What is aged garlic?

Garlic has been a staple in culinary and medicinal use since ancient times. It is valued for its unique flavor and numerous health benefits. However, not all forms of garlic are created equal, one of them being aged garlic.

So what exactly is aged garlic?

The Basics

Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) is made using fresh whole raw garlic cloves that are sliced finely before being soaked under controlled conditions with organic solvents such as ethanol, then put into stainless-steel tanks to age for up to 15 months at room temperature without adding heat or chemicals until the potent bioactives like S-AllylCysteine (SAC), allicin all decompose into safer compounds [1].

This lengthy process allows for enzymatic changes to occur naturally transforming some of the irritating chemical elements found in raw materials into more stable and beneficial organosulfur compounds [2].

The action by enzymes on unstable substances produced during storage causes the formation of these desirable new compounds only present in AGEs.

Why go through such elaborate processes just to get your dose of Garlic?

Benefits of Aged Garlic

Better Tolerance

The main benefit that differentiates aged from unaged garlic lies in their tolerance among people who do not eat it regularly[3].
At times eating too much raw/ cooked/ fried food can cause digestive distress, heartburn, bad breath amongst other things; besides being uncomfortable, it ruins your day if you happened to be out with company.
We’ve known about fermented foods cultures and civilizations have consumed it because they contain safe probiotics from fermentation activities going on within them – similarly so with “Aged” GARLIC supplements–One reason why many prefer taking an AGE supplement instead places where minced/shredded RAW/uncooked cloves were vital every now & then especially before preparation!
This means no unwanted aftertaste or stomach discomfort, even for those who are sensitive to the pungent flavor of raw garlic.

Lower Blood Pressure

Numerous research articles have reported lowering of blood pressure in patients who supplemented with AGE [4].
In one such instance involving a cohort study that included 79 patients diagnosed with kidney disease supplied with AGE supplements daily resulted in lower blood pressure values[5].

This is attributed to sulfur compounds contained within aged Garlic activating pathways that cause release and dilation of the peripheral vessels thus enhancing efficient pumping by the heart without an increase in arterial resistance!

Immunity Boosting & Other Nutritional Benefits

AGE contains many active phytocompounds that possess antioxidant properties[6].

The extracts contain amino acids like Saccharrimponin-A which has antineoplastic potentials against cancer cells. Additionally, it’s also been linked as being supportive role protective factor from neuro/ cardiovascular diseases plus inflammatory ailments within humans.
Accordingly, eating more infused dietary products containing ANASAC can only be beneficial for health status on a long-term scale than merely fresh ingredients alone! [7]

Looking at what benefits Aged Garlic holds over regular alternatives was akin to finding out there is no “No Pain No Gain” when exercising–all benefit!!

Types Of Aged Garlic Extracts

Some different brands produce various forms/doses based on their (chemical) phyto-ingredient profiles along fixed amounts found per type. Different supplements also cater specifically tailored towards particular user needs:
which include;

  • Liquid Tinctures
  • Soft-Gels/Capsules
  • Tablets

All supplement choices will offer similar benefits but either have unique delivery methods, easier swallowing medications for general consumers’ tastes depending on their accessibility.

Aged garlic could very well stand to be worth all the hype given its chemical transformations though pretty lengthy sometimes contributes becoming a medicinal wonder drug just bioengineered differently. Making sure to go through proper organic procedures ensures that the garlic remains potent and isn’t contaminated.

When discussing your dietary or supplement intake, it’s essential to seek advice from healthcare practitioners & safety officials-rely on reliable sources for better education/training. Aged Garlic is a great addition for anyone looking for convenience while still maintaining all of its potential health benefits available!

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