What is asthma and its symptoms?

Picture this, you’ve gone for a run and finished first place like Usain Bolt only to find out that by the time you reach your home, the exhaustion hasn’t dissipated. Uncontrollable coughing fits begin as though someone decided to hit reset on your breathing pattern. Breathing becomes an impossible task coupled with metal-infused wheezing sounds, chest pains (not heart attack but pretty darn uncomfortable), increased heartbeat rate that leaves you feeling like Ironman minus his suit (fun fact: With great power comes GREAT allergies). ‘Why does my body do me so dirty’, you scream internally while gasping for air? Here’s what’s going on: Your airways are having a tantrum aka constricted, inflamed which can result in less airflow leading adrenaline rush because let’s face it; our bodies were never designed to lead ‘The Flash’ lives

Sarcasm aside (for now) let’s define Asthma.

Asthma – The not-so funny punchline

Think of it as allergic reaction on steroids. Our respiratory system has bronchial tubes(small pathways leading towards lungs) which when exposed to certain triggers causes inflammation(basically swelling) making us super prone:
– Difficulty breathing/shortness of breath
– Chest Pain
– Coughing (wheezing or without)
Sounds familiar?

Causes Triggers:

Breath-holding people around us shouldn’t trigger anything except annoyance but alas life had other plans:
· Infections (No corona pun intended) such as colds or flu
· Allergies like pollen,dust mitesmighty annoying I tell ya, animal dander etc.
· Pollution/Irritants from factories,cigarette smoke🚬.( Time travel back 20 years where smoking was cool).
· Specific medication reaction ( Could be anything from aspirin to blood pressure medications)
· Stress/Emotions (Ahh…the good ol’ fight or flight adrenaline rush)

Who is affected?

Congratulations 🎉, If asthma doesn’t scare you already. Know that it affects nearly 300 million people of all ages and racial backgrounds worldwide.(Slow Clap) Yep! That’s like saying the population of New Zealand 😳
Genetics can increase odds but no need to blame parents yet cuz environmental factors play a major role too.

Here’s what you didn’t know about symptoms

Remember when we said asthma was an allergic reaction on steroids? The timing might not align with allergy structure though. But why?

People experience symptoms at different times leading towards the same result. For instance, some children(Prepare for ‘sigh’ moment) tend to have asthma after exercising which understandably confuses most people because shouldn’t running/jumping be next best thing besides video games?. Cases differ between adults and children so here are few symptoms:
– Shortness of breath especially during night/morning
– Wheezing sounds (without whee sound effects DVD player).
– Tightness in chest(Houdini would be jealous)
– Coughing attacks triggered by combination aforementioned factors
,get ready for the bittersweet truth : Worsening happens slowly over time so no sudden dramatic “ooooh” moments followed by music.

Not funny enough ? Well then let us consider how lifestyle changes can make things better(even if a little bit).

Learn How To Catch Your Breath and Not Feel Like A Fish

The key aspect about Asthma is it doesn’t entirely limit your life choices or hobbies.
If there’s one thing we’ve learned from movies,it’s that “ITS TRAINING TIME”⏰ .Except this isn’t rocky balboa impressive training montage. Exercised-induced asthma is a thing, but that shouldn’t stop you from indulging your inner Bear Grylls. Without further ado, let’s look at some practical tips for COPD victims:
🏠 Seems obvious yet most people miss it: Clean your house/room regularly with stable cleaning aids which aren’t polluting or triggering agents.
(Bye bye Dust bunnies)
💨 If possible,maintain distance from smoking areas
(unless 20 years behind memes and trying to live the ermit life)
(Cough cough…sorry about intrusive smoke)
💦Stay hydrated! Dehydration can cause bronchial tubes producing more mucus leading towards breathing difficulty/more wheezing sounds. Getting artificial means through salt therapies/certain home-prepared drinks with herbs might do the trick
(Wiihaaa Yoda tea time)
🌈Physical exercise should remain consistent.(maybe even engage in sports! imagine)While increasing endurance.It builds lung capacity making it easier to control symptoms/situation when triggered by visualizing “amazing race-R.I.P version”
Please take precautions before beginning such activities/proper respiratory assessment

Taking practical steps now could lead to a future where oxygen tanks don’t play peek-a-boo in our rooms every day as if they are seeking attention like overgrown pets.


In short,Asthma feels like driving on a dirt road with speed breakers;some days go smoother than others.The key lies in taking early necessary measures so you don’t undertake normal tasks while feeling like Thor without his hammer. Laugh off that struggle of breathing(Sarcasm helps too). Remember ‘With Great Power comes Great Responsibility'(and allergies)

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