What hormone causes hair growth?

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that hair is important. Whether you’re using it to keep warm or just trying to impersonate a sasquatch for kicks and giggles, hair is an essential tool in our arsenal of weaponry against mother nature’s icy embrace.

But what makes our hair grow? How does the magic happen? And most importantly – which hormone do I blame when my otherwise perfect beard starts looking like a sad patchy cat tail?

Well folks, today we’re going to dive deep into THE hormone that rules them all!

Let’s Get To the Root of Things

First things first – let’s talk about how those little baby hairs even come into existence.

Hair growth happens inside these tiny pockets called “hair follicles”. These guys are responsible for producing new strands of hair day-in-day-out and keeping us from resembling naked mole rats.

Each hair follicle goes through three phases: Anagen (growth), Catagen (transition) and Telogen (rest).

During Anagen phase, hormones tell your body to put up some construction work and get your brand spanking new hairs growing! This process typically lasts anywhere between 2-6 years depending on genetics (Told ya I was gonna be spicy with my lingo)

After Anagen comes Catagen stage where you reach peak puberty everyone man out there grows his first mustache sadly this stage only lasts between 10 – 20 days before transforming into Telogen.(imagine running hands over non existent facial unibrow)

Finally comes the golden time also known as Telogen an inactive resting period where nothing much really happens until last few moments after which cycle restarts again actively opening gates for newer crop.

Got all that down? Good because now we’ll finally address THE question at hand.

Meet DHT: The Voldemort of Hair Follicles

Ah, DHT. What a little devil it is!

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) gets produced when testosterone interacts with an enzyme called “5-alpha reductase”. This interaction causes DHT to attack the hair follicle and shrink it down to the size of a peanut – leading to hair thinning or complete loss.

Imagine losing your precious locks because of something that sounds like another way of referring weed…

So much for natures ingenious creation.

Fun Fact: Apparently, guys with more body and facial hair tend to have higher levels of testosterone(Don’t get too excited out there)

Estrogen To The Rescue!

Now that we’ve talked about the villain let’s talk about our hero Estrogen (I know right)

While estrogen isn’t usually attributed as being one of the main culprits behind pushing growth in puberty stage but lately investigation results suggest its involvement during adulthood plays key factor against baldness. It stimulates follicles on scalp, eyebrows and even whole dem hairy man legs enabling healthy new strands. Furthermore, inadequate amounts alongside constant stress have been considered responsible for possible permanent follicle damage that trigger premature lethargic inactive syndrome & breakdown ultimately causing severe rapid hair fall situation.(oh you didn’t get throw balls kids)

Alright or maybe instead you could opt for hormonal pills NO just joking.

Fun Fact No2: An interesting gender difference shows us ladies also produce minute amount(10 X compared lads)of testosterone which keeps muscle mass intact thereby holding bit chunky limbs at bay(Remind me again all those diets landing globally?)

Wrap Up Time Folks

We hope this brief rundown has helped explain some things around how folks grow those never-ending lashes while others keep imagining Harry Potters-esque wizard beard.

To summarize:

  • Hair growth occurs thanks to three distinct phases inside tiny pockets called “hair follicles”.

  • DHT causes hair thinning and/or complete loss as it shrinks the follicle size to that of a peanut

  • Estrogen helps to fight premature hair fall onset ensuring healthy growth.

And there you have it folks our candidates in hairy tale.

So the next time your cute little cousin asks you “Why did uncle’s beard just die overnight? What caused skin surrounding his eyebrows to be staring at us??”. You now possess magical knowledge. Share away!

You may go say cheers out loud if this is what was troubling you all these years (not kidding). Till we meet again!

P.S.(no wait i forgot)Try blonde streaks once before getting attached with one (cheap advice courtesy – Priyanka Chopra Jonas )

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