What is a 7 panel drug test?

Have you ever heard about a 7 panel drug test? If not, don’t worry, my friend. In this article, we will give you an idea of what it is all about. Sit tight and prepare to be entertained!

What Is A 7 Panel Drug Test?

Let’s get the basics out of the way first: What is a 7 panel drug test? Well, it is just like any other drug test that measures your urine or blood for different drugs present in your system. The only difference is that this specific type can detect seven types of drugs.

Which Drugs Can Be Detected By The Test?

Are you curious which drugs are detected by this kind of testing? Prepare yourself as I list down these fancy terms:
– Amphetamines
– Cocaine
– Opiates/Morphine
– Methamphetamine
– Barbiturates
– Phencyclidine (PCP)
– Marijuana

Yes! That long tongue twister above means those illegal substances that people use mostly at parties. If they’re present or recently used in your body fluids,the test will catch them red-handed.

Reasons Why You Might Need to Take A 7-panel Drug Test

Now, why would someone need or want to take such a sophisticated drug examination? Here are some probable reasons:

Employment Requirements

Some workplaces require pre‐employment and post‐incident injury testing for employees when working with heavy machinery or caring for children/patients.

Athletics Testing

If an athlete violates rules policies on prohibited performance-enhancing substance abuse while training.

Court Orders

This requirement comes from lawyers who often compel defendants charged with crimes involving illicit substances such as marijuana possession or DUI offenses to undertake inspection before sentencing.

How Is It Done?

After seeing those intimidating reasons above (“No!”), let’s still proceed–afterall, knowledge is power, right?
The 7-panel drug test follows a simple process:
1. Refrain from taking prohibited substances for up to three months before the testing date.
2. If you have ingested any of these drugs, your urine or blood will contain detectable levels in varying concentrations depending upon how soon you took them.
3. A medical professional collects a small amount of your body fluid and sends it to a laboratory technician that checks it out with high-tech equipment for recognizable traces.

That’s all folks!

Wait Time And Result Accuracy

One important thing to note is that results are not instantaneous – this isn’t like a pregnancy test where plus means yes and negatives means no! It could take five days or more sometimes based on technical lab inspections after sending the samples through shipping logistics channels.
But never fear — rest assured, technicians make sure their check-ins’ accuracy stands at an almost faultless rate (around 100%).

What Happens if You Fail?

If by some chance, ”you fail”; you know what I mean—you would pee in hot water (ha-ha)–it’s not something “to lose sleep over.” Depending on who requires this analysis, your employer may do different things such as failing pre-employment termination lost wage compensation/rewards/punishment whichever befits the company policies.


Test Benefits Disadvantages
Hair Follicle Tests Long detection window(90 days) ||| Very expensive High time investment Possible interference
Blood Test Quick Detection Rate May need Rest Period Invasive
Mouth Swab Non-Invasive Short Detection Windows Less accurate
Rapid Testing Inexpensive Not always available

See, your options are not as limited as you thought! Make an educated choice when next the opportunity arises.

Tips That Will Help You Ace Your Drug Test

Stay Clean For A Minimum Of Three Months

No habits of taking prohibited substances for at least three months before appearing for inspection. This time frame is dependent on the drug you abused and the required specifications for adequate clearance from usage.

Understand What’s Expected Before You Go to The Lab

Before going in, make sure that you know what’s expected of you ahead of time so there are no surprises – bring a state issued photo I.D and documentation stating precisely how/where and why testing occurs.

Be Well-Hydrated On Testing Day

Drink lots of water—it helps excrete any drug constituents from your system faster than usual because they’re digestible.

In conclusion my friends, we hope that this fun article has been informative enough. Now that “knowledge” about seven-panel testing has been further passed down to another generation perhaps someone could advise their friends or co-workers appropriately; remember “sharing is caring“. Do have a great day!

P.S: ”I just had to ask”, would anyone else ever think it’d be cool if these tests had swanky titles–like imagine seeing 4star panel drug assessments? Yuppieee!!

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