What is a porphyria attack?

Porphyria attack? What even is that? It sounds like something out of a medieval medical textbook or a mythological creature. But no, trust me, it’s real and can be quite painful.

There are different types of porphyria attacks, which depend on the specific type of porphyria you have. In simple terms, porphyrias are genetic conditions that affect enzymes important in the production of heme – one component of hemoglobin found in blood cells. But let’s dive deeper into this bizarre topic; I promise we’ll keep things light.

The basics: what causes your body to hate you

As mentioned earlier, porphyrias are genetic disorders caused by mutations affecting enzymes responsible for various stages in heme synthesis. When these enzymes don’t work correctly (or not at all), there can be an accumulationof some intermediary molecules called ‘porphyrins’ or their precursors inside our bodies. This freaks out our bodies so much that they end up releasing those chemicals into our bloodstream through urine,hence changing its colour among other symptoms . This whole process leads to the development and gradual onset of excruciating pain associated with attacks . Think about it – if these abnormal metabolites build-up in concentrations way above normal range , how would you expect any reasonable human being who cares for their body to feel ? It might start as burning sensations along nerve endings or numbness with occasional cramps across affected regions e.g abdomen chest etc

Types: Wasn’t One Existential Crisis Enough?

Now onto something I am sure most will find helpful- understanding differences between types! Some porephryias manifest early on (congenital) while others show signs later-on during adulthood.This classification takes into account enzyme deficiency-yes,painful-symptoms aside there are several subtypes based upon pattern/level digestion issues,muscle weakness or general chronic liver problems

Acute hepatic porphyria: AHP

No, not what it sounds like. Yup- No need to Google purveyor of sweetened carbonated beverages You are fine but that fantasy game obsession you have ?? there might be a problem there! This type of porphyria can cause respiratory distress , anxiety and constant thirst (which may make sense if you consider that with time certain body parts eg.With this type of porphryia the main symptom,tripe-phosphate is trapped in nerves within peripheral organs leading to cramps,pain,numbness,involuntary contractions etc

Erythropoietic protoporphyria: EPP

This variant typically manifests during childhood .Picture any Chris Nolan movie where characters seem almost allergicto light and their skin literally flakes off when exposed for long periods .Now imagine having that -except its REAL –
that’s Right Real people are predisposed to contact rashes ,burns alongside searing pain after prolonged exposure esp during daylight hours .

Triggers: Not Just For Guns Anymore

Porphyrias contain many triggers , some more avoidable than others.Want my best life advice? Don’t even think about waging war on sleep-deprivation unless it’s absolutely crucial. Inevitably, theres delayed presentation because who doesn’t want to wake up ready to conquer the world ?Sadly lack of restfulness and power naps only mean one thing for patients with porphoria-the onset of an attack leading from burning red piss through all night screaming sessions alarm syndrome –doesn’t sound fun now does It ?:)

Another trigger is alcohol; remember buddy-not every action has a plausible romantic comedy montage scene attached.Intoxication slows heme production pace so while throwing them back late-night else,you realyy expose yourself among other effects such as vomiting,dizziness,nervousness. ; all catalysts to the impending attack.

Did I mention, hormonal changes precipitate some types of Porphyria attacks? Yes;if you’ve been having sweet furry rabbit dreams about a perfect skin ,you might wanna watch those movies less.During puberty,later pregnancy phases or onset of menopause hormones can cause gory cuts, blistering exfoliation alongside other effects listed before.This is why Jerry Springer – it’s dangerous for your health! Don’t even get me started on an assault in spa treatment center ursinated hot tub with noxious chemicals and scorching heat

Diagnosis: Let There be Light (no not really!)

Diagnosis isn’t so complicated if you just listen to my words carefully… oh wait-can listeners read? Sorry, let’s try this again.

There are multiple ways in which doctors tend to check for porphyrin levels e.g using faeces,to analyse urine samplesor how ‘fresh’ that red carpet coating your hallway may appear ! Indeed porphyrins have strong fluorescence properties within UV light range .A doctor can also dive deep into DNA sequencing- but if you’re a fan of simple exams go tag-along

Biochemistry tests

In order for diagnonsense text ois capable of determining certain specific enzyme levels useful In ruling out different variants as we discussed earlier .

Genetics Tests

Doctors shouldn’t need Holmes-like mechanisms right ? Not quite ; genetic mutation screenings involving blood test/stool sampling remain crucial investigative methods during diagnosis since wonky ferrochelator responses often point towards ALAD variation presence

Treatment: Sweet Euphoria!

Treatment options vary depending on many deciding factors;i.e patient age/type/severity among others ,However,I think its fair to say Nobody likes agony and pain especially…and hell what kind human would refuse treatment when they know one exists ?

Depending upon type,the primary goal is reducing overall vulnerability to attack by counteracting poor gene expression rates and their enzymatic shortcomings.Best outcome in this department combines traditional drugs like beta-carbolines,SQ-depletion therapy,heme management products and even psychoactive hormones.

Lifestyle modifications:And Breath In, And Breathe Out—

As lifestyle changes go -swapping fizzy drinks for mineral has never gone wrong. Unfortunately such solutions aren’t feasible long term when you are talking about avoiding potential permanent onset of symptoms, but always listen to your physicians Many porphyrias patients choose to limit visits outside shade as sunlight can accelerate attacks-anyone who’s wondered why Obama doesn’t just snap his fingers obvious hasn’t factored this


To put it simply,-avoidance-triggers-treatment ,these three words form the summation of what we have learnt today ;maybe its time we change what those halloween lecture slides looked liked in high schools ,make it fun for once,right? Nevertheless; Do you know someone with Porhpyria ? show them a little kindness or alternatively send them our article link along side your laugh-out-loud jokes !

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