What is a good remedy for a sore throat?

Warning: If you are looking for serious medical advice, stop reading. This article is not for you.

Ahoy there sore-throat sufferer! Are you currently wincing with pain every time you swallow? Do you find yourself gasping for air because the slightest breath causes agony in your throat? Fear not, my dear friend! In this neck of the woods (pun intended), we’ve got your back.

We’ve rounded up some hilarious, bizarre and proven ways to alleviate that discomfort in your throat without visiting a doctor (Disclaimer: Please ignore our lack of qualifications and seek professional help if necessary).

Nourishing Remedies

First off, let’s discuss what foods have proved helpful in fighting off these annoying throat problems (cue drumroll please)

1) Honey

Honey – the sweet golden nectar produced by bees has been used since ancient times to soothe painful throats due to its antibacterial properties. Mix it with warm water or tea for added relief.

2) Ginger Tea

Now I know what you’re thinking… “Ginger tea sounds as delightful as drinking cold coffee.” But trust me on this one; grind fresh ginger into boiling water along with honey and lemon juice so that all three flavors work together like angels singing sweet melodies on your tongue.

3) Soup broths

Chicken soup isn’t just an age-old remedy for flu – it also assists us when overcoming bothersome sore throats. Hot broth helps relieve congestion while simultaneously reducing inflammation around swollen lymph glands which cause pain in our delicate apple-pie holes.

Our Top Picks Amongst Bizarre Home Remedies

Hold up partner!

Take saltwater gargle (Bear with us now)

You may recall from childhood being instructed by momma bear to gargle salt water, and I bet you never knew why? It’s not because your mom wanted to hear the most awkward sound in the world; it’s because salt helps loosen mucus, which lowers inflammation and throat irritation. Pour some salt into warm water and swish like a majestic octopus for 15 seconds before spitting out – there done!

The Great Vinegar cure (Back up 120 years)

In traditional cultures vinegar has been used for eons to help alleviate a sore throat. Our strange housewives suggest mixing one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with one teaspoon of honey in hot water as this guarantees hours of relief.

Notoriously-known Best Practices

Skip everything above! We only mention them so that we can now educate you on the things to avoid when dealing with painful throats.

So Long chilly curries

Stay away from spicy Indian food or Thai curries for at least a week after symptoms show themselves. Turmeric is even-tempered spicey-crazy neighboring masala that could worsen your soreness lady’s choice gentleman & never forget it!

Avoid alcohol

Rum, gin or tequila may ease anxiety and stress but do nothing towards making such situations easier given they are diuretic (thirst-inducing). If you drink booze whilst sick with an ailment that makes swallowing sour then best regards trying grape juice with tonic instead… oh yeah what was I saying again?

Last Thoughts

Sore throats are indeed unpleasant creatures. But hopefully by using our hilarious remedies above (in combination obviously), complemented by avoiding notorious practices selected through careful scientific research- together with continued bedrest & liquids . You will soon regain your health Mr/Miss impressive bipedal human growler..

After all:

“If humor can’t heal what hurts than damn well make sure it burns”, said Byron Diaz while eating Habanero pepper beside me… Owch!