What is a anxiety panic attack?

Are you feeling like you’re going to die? Is your heart rate skyrocketing for no apparent reason? Are your palms sweating and your mouth dry? If so, guess what! You may be having an anxiety panic attack. Don’t worry, though; you’re not alone.

In this article, we’ll discuss the causes of anxiety panic attacks, their symptoms and effective treatments. So sit back, relax (or don’t, because we’re talking about anxiety here) and let’s get started!

What exactly is an Anxiety Panic Attack?

Anxiety panic attacks can happen suddenly without any warning which makes it more annoying. The term “panic attack” refers to a sudden onset of intense fear or discomfort that peaks within minutes. They are due to activation of our fight or flight response which normally helps us cope in times of danger but when it happens too often or without actual threat level event leading up , then it becomes problematic.To put simply,it’s like breathing fire in a non-emergency situation

Some people mistake panic attacks with heart disease-related signs because they cause chest pains however at least part of the pain experienced during these episodes originating from such as hyperventilation.hyperventilating can also result in tingling sensations on hands,fingers,lips,tongues etc.”Did Somebody say Tingle?” No Link…we were instead discussing how similar those occurrences could be :).

Here are some very common symptoms associated with anxiety and/or panic disorder:
– Intense physical sensation
– Fearful thoughts
-Excessive Worry

People who suffer from severe anxiety disorders may have regular unpredictable episodes followed by heightened emotional states.These highs (or lows if its something really tough being dealt with),over time can lead an individual certain avoidant behaviors aimed at trying not to trigger another episode.

So why does someone experience these panic episodes? Well, the global answer is that everyone has a different trigger. For some it may be repeated trauma, and for others maybe a phobia. However, generalized anxiety disorders or GADs can often lead to onset of panic attacks especially during times of intense stress.

Symptoms of Anxiety Panic Attacks

Anxiety Panic Attacks are associated with triggering sudden onset sensations in brain that appear as real (but irrelevant) dangers though there aren’t any actual harm caused physically at least usually atleast – think about situations where you sprained your ankle pretty bad after falling off your bike while chasing an ice cream truck and being super close yet eventually losing. What could happen next even if you’re now on good terms with ice-cream trucks?

Symptoms vary based on each individual but usually include:

  • Rapid heart rate
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest tightness or pain
  • Profuse sweating jk we actually edited out perspiratory proof 😀
    They might experience shoulder stiffnesses too depending upon their traumatic experiences.
  • Dizziness/Lightheaded ? That’s just luck until medicine helps turn odds otherwise(We hope so…).
    -Numbness or tingling sensations in various areas including Hands,Fingers,Lips,Tongue etc.
    And all most every time,Dread,Fear as well along .

It’s important to note here that not all people who have panic attacks have an underlying mental health condition however they can emerge from such conditions over-time!

Causes of Anxiety Panic Attack

The jury is still out regarding what exactly causes a panic attack.However,stress factors can significantly increase risk level for developing panic disorder.Sniffs Fin…!! Oopsies,must have been hunting down scientific facts about this topic recently which brings up individuals genetics play part in these complex psychological states.Sometimes someone doesn’t necessarily inherit causation for extreme anxieties ; sometimes its also reaction to environmental causes. Anxiety Panic Attacks can also be triggered by stressful events, such as the loss of a loved one or job/income inssecruity.

Common Triggers for Anxiety Disorder

Here are some common triggers which an individual in question should watch out for :-

  • Major life changes
  • External pressures: Constant worries about social image and/or insecurities about personal character traits
  • Phobias : Rational or Irrational fears towards specific objects,activitiesetc.
    (“I’m not afraid of Horses… just them being too close” jokes apart aren’t unavoidable to happen most times)
    -Inherited Traits; Nonetheless medically rooted root causes-either physiologically structural difference or an enzymatic dysfunction that affects brain chemistry

How to Ease Anxiety Panic Attack Symptoms

Breathing exercises: Taking deep breaths from base of stomach can calm down frayed nerves within enough time during onset.However this does come with practice.

Regular Exercise is awesome! It helps produce endorphins otherwise known as feel-good hormones leaving behind fresh sense optimism and hopefully no side-effect like soreness next day.

Seeking Behavioral Therapy may include depth exploration and maybe even seeks to uncover origins of anxiety panic attack that its patient might have earlier examined!

Sometimes medications could be prescribed based on intensity how much duration attacker experiences symptoms.Management plans involving prescription medication(s) along cognitive behavioral therapy goes long ways into handling clinically underlying factors successfully.

The important takeaway here is anyone dealing with anxiety panic disorder symptoms isn’t alone.If someone ever needs help communicating thoughts freely it’s vital effective communication exists among physical environment ,reliable support system whether therapeutic resources etc.The list is endless in tackling these short-term psychological emergencies!

Thus,following through upon various approaches mentioned above ,one will eventually get hang off approaching his/her own panicking situations.Disclaimer in terms saying immediate success won’t always arrive overnight.Those who take sufficient steps towards managing his/her own stresses are doing themselves tremendous productive favor be happy mentally in long term!

Distressing moments like panic attacks are really about reframing our thought patterns to function how they do more effectively,reducing the anxiety built up irrational output.

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