What i look for in a relationship?

Relationships are like ice cream flavors, there’s vanilla for the less adventurous and triple chocolate fudge brownie swirl for the bold ones. You can’t deny that you’d want to be with someone who has the same flavor as you do—not necessarily because it’s comfortable, but because they become an extension of yourself.

So what do I really look for in a relationship? Let me break it down into digestible parts:

Physical Attraction

Let’s face it – we’re all shallow to some degree. It’s hard not to notice someone who looks good walking by our direction on grocery store aisles or long commutes home from work. As much as we try to push this thought away, attractiveness is one of the driving forces behind human nature.

Of course, personality complements appearance over time, but having physical attraction present at first is essential. So if you see someone hot approaching your direction and he or she seems intellectually lacking—appreciate them still! It will take time before other aspects shine through.

Sense of Humor

Since aesthetic appeal is only surface-level deep (with makeup strips easily via face cleanser), what matters next is how fun people are—their sense of humor dictates whether gravity falls easy around them or tension persists even when their attempts attempt jokes remain flat-footed.

Having wit allows my interactions with significant others smoother; this measures enough merit alone on its own scale: if somebody makes me laugh while also remaining respectful towards themselves and others—then winner-winner chicken dinner!


Ah yes…what would love be without kindness? Kindness acts as natural lubricant that makes relationships worth pursuing; otherwise, selfish tendencies creep up at any given chance–and spoil things besides laughter-filled outings plus late night movie marathons accompanied by Chinese takeout dinners ordered using vocabulary in Mandarin Vietnamese Thai, depending on what my whim is for the night.

Individuals who demonstrate genuine altruism (read: no blurred lines in reciprocity) stand out, cause unsolicited ouch noises which results from excessive or self-serving tendencies prove unattractive, won’t you say?

In addition to showcasing genuine care—which involves actively seeking out opportunities to help—I also eye growth mindset. People who possess this trait are more open-mindedness and less dogmatic while having greater adaptability towards modifications needs that arise.

Shared Interests

Just because people tastes differ doesn’t mean there’s nothing they can mutually share – that’d be like eating ice cream one scoop at a time despite having three flavors available (which would suck). It’s substantial when anyone shares interests such as line dance meetups, experimental food crawl ventures—or any exciting new activity really—because bonding over similar experiences amplifies feelings of intimacy; it doesn’t even matter how small fries these activities are by society standards.

Anything outside mutual taste combos might present challenges—but largely worth giving effort into nonetheless!


Speaking effectively about emotions decrease possibility of stepping on each other’s toes not just metaphorically but physically too—we all know someone violently bruises their pinky toe against couch leg right? Honestly though, being able vocalize matters important to me with relative ease will ensure steady progress within relationship without getting hung up inconsequential details cluttering down interactions unnecessarily (such as arguing over whether “colors” is spelled with “u” after “o”).

Overall: Kindness should always play huge factor anytime valuating prospective partners aside humor fit shared likes communication aptitude connection made via audible fart—a personal favorite benchmark!

  • Physical attraction
  • Sense of humor
  • Genuine kindness
  • Shared interests
  • Effective communication

Those are only some components needed for successful relationships! Trustworthiness / Honesty go hand-in-hand immediately upon ranking these too assuming equal weight distribution applied… but that’s a whole another topic!

It boils down to connecting with someone else beyond the mere physical elements of attraction. To engage in intimate experiences, these five formative formations replete steps into building progressively stronger bonds until becoming outrageously comfy—like wearing fluffy bunny slippers whilst reclining on cloud-like softness!

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