What is amitriptyline used for besides depression?

When you hear the word “amitriptyline,” what comes to mind? Probably something like, “It’s an antidepressant.” Well, yes, that’s true, but did you know that it can also be used for other things? That’s right! This little pill has a few tricks up its sleeve besides just treating depression. So without further ado, let’s dive in and see what else this sassy medication can do.

Headache Relief

Are you familiar with migraines? Those nasty headaches that come in waves and make your whole world spin…yep those ones. Well, amitriptyline works wonders on cutting down the frequency and intensity of migraines. It does this by relaxing blood vessels in your head which reduces pressure on agonizing pain points.

Aside from relieving migraines amitriplytine has been prescribed to treat tension headaches caused by issues such as chronic neck pain or TMJ disorders.

One important thing to remember though before rushing off to get a prescription is never exceed 50mg daily dose- because then SLEEPING BEAUTY HERE might cause more illness than good (even the brawniest health expert can’t always handle every medicine).

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

When we think of ‘gastrointestinal’ problems we tend not to consider depression ending them too but guess who steps in yet again…”Amighty Ampere Ami”. For patients experiencing IBS symptoms especially diarrhea-type; amitripilynne, helps calm down digestive track activity allowing people some relief -and ability- feel less depressed while engaging day-to-day activities.

Although it may take longer than usual pill-dosage time allocation period for positive change takes place regarding bowel problems- meaning patience observation needed until benefits being felt regularly there so don’t lose faith!


Ever find yourself counting sheep and still end up at a loss? Ever tossed and turned, praying for sweet release from the clutches of insomnia? Yep, same here. when things start to feel really grim there’s always amitriptyline! It works by blocking histamine receptors in your brain resulting in better sleep performance- thank goodness!

Not only is it great for helping you get some much-needed Zzzs but amitryplistine helps maintain those peaceful dreams till morning- avoiding returning nightmares!! So peace-out goodnight my friends.


Everyone experiences anxiety one way or another, especially nowadays with the ”New Norm”. However sometimes that anxiety escalates into something threatening….something known as “Panic Disorder”. Defense system shuts down leaving mind restless shortness breath tension maybe even chest pain too then enters our trusty medication to soothe people during troubling time so they can start their journey forward: improving everyday state.

While doctors typically prescribe low doses between 10mg -20mg daily overcome anxiolytic effects sometimes closely monitoring patients until satisfied dosage levels cleared requirements. But once again please note all medications have risks involved use this one responsibly folks aka Don’t be Dr.sillypants…

Nerve Pain/Neuropathy (Diabetic/Age-Acquired Neuropathy)

Nothing could beat persistent nerve irritation wreaking havoc on daily life or allow us living comfortably unexpectedly within seconds those piercing flames shoot down…we call them “Little fiery demons”. Unfortunately Diabetic neuropathy actually affect blood-flow channels which offer relief unfortunately increasing risk developing irregular glucose-levels including certain vitamin deficiencies amongst other possible problems might turn & compound related issues down road…

But enough doom-and-gloom. On happier notes amitripilyne acts similar manner tricking patient’s brains mistaking chronic excruciating sensations managed effectively reducing frequency horrible fireballs causing poor souls pain!

Additionally, various traumatic injuries or diseases might cause peripheral neuropathy( pain flowing from arms-legs),shingles can also create post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN).


Well here we are at the end of our journey together. We’ve learned quite a bit about amitriptyline and its many capabilities besides just treating depression. From headache relief to neuropathy treatment, this little pill packs a powerful punch! I suppose it’s safe to say that amitripilyne has become something more than an antidepressant ; A PILL WITH SPECIAL ABILITIES.

Symptom Possible Amitriptyline Treatment Dosage
Headaches >50mg reduction of migraines/tension headaches caused by chronic neck pain/TMJ disorders
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Doses range between >20mg—100mg/day for frequent diarrhea/constipation-type symptoms in long-term use
Insomnia Dosing range between >5mg –150 mg
Neuralgia/Nerve Pain/Diabetic Neuropathy/Age-acquired Neuropathic Symptoms

On final note please remember: There is no one size fits all approach with medications care providers must assess & monitor patients until treatment regimens customized issues eliminated; BE SMART NOT HARD HEADEDD when entrusting your ”temples” health into someone else’s hands!

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