What is alcohol drink?

Raise a glass to alcohol, the cause and solution to all of life’s problems. Whether you are nursing your hangover or partying like it’s 1929, everyone has had a run-in with this sinfully delicious liquid. But what exactly is this mysterious elixir? In this article, we’ll be exploring everything from its chemical composition to its effect on human behavior.

The Composition

Alcohol drink falls under the category of psychoactive substances which alter an individual’s mental state. Alcoholic beverages comprise ethanol – commonly referred to as ethyl alcohol or just “alcohol”. Ethanol solely accounts for intoxication that materializes when excessively consumed (1).

The scientific formula for ethanol goes thus- C2H5OH (2). Going by Ethan Allen who was considered one of Vermont’s founding fathers and his battle cry “make haste with the rum!,” it seemed he “made haste” quite often – so much for being outspent by rival distillers attributed men such as Allen unable to secure public office at times; but who needs political power when you’ve got rum?

Ethanol can also act as a central nervous system (CNS) depressant that causes unconsciousness which undoubtedly sets in after excess consumption leading (3).

Different Types of Alcohol Drinks and their Composition

There are different types of alcoholic drinks containing various percentages of ethanol such as beer, wine, spirits (gin,vodka etc), liqueurs e.t.c.
Below shows how each type differs;

Type Percentages
Beer 3%-7%
Wine 10%-15%
Spirits 30%-60%

Sources: Zilla et al.,1998; Huston-Lyons et al.,2000; Schep et al., 2012. (4)

Wow, who knew that beer can have a lower alcohol percentage than wine?

Discovery and History of Alcohol Drinks

As for how the drink was discovered, we may never know. But what we do know is that humans have been consuming alcoholic drinks for as long as recorded history goes back.

Alchemy practitioners around the Middle East created experiments with distillation equipment intending to convert lead into gold – It was not until much later in the centuries a liquid mixture (wine) where they were astounded by its intoxicating effect after accidental heating of these liquids because it allowed them an escape from reality(a way to forget their problems), others found it pleasurable (5). Subsequently helping propagated widespread acceptance through travel tourism – interestingly such acts help us neglect potential harmful side effects like abuse susceptible individuals unable to handle specific types or amounts of alcohol while traveling.

The Prohibition Era in America ad Mistakes made

The United States imposed what came out known as “prohibition” between 1920-1933 when the country banned manufacture and sale of all alcoholic drinks leading up to major illegal activities too numerous always wrecking more havoc sometimes killing innocent people then related benefits which somewhat combatted organized crime though unintended consequences surpass intended ones completely ruining Dr.Kevorkian’s Martini business model among other local tavern’s under prohibition (6) .

Fast forward to today where alcohol production worldwide generates profits reaching over two hundred billion dollars according indicates Keynote Speakers company reports link show this okay $$?

Health Effect And Risks Involved in Drinking Alcohol

Although you might feel great after downing some shots, unfortunately here are some health risks associated with excessive consumption.

Liver Damage:

One organ regularly identified whenever thoughts about drinking arise is our faithful buddy liver. Alcoholic beverages require metabolism which burdens on enzymes within our livers- exceeding limits endangering liver failure (7).

Increased Blood Pressure:

Although it may seem like a thrilling rush after unconsciously drinking too much or laughing at captions in drunk texts sent to your ex, the sudden rise of one’s blood pressure increases susceptibility towards cardiovascular diseases resulting from prolonged exposure.

Risk Of Cancer:

The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies alcohol as being carcinogenic – which means that excessive long-term alcohol consumption can lead up to cancer (8).

The Social Effects of Alcohol

Drinking moderate amounts helps with stress relief but binge drinking leaves numerous negative impacts. Fortunately, societies have rules and boundaries dictating when/where people could drink so that we don’t face unforeseen tragedies such as DUIs or any other kind of deadly accidents caused by carelessness arising from intoxication.

Excessive Consumption Leading To Unheard-Of Adventure

It’s no secret that ludicrous activities become more appealing once you have had a few rounds leading to unusual adventures often carried out by candidates who probably wouldn’t attempt them without liquid courage(9) .

On some occasions, substance abuse can facilitate temporary comfort during emotionally trying times helping oblige quick end for unbearable moments unable bear witness constantly repeating “just breathe,” while specific locations/events imposes certain responsibilities refraining frowned upon conduct.


In conclusion, alcohol is found everywhere around us- whether celebrating accomplishments/conquering forgotten fears there’s something about downing alcoholic beverages capable relaxing/taking edge off life’s problems. As humans moving forward having new scientific technologies reveal dangers previously unknown users exercise sound judgment making informed decisions choosing between price tags available options remain ever essential thereby maximizing experienced euphoria potential health benefits and minimizing terrible side effects emerging.cheers!

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