What if microblading doesn t work?

Are you tired of waking up every day and spending hours perfecting your eyebrows? Do you wish for a way to make them fuller, more defined, and symmetrical? Well, fret not! Microblading is here to save the day. It’s a semi-permanent makeup technique that involves depositing pigments into the skin using small needles.

Microblading can give your brows a natural-looking fullness and shape that lasts for up to 3 years. Sounds like a dream come true, right? But what if it goes wrong? What if microblading doesn’t work?

First-time misadventure

You did everything by the book. You followed all instructions given before and after
the procedure; but still encountered issues

Imagine walking out of your appointment with perfectly shaped brows tailored specifically for you; only
to wake up in horror when they’re uneven or altogether missing!

The truth is not all experiences are equal when it comes to microblading.
There’s always an element of uncertainty involved- no matter how skilled or reputable your technician is.

Couldn’t this treatment have gone awry?! Who would’ve thought our worst-case scenarios could become reality?!

But hold on tight! Let’s explore what options we’re left with if things go from fancy-free ones – just in case.

Give Them Time To Heal

Freak out mode has kicked-in…Or so we think!

Remember microbladed spots are temporary tattoos which usually take around 4 weeks to heal completely.

This means that there may be some redness, flaking, or scabbing initially .However,
don’t judge their fineness until fully healed because it should look different once settled entirely.

We may be acting impulsively during those initial stages taking drastic measures making matters worse;

Do NOT rub or scratch //wear anything caught up during the healing period help your skin recover
in that area, avoid using lotions, face cleansers or make up in the first 10 days after(1);

Resist applying pressure while cleaning around them as this could cause scarring or bleeding which can alter initial results.

Give it at least a few weeks before making any permanent decisions to repair/settle everything looking beautiful once again

A Light Touch-Up May Be Needed

We may have convinced ourselves of disaster post-microblading due our freak-out mode kicking in prematurely.
But what if there’s actually something wrong with your new brows?

In such cases, touch-ups are often able to fix tiny imperfections here and there. They’re relatively painless sessions,

May be less expensive than getting an entirely new set done. The technician will likely use a fine needle and deposit more pigment where needed.

The primary disadvantage is that you’ll have to delay touching-up for at least four weeks,
to let things settle down completely after which you can schedule an appointment with your esthetician(2)

So no matter how much we want instant perfectness – patience plays hardball for desired outcomes,
and since beauty lies in symmetry… Never compromise quality over quantity when deciding priorities!

Remove It and Start Over

If none of these options suit us well- then starting from scratch may just be preferable leaving behind already tested options.

Any good dermatologist should be capable of performing laser treatments intended towards lifting away faded microbladed spots…although
this session(s) won’t necessarily dissolve all pigments; they’re aimed towards vanishing unwanted brow tattoos effectively achieving necessary uniformity versus creating larger complications along the process.(3)

Once fully healed , most patients notice difference in shades initially but this would fade gradually until clear improvement been seen;
therefore embracing trial & error journey altogether ensuring fuller natural-looking confidence brings always happiness laced with uproaring laughter every time describing humorous experiences whilst committing eyebrow crimes!

Color Corrections

Brow color corrections are a standard procedure carried out by experienced and professional estheticians. Microblading gone wrong can often manifest as the wrong brow color for your skin tone or hair shade.

If you’re unhappy with the current pigment used, it’s worthwhile seeking the assistance of an expert technician to deal with any discoloration issues(4).

The primary objective is restoring balance in shades used translating best creating natural face features ensuring sculpting never looks awkwardly misshapen.

And hey! In case you’re still struggling- let’s make lemonade from this loss instead and consider it a way forward: A new opportunity… Yayyy!!

Accept It As Part of Your Look

In today’s world, there is so much focus on aesthetics that we sometimes forget about body positivity & being comfortable in our own skin. Believe it when I say; This option can be more comforting than initially thought (!)

Instead of stressing over minor imperfections following microbladed spots or poor outcomes familiarizing oneself showcasing realistic expectations simplifies entire process ordeals guaranteeing happiness implicitly accompanied with blissful memories.

So go ahead, embrace those imperfect arches gracefully making room to cherish eccentric fashion statements without boundaries whatsoever – after all life isn’t meant to be perfect… Is it?


It goes without saying that despite its popularity, microblading doesn’t come risk-free! Keeping realistic expectations vital at first experience also remembers anything could change while embracing every step along journey laughing away fussy little mishaps despite unpredictable hairpin bends escalating humorous tales will keep relaxed ready any given moment experiencing new ways enhancing personal standards unparalleled consistency regardless cosmetic conventions matter most unravelled leaving desired finishes immediately noticeable unmatched under any circumstances
Just remember don’t cry once problems start rather laugh remembering how beautifully these catastrophic choices were made!!

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