What in hair skin nails vitamins?

Welcome to the ultimate guide on vitamins for hair, skin, and nails. We know you’re eager to learn about all the wacky concoctions that will have your body looking like a million bucks. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled everything into one convenient location.

The Basics

Before we dive deep into what specific vitamins are good for your outer appearance, let’s go over some basic information.

What are hair, skin, and nails made of anyway?

Hair is composed mainly of protein called keratin. Skin is multi-layered and contains collagen (a protein), elastin fibers (for flexibility), and sebaceous glands that produce oils on your scalp. Nails consist of layers of keratinized cells-the harder elements found in our hair-pressed together by a substance called keratin.

Why do I care about my hair skin nails’ health?

Not only do they greatly enhance physical appearance but can also indicate deficiencies or health problems within the body when their growth gets inhibited.

Can supplements really improve physical appearance?

Well…it depends! While dietary supplements don’t provide miraculous lightning-fast results (sorry witches) with consistency & patience many people swear by them!

Vitamins That Make A Difference

We’ll start gently before diving right into it:

  1. B-Vitamins
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Vitamin E
  4. Probiotics

B-Vitamin Complex

These simple little molecules cannot be produced by our bodies naturally; which must come from our nutritional intake instead.
Biotin and pantothenic acid promote cell growth as well as strengthen nails while niacin works its magic repairing damaged areas., Folates help prevent common dermatological conditions such as acne provided they work with other components(see combinations section)

A deficiency in b-vitamins may result in weaker or limp locks! So lather up with it!

Vitamin C

This vitamin is good quality for all the connective tissue in your body so having a stable intake of it can be beneficial to hair, skin AND nails!

Additionally, antioxidant properties help contribute to preventing damage from UV rays – aka by producing less rogue cells which cause ageing(no thanks)!

Vitamin E

Where there’s free radicals causing wrinkles and such just trying to live their lives causing harmless troubles. This multi-faceted powerful substance shrinks them down! Viva la vitamin E combines dastardly with antioxidants that act almost as little PacMans swallowing up those deviant molecules on your face and hands.


Gut health plays an unforeseen role in our exterior appearance due to effects on nutrition absorption & immunity. Sitting within the gut lies about 40 trillion-plus microbes helping digestion. Increasing particular strains may lead to stronger-looking nails as well as overall skin radiance through aiding acne reduction.

Combinations are Key

A smart way to get quick results would also entail finding supplements or diet plans containing balancers between these vitamins- who knew they GANGED UP SO WELL? Some popular options include:

  1. Biotin + zinc + niacinamide
  2. Collagen peptides + hyaluronic acid sulfate
  3. Zinc+iron+folic acid+b-complex+c+E

While each combination has slightly different benefits – note two things:

Firstly focus on combining based upon areas where you need improvement after examining metrics like nail strength versus facial complexion (duh).

Secondly keep track of recommended doses suggested which should come under careful consideration since overuse of certain vitamins could result negatively impacting oral senses, bowel movements etcetera… another reason why getting your physician involved before making changes is key! Basically avoiding wanting something so badly that you end up ruining yourself instead with incorrect usage( been there, don’t miss it)

Other miscellaneous considerations-

Some things people neglect to think about which hugely impact our well-being are so self-explanatory once brought up. Raised eyebrows below:

  1. Fluid sippin’
  2. Sleep

The first is all about hydrating, our systems work best with fluids and water intake plays a major role in hair appearance – particularly how dry or oily your scalp appears.

As for the second point: you snooze you loose …not really! Our body rests better processes throughout that time of rest thus unable late-night scrolling effects raging acne plus tired eyes(i feel attacked!)

Finally the last one doesn’t need much more explanation wear it or just become an embodiment of leather over time.The regrettable metamorphosis into being called ‘hide’ does not seem appealing(…unless you’re Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw)!


A final note before we wrap this fabulous journey up – complex far-reaching dietary supplements cannot suddenly fix everything so no shock therapy-style experiences noticed but they can provide vital tools combating deficiency as compliments to already established carryers out such regular routines like sleep hydration.

It’s important doing research on what combinations will be most helpful tailoring them toward individual goals while avoiding dangerous excess usage.Remember, investing in yourself is always worth it(hint hint nudge nudge)

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