What is a burst eardrum feel like?

Ah, the eardrums! The cute, little membranes that help us differentiate between despacito and macarena. But have you ever wondered what happens when they burst? Maybe not, because who would want to imagine an explosion in their ear canal, right? Nonetheless, if you have landed here looking for answers on the experience it feels like, fear not my friend! We’ve got your back with all the juicy details.

So What Exactly is a Burst Eardrum?

You know how there are some things in life that seem self-explanatory but aren’t really so? Well then brace yourself for this one – a burst eardrum is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when the tympanic membrane (the tissue separating outer and middle ear) explodes or tears apart due to varied reasons such as sudden pressure changes or extreme noise exposure.

Fun fact: Even though bursting doesn’t happen often compared to other health issues; listening through loud music can indeed cause damage over time which could lead eventually to this freakish phenomenon!

Symptoms That Will Make You Go Ouch

If your ears resemble something similar to Disneyland’s Thunder Mountain Express; then rest assured because you may be experiencing symptoms related to ruptured/damaged eardrums:

Immediate Ear Pain

As mentioned before – think of being present during an explosion. Yes, we know –a bit dark– sorry about that folks… However pain following a piercing pop should come as no surprise although more than likely will put you off balance from pure shock especially if both ears were impacted at once.

Muffled Sounds

Suddenly feel like someone’s playing with bass filters while speaking towards Siri setting just across from yourself? This muffled sound is yet another side effect of damaged hearing functions worsening with more severe issue severity/damage area making conversations increasingly less effective.

Ringing or Buzzing Sensation

Constant ringing is like having little people swinging hammers inside your head which no one in the right mind does allow. Unless you’re a Vikings Broadcaster.

Discharge from Ear & Fever

Gross, we know. Possibly pus and/or blood-based fluids leaking from your ear may happen too (best to avoid crowded outdoor spaces during this phase.) accompanied with certain feverish symptoms when dealing with bacterial infection contributors.

So What is it Like?

We’ve covered what burst eardrum symptoms are, so let’s dive into how they translate to human sensations!

Sudden Pain Without Warning

Ever been slapped by someone’s words at an unexpected moment? Consider that pain on steroids!
It’s not something you’ll see coming ahead of time; because it hits like Mike Tyson backed up his punch truck then proceeded full-force towards unsuspecting hearing receptors sitting defenseless just beyond outer skin layer protection.
Just remember though; if (and hopefully won’t ever have to be) present for the occurrence – should happen to experience sudden sharp even throbbing pain situations don’t panic, it will only cause additional harm rather than provide solution/help.”

That Unmistakable ‘Pop’ Sound

Remember holding seashells next to your ear as a kid wondering about their mystery sound revealed upon holding them close enough?
Well…nope. Nothing like that here unfortunately. What you’ll actually hear instead resembles less soothing sounds such as fireworks going off nearby, punctuating gun shots crashing against each other or maybe potato cannon firing away through narrow confines of rooms too small for all those shenanigans…

Also be prepared –when we say loud— think louder that Pam Anderson at half way mark walking down a beachfront during spring break wave after wave mini jet engine blasts emanating relentlessly emitted repeatedly throughout ears long linked daisy chain structure network.

Feels Like Something Popped Inside Your Ear

Trying picturing an empty trampoline without the support or tension mechanism installed being bounced on by a group of all hyper-active 7 year-olds…
It’s that jarring, and as if something just gave way inside your ear like a rip in fabric but of course from the opposite direction along with air pressing against gaping hole exposing delicate nerves ordinarily sheltered behind.

Pressure Changes Affect Hearing Even More Than Before

Again, much like applying pressure to balloon before popping it…except now affected in less happy moments.
Any sudden shift like going over hard bumps when driving (just ask TLC) during regular interstate speed range scales even taking off on planes are instantly noticeable through whatever hearing remains intact as well ratcheting up discomfort barometer one more notcheathy staycation included here for those keeping-score-at-home…

We’re leaving out especially exciting activities such as swimming and diving underwater which you ll come into later down the article!

When Can You Expect Things to Get Better?

Even really great things eventually lose their lustre; so too do eardrums begin healing – Thank goodness. But how long can getting back to pre-burst normality be?

Well, results may vary depending upon approach taken towards treating impaired areas…
For instance: Are they betting everything through surgery which promises better tidings although takes longer duration despite intensive aftercare supervision at hospital based settings (insert sigh of overly dramatic proportions for emphasis)?

Now we know how unpleasant having a burst eardrum feels like; let’s discuss some easing measures with reduced additional risks:

Mild Painkillers May Help

You though chemical free was cool huh?! Well think again pal!
Mild painkillers can come kicking in handy here especially given sufficient resttime afterwards top-priority before embarking new adventures.

Note: While they surely assist in reduced experiences related to burst eardrum pains; if symptoms do not improve over time, then additional action proves necessary (possibly consulting with experts or medical professionals/specialists.)

Avoid Loud Noises and Sounds Like Water Activities

Yeah, unfortunately this means that fantastic sea side music festival ultimately must wait until you’ve fully restored hearing functions. It has shotward effects on our energy levels just as much as ear’s health!
The same applies for swimming or diving in water where pressure experience plays a major role risk-wise.

Wear Earplugs When Necessary

If you can’t avoid exposure to loud noise/musics through your routine-daily activities-even though painful bursts aren’t high priority items at the top of everyones daily-to-do-lists-make sure wearing protective plugs help pave less-impactful path towards hearing.
Especially great idea upon transitioning from concerts indoors out into real life traffic commuter zones potentially bombarded by street-level sonic disruption throughout day even after work – yuck!

Keep Your Ears Dry

Before jumping into any water based activities it’s always best recommended being proactive about reducing risks involved especially following burst related issues such as plugging ears carefully using cotton-balls covering up them toughly prior taking off towards certain fun times waiting once arrive there enclosed nearby.

Final Words

So we’ve reached journey’s end my friend! We hope you enjoyed experiencing what it feels like when an eardrum suddenly bursts – but minus the pain thankfully. Remember – prevention is always better than cure so ensure you take necessary precautions before attempting anything which could expose sensitive inner areas unnecessarily; otherwise next stop might be a doctor’s office if things don’t go well further down the road!