What helps with jet lag?

If you’ve ever traveled across multiple time zones or reached your destination after hours of travel, then you know the misery of jet lag. You’re tired, sluggish, disoriented and just generally feel like you got hit by a bus. But fear not my dear readers because there are ways to combat the dreaded jet lag.

Sleep is Your Friend

(1) We can’t stress enough how important sleep is when it comes to traveling and fighting off jet lag. No matter where you go or what your plans are, catching up on Z’s should be priority number one.

  • Bring along earplugs & eye masks (2)

  • Be mindful of other guests in hotels/hostels/etc. (3)

  • Don’t forget about proper beddings! (4)

To maximize sleep hygiene during travel:
– Make sure the bedroom is cool
– Avoid blue light (use f.lux app on Laptop)
– Use White noise App such as wave sounds

You can use relaxation techniques too if possible before your flight.

Stay Hydrated

(5) Another key factor in combating jet lag: Staying hydrated.

(bullet list):

  • Drink plenty of water! It keeps fatigue at bay;

  • Chewing gum helps keep saliva production up which staves off dehydration;

  • Request an aisle seat so that our urge to pee might surge , so that we could consume more fluids!(sorry for being blunt)

Utilize Essential Oils…yes…but Careful!

(6) Some people find relief through essential oils, but proceed with caution..
For instance: Citrus oil i.e lemon oil etc; these stimulate wakefulness

  • Peppermint oil Research put forward ; this stimulates alertness!

I must advise that do loads of research and testing of product in proper cosmetic studies to verify their authenticity.

Reset Your Internal Clock

(7) The human body has a tough time adjusting to different sleep-wake patterns because its internal clock is thrown off. But fear not – you could reset your circadian rhythm with a little strategic planning.

If we’re traveling large distances, it’s recommended that we stick to our new sleep schedule as soon as possible so that the mind adjusts accordingly. Try combating the urge for afternoon naps and staying awake!

  • Set an Alarm Clock
  • If arriving during daylight hours, spend some outside doing activities leading up go bedtime

Exercise Before You Get on Board

(8) Add gym lingo ; Do not deprive yourself of sweat session.
By working out before getting on board, we can help regulate hormones and get a jump start on tackling jet lag head-on. Studies have shown that exercising before the flight helps reduce feelings of exhaustion later.

Work it into travel plans! Yeah?

  • Go outdoors instead of indoors;

  • Moving around within plane i.e hitting aisle consistently;

Moreover try adding in more cardio than weights – high-intensity = better

But be mindful!
No one wants smelly armpits next door~

(Bullet list):

  • Stretching (gentle yoga moves) – Painful leg cramps? That’ll be gone!

  • Jogging/biking(or hell why not both?) is great for higher tempo sessions

Food Approach : “Don’t Worry Eat happy !”

(9) Some professionals put forward their recommendation towards particular foods improving jet lag while others seemingly aid against combatting them.

So in conclusion; Everyone’s food preferences may differ therefore just do what makes you comfortable:

(Mini-storytelling) One time I had Fajitas at this local mexican joint & went straight into REM sleep on my flight to Europe

  • Pack In-flight Snacks

(Bullet List):

  • Yes green leaf veggies & chopped fruit DOES make on-board meals more bearable for those who are health conscious

  • Avoid Having Caffeine Later Afternoon

The Morning dose would help keep you alert or A.M.Cups of any sort tend to aid the comfort but a sleeping companion it may not make
sense…? (Obviously lol)

Tips For Long Haul Flights

(10) Jet lag can be brutal, especially after sitting in an uncomfortable space for hours on end. Here’s some tips for surviving long haul flights.

  • Move around that cabin – There’s No Sittin’ Still!

  • Adjustable neck pillows / lumbar support cushion” ; aids with posture alignment save your spinal cord while being crammed!

  • Stay clean

If lucky enough and have in-flight showers(mostly first class), absolutely take advantage of them

Keep Yourself Entertained

(11) It’s easy to become bored during long flights.

• Watch the latest movies – This does seem obvious?

Best distracted option:NETFLIX(new releases and old favourites)

• Download e-books, Browse through digital magazines ,Listen to relaxing podcasts(well great if trying comprehend language)

 Music is obviously a go-to too-pick tracks which suit individuals length of travel

A Final Word

(12) Now you know how to combat jet lag like a pro! Whether it’s catching up on sleep, staying hydrated or utilizing relaxation techniques – there are plenty of tools at our disposal.

Below we shall summarize key points highlighted throughout via handy chart:

Table : How To Combat Jet Lag
| Techniques | Why |
| Plenty Of Water | Reduces Fatigue / Stays Libacious |
| Adjusting internal clock | Reset Sleep-wake Patterns |
| Staying Active | Wards off feelings of Exhaustion |
| Consider Packing in-flight snacks(healthy) | Improves On Board Dining Experience|

So, next time you take a trip someplace amazing, remember how to beat the jet lag – sleep well and drink plenty of water!