What is an example of a nutraceutical?

Welcome, welcome, one and all! Today we are diving into the strange world of nutraceuticals. What exactly is a nutra-what-you-may-call-it? Well, my dear readers, it’s a fancy word for “foods with supposed health benefits”. Sounds legit enough right? But wait till you get to know some examples of these food fads.

Acai Berries – Just a Trend or More?

First up on our list is the good ol’ acai berry. You’ve probably heard about them from that one friend that always seems to know about every “superfood” under the sun. From smoothie bowls to supplements hanging out in your nearest wellness store, this small purple fruit exploded in popularity after several celebs touted its health abilities.

So what does an acai berry do for your body? Mostly just hype it seems. While there are studies linking eating berries to better heart health and even lower cancer rates (wowza!), consuming only these little things won’t make you superhuman anytime soon.

However! If added as part of an overall nutrient-packed diet plan—they can indeed be beneficial! So don’t go thinking they’re 100% snake-oil gimmickry!

Turmeric – Curry Spice Turned Superhero

Ahh turmeric…the spice most famous for giving curry dishes their trademark golden hue holds magical secrets still unknown by many—such as being utilized as medicine throughout Southeast Asia!!

Known best for its anti-inflammatory properties and being rich in antioxidants—which also gives curry its aforementioned color—turmeric has been linked to helping prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s (!!!), cancer (!!!!!!!!), depression (I think..??) amongst other beauty-related miracles (!!??).

While research is still ongoing regarding this spice’s full capabilities—it’s no surprise people have become convinced adding a turmeric supplement to their daily routine will keep the doctor away forever.

Probiotics – Your Gut’s New Best Friend

Of all our friends in the world of nutraceuticals, probiotics have been on the scene far longer downing drinks in a dingy bar when it was still just considered wacky quackery (with a smidge more validity) by your average food expert.

These friendly live bacteria often found hanging out inside yogurt containers, supplements, and other probiotic-rich foods aid digestion and immune functionality!

But they’re not just about making you do #2 easier—turns out maintaining healthy gut flora can improve heart health and mental clarity as well! Who knew munching on some Greek-style goodness could be this lifechanging?

Apple Cider Vinegar – Can It Do Everything?

We’ve all heard of apple cider vinegar—it’s that stuff we usually mindlessly ignore at your local grocery store. However its juiced-up fame…wowzers! ACV has now become an elixir with claims ranging from reducing inflammation(!!!), lower blood sugar(!?), weight loss benefits(?!?!)and even keeping vampires away!!!

Notable mentions include having antibacterial properties which are believed to fight off harmful bacteria when sipped throughout one’s day. Claims like these though are quite grandiose since no solid evidence supports them—but hey never let common sense get in the way of a good trend right?

Some people swear adding vinegar to their diet helps eliminate bloating (caused by water retention.), increases energy levels leading up to better exercise regime results (!!!)—but professional health scientists request caution with such claims….

As for me personally I’ll stick with using ACV exclusively for my tofu marinades hmmKAY?!!

Garlic – A Miracle Coagulant or Just Another Seasoning?

Finally onto our last selection — Garlic. This stinky little bulb of goodness has been worshiped as a wondrous blood thinner—not to mention effective in keeping our dreaded enemy, vampires at bay if garlic breath doesn’t!

So what’s the truth behind this pungent myth? Well…the jury is still out on many contributing factors but one promising result found that eating more garlic can indeed decrease heart infarction risk(!) Another interesting aspect—garlic is believed to lower high blood pressure which will basically turn your gym exercises into child’s play (Please don’t quote me on that though!). With unlimited claims for it’s feeding abilities floating around online… we’re confident you’ll find a use for them sooner or later. 🙂


And there you have it folks, nutraceuticals laid before you like sushi rolls inside an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Whilst its widely accepted by medical aficionados that consuming these foods alongside generally healthy eating and lifestyle habits naturally sounds smart—we realize not everyone maintains said ways 24/7 just yet—and therefore would adore quick fixes disguised as “healthy shortcuts”. So go ahead and put some turmeric powder in your next smoothie recipe; take some probiotic supplements right after brunch. Who knows?! Maybe they’ll provide actual benefits—or maybe experience side effects unknown……

As Dumbledore once so elegantly inferred: “it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live” —and with those wise words uttered we say get back to enjoying food first without worrying about its nutrient potentials…..okay?


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