What is apoquel used for in dogs?

As much as we love our furry friends, sometimes their allergies can be a bit of a headache. Dogs suffer from itchy skin, excessive scratching, licking and biting themselves which causes hair loss, scabs and an unpleasant odor. Thankfully with the help of technology comes the wonder drug ‘Apoquel’. If you’re wondering what exactly that does to your pup then keep on reading!

First things first – How do dogs get allergies?

Dogs, like humans can develop seasonal or environmental allergies. These can be linked to diet, fleas and more commonly pollen,dust mites or molds. Like us human’s there isn’t just one answer that fits all when it comes to allergic reactions.

What are some common symptoms of dog allergies?

If scratching at certain times of day- Usually following exposure
Smelly discharge coming from ears
Constant sneezing and rubbing nose against things
Swollen paws- lick them incessantly

These symptoms indicate dog allergy issues that might require medication such as Apoquel.

Time To Get Down To The Nitty-Gritty: An Overview Of The Wonder Drug

Firstly let’s understand that Apoquel is not a steroid but rather a small-molecule inhibiting cytokines: these cells produce overproduced during an allergic reaction causing inflammation resulting in itchy skin.
Taking this into account means less need for long term corticosteroid usage by men’s best friend

But how does it work though?

Interestingly enough most steroids reduce inflammation after circulation whereas Apoquel addresses the source blockading cytokine receptors through histamine pathways so basically ‘Prevention>Reaction’

Is Your Pup Eligible For Apoquel Usage?- Let Us Find Out!

As with any medicine purchase one should consult if they meet requirements before proceeding:

When should you consider talking to your veterinarian about Apoquel?

When a dog suffers from the following symptoms:
– Uncontrollable itching with no visible signs of skin problems
– Ear infections caused by allergies
– General discomfort caused by allergy-induced inflammation

What are possible side effects of Apoquel?

It’s important to know as much before administering medications to dogs. Side effects that could occur include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea -easy! Generally try not worry, they’re more commonly reported within the first few days or weeks but should clear up in due course leading us onto our next point.

How effective is this medication?

Thank god for science because when it comes to controlling itchiness and related symptoms then count on Apouel. Outcomes usually seen within four hours since initial administration typically lasts 24 or less depending.

Engaging With US On Whether This Medicine Is Worth Your Money

Given that

Apoquel has proven thus far promising even after long term usage; So think of how many times you couldn’t wear shoes without getting major blisters merely indicating minor change right?

Plus points we really can appreciate:

1) Little-to-no side-effects mentioned in rare cases.
2) Reduction/Removal consistent annoyance\itching etc which improves overall quailtycan never go wrong with Doggo happier
3)improvements seen generally post-healing cuts or hot spots etc quicker healing periods noted as well!

Yes But Can You Overdose When Administering The Medication To My Dog?

Let us make something clear:

As humans (and responsible guardians), It’s essential that dosage recommendations be followed strictly which includes taking advice from reliable sources (e.g licensed vets).

Okay Okay I Get That But How Much Do I Use For My Pup Though?

Good question savvy pet owner!
The tricky aspect regarding dosage is needing more specifics to cater. Correction: There is a patented dosing recommendation made based on weight and age however strictly following recommendations guarantees effectiveness so follow as seen.

But What If I’m A Forgetful Parent? Can It Be Double Dosed?

Whatever you do please refrain from doing that simple because double-dosing can lead to side effects only going against the desired outcome behind using Apoquel in first place – always the lose-lose option if ever there was one!

Taking Home Some Food For Thought( Woof-WooF)

When dealing with medical issues it’s important we stay educated about possibilities, outcomes and take precautions where appropriate including ensuring pets emergency contacts are available should intervention be required for our furry friend!
At least as far canine allergies go, Apoquel has proven itself efficient at exhibiting little side-effects whilst offering short term relief similarly helping prevent long-term steroid usage resulting in happier dogs ending up being overall worth money spent! As with all medications research,effective reporting & awareness is key for betterment of pets worldwide

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