What is a plan b pill?

So, my dear friend, you want to know what a Plan B pill is? Hmm… Sounds like someone had a wild night and now needs to plan their future accordingly. Don’t worry about it – we’ve all been there (or at least I have). But considering this small yet mighty pill can be life-changing for some, let’s break down the basics in the most entertaining way possible.

The Basics

A Plan B pill is also known as ‘the morning-after pill’. Now, before you start picturing yourself taking pills first thing in the morning while sipping coffee (with absolutely no regrets), let me tell you that this little gem works best when taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex or contraceptive failure. Yup, that math says time may not exactly be on your side.

How Does It Work?

Without getting too technical with words like ‘progesterone’ and ‘uterine lining’, think of it as an emergency backup plan before things get real rough. A Plan B pill contains hormones that prevent pregnancy by either delaying ovulation or stopping fertilization altogether.

But don’t rely on it as a primary method of birth control! No matter how tempting it may seem to roll the dice and wing it every time, using reliable contraceptives can help avoid any mishaps later on.

Who Can Use It?

Well well well… Everyone who has had unprotected sex or faced contraceptive failure can use us-er..it (Sorry, sensitive times call for comforting terms). And just so you know,there are no age restrictions, but make sure to check with your healthcare provider before resorting to popping these bad boys like candy.

Also keep in mind that weight can impact effectiveness – those heavier than 165 pounds might need something different (please take note).

How Effective Is It?

Effective enough, trust me. In fact, the Plan B pill is 85% to 90% effective when taken within three days. You can increase your chances of avoiding pregnancy by taking it as soon as possible.

Debunking Rumours

Don’t rely on rumours when it comes to your reproductive health – misinformation can be dangerous. So here are some common myths and misconceptions that have no place in our little chat today:

Myth #1: It Causes Abortion

Ahem..Nope! The Plan B pill only works before fertilization or implantation happens, so there’s no question of causing an abortion after a pregnancy begins.

Myth #2: It Changes Your Menstrual Cycle Forever

Now let’s not go overboard here people- Taking a single dose will not make you infertile or cause any irreversible changes to your menstrual cycle!

Myth #3: You Need A Prescription

Lo and Behold NO – Plan B pills are available over-the-counter at most drugstores (woohoo!). This means no appointments with doctors (unless we miss the human interaction) and no need for prescribed medication.

How To Use It (Dosage)

This has got to be simple enough even for me teehee ! All you have to do is take one tablet orally within 72 hours after unprotected sex has occurred. And just like that, you’re done! I know…too easy right? One small note though : Try making someone else read this section out loud as ‘take one tablet orally’ may invite unnecessary jokes from immature counterparts wink wink

Side Effects

Nothing worth having ever comes without consequences…or in this case side effects 🙁 . Some women experience mild abdominal pain, nausea, headaches or even irregular periods. Be prepared for anything but remember that these usually go away once the effect of the hormones wane off .

However if any discomfort persists please contact your helthcare provider ASAP!


And there you have it folks, an overview of the Plan B pill in all its glory. Hopefully, this will entice (at least some of) us to start taking our reproductive health a bit more seriously and use proper contraception while at it.

Stay safe & Stay happy smirk

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