What is a fib?

Have you ever heard someone say “I’m telling you the truth, no fibbing!” and wondered what on earth a ‘fib’ actually is? Well, look no further my friend – this article will give you all the juicy details about what exactly a fib is (and why it’s not such a bad thing to tell one every once in a while).

Let’s Get Technical!

Now I know some of y’all may be itching for the answer right off the bat so here it is: A fib (short for fibula) refers to any small bone that forms part of your skeleton. So technically speaking, everyone has multiple ‘fibs’ inside their bodies ^^wait…^^what?!, but we’re not talking about that kind of fib today (that’ll be an interesting anatomy lesson another time)…

Ok So Then What Kind Of Fib Are We Talking About Here?

Ahh yes, the age-old question… Don’t worry folks – there are many types of f ibs out there and we’re going to cover some of them below!

White Lies

Sometimes known as little white lies or half-truths; these guys often come up in everyday conversation when people don’t want to cause offence or hurt someone else’s feelings. Examples might include:

  • “No thanks I’m full” – said even though you really would like more food
  • “Sorry I can’t make it tonight” – instead of admitting you’d rather stay at home alone with Netflix
  • Or perhaps even “You look great!” when in fact they kinda Looks like something straight outta disney’s october spookfest


Sometimes known as tall tales; these are those moments where people might stretch the truth just slightly (or sometimes dramatically!) for entertainment value or attention grabbing purposes. Ever told your friends that fish you caught on a recent fishing trip was THIS BIG but it was actually quite small? Yeah, you just fibbed my friend.

Straight-Up Lies

Ah yes, the most notorious of the f ibs… These are lies that are told with intent to deceive someone else or hide something from them. Maybe you’ve called in sick to work when really you’re going to a concert, maybe you’re cheating on your significant other and lying about where you were last night.. whatever it is – these types of f ibs aren’t great for building trust and strong relationships!

Wait A Minute… But Is It REALLY So Bad To Tell A Fib?

Now I know what some of y’all may be thinking… “But sometimes fibbing just seems like the easiest option! Especially if telling the truth will hurt someone’s feelings!” And everyone has been there at one point or another – whether we admit it or not. Sometimes little white lies can even make people feel better (heck have ya ever seen an episode of Undercover Boss?!)

I’m definitely NOT advocating for people to go around constantly lying left right and center – BUT there are times where telling a fib might not be such terrible idea after all. For instance:

  • When someone tells a joke so bad their own mother couldn’t love it
  • If your friends insist that they’re good singers (even though their vocals leave much to be desired)
  • Or perhaps when your nana knits yet another amazing scarf-glove combo… bless her heart she means well but seriously who says “winter wonderland” anymore??

Sometimes folks let enthusiasm get the better of them – and if no actual harm will come from letting them down gently via a non-malicious f ib then why not? ^^now I’m sure someones thinking,“Look at this guy trying justify being dishonest”, LET’S JUST SAY IT’S AN ART!!


So there you have it folks – regardless of whether you think fibs are good or bad, the truth is that they exist and we’ve all told one (or twenty) in our lives. Some f ibs may even make people feel better (as long as everyone understands what’s going on) so while yes honesty is usually the best policy…sometimes a little fib here and there can’t hurt…right?🤷‍♀️

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