuticles while zapping out moisture within them (Don’t ruin mom’s memories with fire her photo album!). Using heated tools regularly over time produce coarser texture devoid of intra-strand cohesion turning material shallow making it more susceptible to damage.

Never Skip The Aftercare Ritual

Repairing crucial elements like cuticles and enhancing structural stability after the fruitful use of heating tools or chemical treatments is essential for maintaining healthy locks (post-damage repair sounds sexy, doesn’t it?). Use hair masks regularly (no you won’t have to look like a superhero UNLESS, you want too) along with conditioner helps in restoration. Avoid any product that contains SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate as they wash off all nutrients necessary for nourishment from your hair.

Brush It Off…But Carefully

Now let’s talk about brushing – who knew combing correctly was so important? Often overlooked but an (annoyingly to some) vital aspect grooming ritual is the proper way to brush our messy mane without making things worse. Sure it’s tempting just to yank out tangles whenever we can, yet there lies a particular method due to stronger parts close by forcing weaker ones inducing breakage quicker than roots mounting strength again.

Wash Less You Fool!

Here’s another exciting fact: Excessive washing increases the chances of losing natural oils from our scalp leaving unwanted dryness leading towards dandruff oncoming (Have mercy! Not DANDRUFF!) We need those oils present so avoid frequent shampoos as much as possible mainly if containing sulphates has powers directly associated with marinating oneself liquids ridden harmful bacteria exposure . Washing them every few days helps keep scalp hygiene in order linking quality curls consistently over time reminiscent toward animal fur.

Oh No To Tight Hairstyles

Those sleek hairstyles one certainly loves rocking might be doing more harm than good! Any tight hairstyles such as cornrows or braiding inflict tension pulling imposed heavy objects within set strands leading aggressive effects which at times even results in permanent hair loss i.e traction alopecia caused by force sets apart mounted weight tearing it beyond limit resulting severeness restorative treatments cannot resolve effectually.

Hats Are Bad Too. No, Seriously!

Hats are an iconic symbol of fashion that never gets old (is it me or they make smart people appear dumber!), yet the tight head coverings leading to excessive sweating build up possibly fungal infections and itching inside hats causing unwanted scratch scalp early balding susceptibility due to exposure particularly towards sun UV rays associated overheating (don’t be surprised if you have little dudes bungee jumping from your hairline).

Don’t Go Too Hard On Chemical Treatments

We get it – wanting straighter hair is one thing but going completely overboard with keratin treatments(Don’t do it!) is another level. Overloading chemical products like relaxers, perms may lessen curl activities within strands leading way for weaken breakage thinning lost entirely underneath dwindling health when applied cumulatively by damaging roots through prolonged use disarranged split-ends like tree branches representing atrophy even creating cavities naturally given strength earlier cause subordination against force absorption points in hairs consisting triple helix morphology.

Avoid Oiling It Up

Aah! Another easy escape from those bad hair days – oil huh? Nope, seems too good to be true as oil actually clogs pores at times producing unbreathing environment failing growth promotion hindering function as natural barriers augment sebum production outside epidermis preventing necessary moisture resulting altogether sticky conditioner buildup ending up slowly destroying cuticle framework manifested dryness while still clumping tresses acting similar toward petroleum products long term requirements burdens.

Say NO To Chlorine

Chlorine is such a harsh chemical, especially on our delicate locks. Do we want to murge into bleach-damaged blonde mermaid color accidentally? No way! So next time before plunging yourself into a chlorinated pool, apply some leave-in conditioner beforehand which helps seal off cuticle opening blocking harmful chemicals from entering up. Also using a clarifying shampoo once in awhile helps wash away deposits enervating effects due to other factors mentioned previously locking moisture after the process applied.

Drying It Right!

Another critical hair care aspect – note how you dry your wet hair (let that airbrush-blown out dream go!) instead of vigorously rubbing it with a towel which dulls texture while encouraging breakage, similar habits extend apply when wandering door half-dried locks taking much longer for proper drying eventually resulting brittleness frizz also keeps unnecessary portions over damp and undernourished then leaving them subject towards such elements making things worse.

In conclusion, through all these hilarities – we hope this guideline has offered an understanding of what not to do regarding our precious strands. For better or for worse, taking care at times like massaging /scratching and brushing the right way always ensures strong proven effective alternatives toward maintaining healthy shining curls long term upon opting out daily toxic treatments exposure giving ourselves time nourishing hair organically achieving beautiful soft-looking strands realizing we were always within reach of having it naturally without sacrificing health along the way – let us rock those glorious dreadlocks with confidence!

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