What is apoquel 16mg for dogs?

If you own a dog, then you know that anything related to their health and wellbeing can be quite tricky. Unfamiliar medical terms are tossed around with no concern whatsoever about how confused we might feel. It’s almost as if the vet community knows something that we don’t (well they do). The word ‘Apoquel’ has been making rounds lately, but what exactly is it?

So what is Apoquel 16mg?

Well, if your furry best friend has been struggling with itchy skin or allergies (and let’s face it, who hasn’t), then this medication may just be the panacea you’ve been waiting for! Apoquel® tablets contain oclacitinib…. (I see some eyebrows raised)… Yep-oclacitinib, which belongs to a class of drugs called Janus Kinase inhibitors.

And before you move on because really who cares what class of drug it belongs to?, give me two seconds to explain why its relevance cannot go unmentioned: This type of inhibitor suppresses parts of your pup’s immune system leading to interruption in signal pathways associated with inflammation and itching. Because the body’s response was reduced only at specific sites where there were allergies occurring, generally minimum side effects came along too!

Catching Some Zs

Now my fellow dog owners I’m sure we all know this too well -as soon as any creature starts scratching themselves relentlessly- getting enough sleep tends to become more like an ancient tale told around firesides rather than a real possibility that exists when one owns pets. A direct benefit derived from giving your furry friend apoquel would definitely not go amiss at naptime when they finally get adequate rest due uninterrupted itchiness.

How Does It Work?

Perhaps unclear on how this ‘miracle’ tablet works against those pesky allergy symptoms? Here’s a quick crash course for you:

Strip Down to Power Up!

Have you ever seen those action films where the hero picks up a bunch of weapons from their enemies’ dead bodies which seems to immediately rejuvenate them? Think of oclacitinib like that. In this case, however:

  • The culprit behind the unprecedented too-muchness’ in your dog’s immune system is cytokines (small proteins involved in cell signalling)
  • Janus kinase enzymes (JAKs) activate these little buggers
  • Oclacitnib strips JAK of its power
  • Cytokines are no longer released
  • A reduction in inflammation and scratching quickly follows suit!

Light Em Up With Apoquel

Basically figuring out cytokines have a connection with itching through releasing histamine seemed like rocket science … But thinking ahead, researchers began studying enzymes implicated during signal transmission pathways with purpose to find one or more molecules blocking the dogs discomfort! Then, ta-dah! With enough research funding here comes apoquel providing some relief and normalcy albeit temporarily so.

Long-Term Use?

After hearing all about how apoquel has been helping our furry friends, it’s understandable why there’d be questions on whether it can be used long-term. It’s important we touch on this topic since just as everything else I’m sure it applies when giving medication to our pups – moderation is KEY!!

Simply put using drugs continuously without taking necessary precautions may cause undue harm instead of aiding exploration into non-invasive ways for keeping allergies at bay. There are options such as baths using oatmeal or protective clothing as well but please; consult with your vet first before making any decisions!!

Nevertheless because prevention is always better than intervention especially starting while symptoms aren’t severe<3 months!, consisting long term use every few days could reduce overall complications after weighing benefits against potential side effects. Whereas daily self-administration, if overdone and not under vet guidance, could cause some undesired effects such as infection or even become more prone to cancer.

How is Apoquel Administered?

At this point you’re probably thinking- okay seems easy enough! But what about dosage? And administration?

Size Matters!

As expected there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to administering apoquel in dogs considering varying shapes and sizes but generally following the principle of 0.6-1mg/lb every 12 hours ensures safety without any need for specific diets etc later on!

The Itchies Need

Initial therapy begins with a high dose that most likely won’t surpass two weeks prior then gradually reduce them post checking their symptoms making sure signs of itching have stopped/prevented progress done along too because:

  • Lower dosages may eventually be just as effective
  • Too much oclaitynib might lead to adverse radiation-associated health complications.

Do keep in mind that side-effects should still be monitored!!

The Bottom Line

Apoquel has been offering real solutions towards those pesky allergy symptoms our beloved pups tend to experience so don’t hesitate! Remember; always take necessary precautions before giving your doggo medication and once given monitor closely (lets face it we’d probably do that anyway)…

Before getting bogged down taking (admittedly important) notes, ensure you make time for fun stuff as well since ultimately letting our pooches know they are adored paves way for long-lasting mutual trust!!

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