What if accutane doesn t work?

Acne is a common skin disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. People suffer from acne at different levels, but the worst cases can lead to serious physical and psychological problems. Acne breakouts are caused by overactive hair follicles on our skin that produce an excess amount of oil (sebum) which clogs pores and leads to inflammation, causing pimples or cysts.

The cure for severe acne prescribed by dermatologists is Isotretinoin, famously known as Accutane- the wonder drug -that has been hailed as a lifesaver in eradicating persistent acne among clients.

However, what happens when “the wonder drug” doesn’t work? Well, hold your hats and let’s explore some possibilities together in this journey through combating stubborn acne.

Understanding Severe Acne

Severe acne vulgaris often leaves behind scars and pigmentation marks that can last for years after treatment. It causes physical damage while also carrying significant psycho-social impacts such as anxiety disorders out of self-reported fear of stigmatization associated with appearing shocking or unappealing . Though it may not be life-threatening per se like cancer or other chronic diseases, let’s face it: serious spots bring down one’s confidence level hugely; unnecessary signs on your special day pictures you would want to avoid altogether!

For mild-to-moderate forms — A daily facial cleansing routine along with several non-prescription drugs do provide a pathway towards rehabilitation from such predicaments.However,the severe types need stronger medications alongside external assistance. That’s why dermatologists prescribe isotretinoin(Accutane).

Isotretinoin belongs to the class of drugs called retinoids.This medication works deeper than superficially treating clogged pores by diminishing oil gland size rather than just resolving present symptoms alone.For example,- blackheads don’t form without excess oil production beneath the surface of your skin; – this drug curbs oil production, hence cuts off the formation process!

Impressive, huh? But what if ‘the wonder drug’ doesn’t work?

Reasons For Accutane Failure:

There are several reasons why isotretinoin (Accutane) may not work for everyone. Let’s explore some possibilities.

Dosage errors or incorrect medication administration:

The FDA(US Food and Drug Administration), only allows prescriptions through certified dermatologists,one should use pills as directed accurately or consult with a medical professional on its usage(which would help patients gain insights into potential anomalies).

Not completing full course:

Isotretinoin treatment has its side effects like most drugs do ,but it being one of the stronger forms shouldn’t be reason enough to terminate mid-course; however discouraging while availing regular breakthroughs.Even beyond reaching clear skin stages,prescribed sessions (Four-to-Six months) must be completed since discontinuing before expiration is a guarantee that acne will return under no uncertain terms .

Side effects Possible duration
Dry Eyes Temporary(up to 2months after completion)
Raised levels of cholesterol/lipid blood test Reversions up till a yr post-treatment
Mood swings ” ”
                                                  _Individual side-effects experiences can differ_

Insufficient dosage:

Dermatologists recommend adjusting dosages based on weight/progression(skin clearing rate). There’s possibility you didn’t get an upward adjustment from your initial prescription especially when treating severe nodular acne leading to relapse.

Medical Ineffectiveness due to hormonal-based acne :

In some cases,female clients reveal little improvement in symptom log though recommended measures were explored thoroughly .This raises valid concerns about hormonal influences on the severity of acne cases .In situations like these, which may be out of our control,M.Ds recommend additional hormonal therapy reliant on individual risk-benefits assessment.


Though isotretinoin is known to work for most clients ,there’s a small subset with genetic variability that don’t respond significantly well or at all. Genetic differences can influence vitamin A metabolism- which Isotretinoin mimics during treatment-due to differences in biological makeup and chemical reactions particular only to them.

Plan B

Accutane failure need not be seen as landing down and out; here are viable options should you fall within the bracket outlined above:

Alternative Drugs Treatment

One fortuitous boon left behind by Accutane’s introduction was its impact in market study discovery boosting investigation towards synthesizing better curatives.However,the modern-day alternatives include certain antibiotics such as azelaic acid , doxycycline,minocycline among others.Though this route carries lower side-effects risks than those generated from isotretinion treatments, their potency isn’t equatable thereto hence relapses aren’t an uncommon occurrence either.

Sadly,most alternative drugs will never quite match up against what accutane offers: remission period of clear skin lasting years thats accompanied by avoidance the likelihood chances triggering spots due to abnormal oil gland processes activated unreasonably.

Prescription Retreatment:

“A tooth for a tooth” – Shakespare (as I recall)
Dermatologists recommending patients undertake another round of dose-following it’s completion having long passed are somewhat routine nowadays.There’s even an unwritten rule guiding dermatologist consultations dictating no patient can be termed “treatment-failed” once given another shot.Most times than none second treatment proves effective achieving clearer skin.

Hormonal Therapy :

As mentioned earlier,hormones have notable roles correlating positively or negatively regarding severe acne cases.Depending largely on skin type, it’s feasible for Dermatologists to prescribe tests on hormone levels along with potential adjustments that balance hormonal influences albeit dependent on cases-by-case observations.Joining therapy along these lines can get one step closer towards clean & clear skin!

Don’t “Lose hope” You’re That unique:

Even if just 1% of people experience being workout buffs and retain the fit-for-a-health-model physique despite beach weekly indulgences (I don’t belong this camp by the way) , those they still push through their routine undeterred-wise words from Confucious may suffice:” Our greatest glory is not in never falling,but in rising every time we fall” .Therefore,don’t be discouraged or pessimistic toward acne cases; Perseverance counts for so much especially in treatments resulting from chemical formulation as isotretinoin(Accutane).

Conclusion: One size Doesn’t Fit All

This write-up highlights actionable items worthy of exploration should you find yourself faced with failed Accutane treatment. It’s a reminder, there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when treating severe acne. The most ideal combination will depend profoundly on your individual genetic makeup, symptoms case log ,exact medication dosage setup also proactive willingness to retreat/acknowledge nature of experienced breakthroughs noted.

So put that mirror down(spot-face breeds negativity;) ), Pick up your action-plan checklist and let today mark-off freshness goals!

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