What if they find polyps during colonoscopy?

Colonoscopies are not something that people look forward to. In fact, most people would rather their anus be on fire than go to one. But the thing is, colonoscopies save lives. Early detection of polyps in your large intestine (that’s fancy medical talk for “butt tube”) can prevent a host of diseases from occurring.

But what if they find polyps during your colonoscopy? Should you start panicking and buying funeral plots? No! Relax and read on as we tackle this topic with humor and knowledge!

Wait, what are polyps again?

Polyps are growths that occur in the lining of your large intestine or rectum (fun times). They’re usually benign but they can turn cancerous over time (cue ominous music). About 30% of adults over the age of 50 have them, so chances are you might encounter one during a routine colonoscopy scroll.

Why Do We Care About Polyps Anyway?

If left undetected or unremoved, some types of polyps can eventually morph into colorectal cancer…And trust me; nobody wants any part that! But when discovered early through screening tests like colonoscopies,polypectomies, or fecal occult blood testing(OBT),the risk can easily be managed with proper followup care such as more frequent post-polyp removal follow-ups along with nutritional interventions….

Now back to our main focus;

So What happens if they find Polpys During My Colonoscopy Process ??

First off – breathe!! It isn’t necessarily stupid doomsday news since discovering these little buggers at an early stage means an increased chance at treating everything successfully without future complicaions…Here’s how it goes down.

During a standard colonsocpy process , the doctor passes a long,reach-flexible instrument (colonoscope) past your rectum to get an inside view of the colon . One they spot any arising polyps. They would likely remove it there and then with forceps or wire loop throught the colonoscope…Yeah!! it’s just like magic! In fact this method even helps in falling risk and less complications..

Now There are various techniques used for Polyp removal which depends on factors such as;-
1. how easily accessible areas are
2. size
3. number

Afterwards will be sent off to pathology where (more-magic) microscopes magically confirms if its benign or cancerous (crosses fingers)..

Don’t panic the majority (!00%) percent of cases results shows us that these tumours/polyps do not show indications Of Cancer cells present,…

However, finding CANCEROUS cells present could mean advanced action would need to be taken …Your physician might recommend more frequent follow-up checks since destroyed tissues during removal increases changes of cancer over time….

Earlier Detection Save Lives

If your friend suggests evading screenings early until you notice symptoms – Screw ‘Em..The worst thing is discovering late stage advance in blockages which would leave you with limited choices thus drastically reducing life span…
Preventive measures taken provide optimal health care rather than reactive outcomes ,giving bigger benefits producing far better quality lives so thoroughly buckle up…

Sure a colonsocpy Might make uncomfortable moments but enduring through “ASS-LAP-a-Rama” process every few years pales compared unmonitored recurrence resulting from negligence…

Ever heard that history repeats itself? yep sorry more unsettling news: those who had previous family history have increased risks…but fret not my child! making lifestyle changes reduce chances dramatically:

  • Decrease meat protein and adopt more plant based diets
  • Exercise regularly
  • Schedule Sleeps for uninterrupted nightly sleep periods
  • Unclog Your Smoking habit

Guess what? Amaglamation of every small preventive measure you take translates to a superceding benefit in healty outcomes..
Polyps and cancer are preventable! Get screened, make lifestyle changes, avoid carcinogens…and for goodness’ sake eat your veggies. Preferably with cheese sprinkled on them…

In Conclusion(Raises Glass)..

So Please!! go get tested…
when detected early ,colorectal cancers have 90% survival rate so really there is no excuse not to do anything within our power towards preserving optimal health existence.. Plus this would enable you bring more delightful puns about butt tubes to the dinner table!!.

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