What is a metabolic specialist?

Are you tired of being told that your genes determine what kind of body type you have? Have you had enough of people telling you to “just eat less and exercise more”? Well, my friend, it’s time to meet a metabolic specialist! In this article, we’ll explore everything from what a metabolic specialist does to how they can help change the way your body processes energy.

So sit tight and buckle up for this exciting ride!


Metabolism plays an important role in keeping us alive. Simply put, metabolism refers to all the chemical reactions that occur within our cells to maintain its functioning. Now let me explain these chemical reactions through lame analogies – think about your car engine: A car engine takes fuel (gasoline) and converts it into motion (car driving). Similarly, our bodies take food (calories) and convert them into movement (walking around / doing work).

The process described above depends on several things like genetics yawn, hormones double yawn, physical activity levels triple yawn, sleep patterns wake up guys, age factor there’s no escape…etc.

But wait! Hold on! You got confused by all the medical jargon going around didn’t ya? Say no more fam! Salute those who took biology seriously for mastering cellular respiration pathways but let’s skip their hard work just for now. Instead let me introduce something very cool —>

So who exactly is a Metabolic Specialist

A metabolic specialist or MS is someone with advanced training in nutrition science combined with expertise in clinical analysis of health data related specifically towards ‘metabolism’. Their focus hence remains solely on studying how our population at large utilizes Nutrients i.e carbohydrates/fat/proteins/vitamins/minerals along with other components such as enzymes/hormones/pathways involved thereby striving towards determining nutrient deficiency and inflammation/recovery patterns within a body.

Their work put simply involves tailoring dietary recommendations based on the precise interpretation of these analysis tools, guiding individuals dedicatedly towards achieving specific health goals by making alterations in food choices and other lifestyle related facets such as sleep, exercise etc.

While dietitians usually tend to specialize more along an array of clinical subjects ranging from disease management through food selection to allergies/intolerance diagnoses , metabolic physicians take this particular niche further . They are poised at meticulously scrutinizing metabolism data determined particularly via physical performance stats (VO2 max), glucose level response curves (OGTT) , genetic inheritance traits and biological aging points amongst many others. After all that jazz they then prescribe accordingly givin’ ya’ll some serious goals to work towards!

The need for a Metabolic Specialist

Now let’s face it – we can’t run away from genetics or our bodily deficiencies which lead us astray from achieving desirable health standards despite putting in adequate efforts into living healthy lifestyles & following generally recommended diets! If you’re one who struggles with excess weight gain, feeling constantly fatigued/ groggy due to internal sluggishness or has digestion issues- it’s time for action, cue the metabolic specialist folks!!

When life gives you lemons… sell them online?

You may have heard “When life gives you lemons…make lemonade!” but when your body is stuck digesting every molecule like it’s the last one and just not processing things right (Stuck being here relative solely to each individual) …what do WE MAKE?!? Well unfortunately nothing magical about lemon juice this time around Babe because there isn’t much else that works except seeking out help; guidance/mild begging using cute emojis from people such as Metabolic Specialists

So what precisely happens during a consultation session?

A metabolic specialist would initiate initial inquiry steps consisting primarily of asking candidates their past medical histories, diet regimes and exercise routines (if any). They also measure bio-markers such as blood glucose levels, body composition analysis i.e your muscle to fat ratios ( which lets you now whether you’ve got dead weight or healthy weight), thyroid function tests along with sleep profiles. YES – ALL THAT is a lot of minutes spent under physical observations but guys… that’s just the surface.
Based on those initial observation results they will dig down even deeper using specialised equipment like Urine Metabolite Excretion profiling kit’s for nutrient deficiencies/ toxic exposure readings; Biomarker profile testing to assess tolerance towards sugars/fats or Genetic SNPs from DNA samples collected in order to see whether your body thrives better through low carbohydrate/high protein diets!

It may all seem overwhelming at once but since these specific assessment approaches are non-uniform across different individuals – it actually helps hone in more accurately into personal needs.

How can MS help change metabolism?

As mentioned earlier folks tend to struggle with their bodies not achieving optimal health states regardless of clean living choices due multifactorial issues everyday life brings, hence consulting experts trained in this field can make a world of difference when it comes down chalking up strategies exclusive only towards metabolic functioning.

Here’s a list of ways focusing on Metabolic Health Optimization changes things around:

  • Understanding Scenarios beyond Basic Calorie Deficit Counting

    A very commonly followed theory goes: calories out > calories in = weight loss . However MSMs focus deeply upon an individual’s preferred “Macronutrient Composition” meaning careful consideration on how much-to-consume time frame should be allotted specifically towards each category – Proteins / Carbs / Fats based solely around factoring what our personal tolerances & preferences happen to be!
    This way we aren’t spending Day X munching kale entire day whilst being constantly disgusted by broccolis fumes and end up feeling ill by night time ’cause of undigested acid reflux nope, now we give our body what it can respond the best to individually without stripping much restrictions away. By calculating macros for you specifically, they ensure that when it comes down to calorie counting You don’t end up bloating/cramping as often!!

  • Decreased Inflammation

    Your immune system is alerted in response to any physical injury or internal infections leading towards a “Biochemical Flame” known commonly as inflammation so basically if your level of chronic inflammation continues with high levels/metabolic hinderances occurring over prolonged periods -> IT’S NOT GOOD NO HEAVENS! Hence addressing those issues through dietary changes and exercise regimes under specific care & attention paired with supplementation (in some cases) work wonders; leading eventually towards boosted immune systems thereby limiting everyday illness possibilities such viral flu’s!

  • Improved Thyroid Functioning

    An increasingly skeptical modern medicine approach showcases results supporting TRUTHS about importance of proper thyroid functioning regarding metabolic optimization…but come’on all MSMs already knew this didn’t ya? Pay attentions guys!
    The human metabolism comprises of multiple various enzymes involved for day-to-day functions trust me things getting more magical after this!! The thyroxine hormone right at beginning located inside thyroid gland regulates how fast these enzymatic reactions run whilst simultaneously keeping a check on energy utilization production which in turn justifies why not alot but some individuals may sometimes struggle coping healthily due insufficient energy retention supplies caused because their ‘thyroids be trippin’
    MSMs hence prescribe diet patterns differing from each other based on specialised methods previously stated earlier i.e genomics etc. – strategizing solely around correcting thyroid functionality.

What are Long term Results/ Benefits?

Healthcare should always remain personalized considering each person’s constraints thus pattern medical solutions tailored solely towards individual needs leads people feeling accomplished finally able over years upon years together would feel working ineffectively totally owing to body resistance phenomenon but NO LONGER – this my friends is the BIGGEST perk of consulting smart with MSMs.


Metabolic Specialists don’t just help by ‘fixing’ your metabolism, in a way they also act as mentors guiding their candidates towards personal fitness & health related goals; With proper dedication on both parts including long term regular checkups pertaining specifically to metabolic health (apart from normal primary physicians) and lifestyle changes associated with each nutrition plan religiously followed ; desired outcomes can always be achieved without becoming solely dependent upon any pharmacological treatment interventions. It’s time to SAY YES…YES TO BEING HEALTHY!!

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