What helps stop drinking alcohol?

Alcohol addiction is a serious problem that affects millions of people around the world. It can have devastating effects on one’s health, personal relationships and career. However, it is never too late to seek help and stop drinking alcohol.

Here are some tips that may help you or someone you know who wants to quit drinking:

Start with Self-Awareness

The first step towards recovery is realizing that there’s a problem. If you’re reading this article chances are you’ve already made that realization so congratulations! You’re on the right track!

Awareness comes in many forms – maybe your doctor has told you that your liver enzymes are elevated or perhaps friends have raised concerns about your behavior when drunk? Whatever brought the issue into focus – embrace it!

Surround Yourself with Supporters

When we say surround yourself with supporters, we don’t necessarily mean sycophants but folks whose positivity shines bright like sunshine (even during winter months).

There might be some individuals in your group even after knowing what hurtful habits causes for them and family will keep bringing alcohol- ditch those folks (at least until they learn)if things get tough immediately following quitting.

Find Friends Who Have Successfully Quit: “Misery loves company” says no successful recovering addict ever! Instead cultivate friendships of people who have had success giving up bad habits by sticking to their plan every day…

Quitting junk food at 45 might not seem as monumental as stopping booze habit but things such thoughts only make our journey tougher than it really is.

Having someone who understands what struggles awaits emulates hope – quintessentially which turns out lowers chances relapse rate.

Importantly though not exclusively look out for those who themselves went through hazy days/recovering from depression/anxiety/Years in rehab et al.–(basically rough path proving ground).

Take One Day at a Time

Stopping any addictive behavior can be a tall order. Research has shown that breaking up steps into smaller, more attainable pieces is better for gaining momentum and targeting ambitious goals one day at a time.

So practice eschewing from alcoholic beverages “Today” then repeat to tomorrow (rinse and repeat). Simple difficult staying sober for the rest of one’s life

Adopt an Alternative ‘Habit’

Physical activity provides ample pleasure be it hiking or speed-walking your way around town – start indulging in these activities which give happiness boost just like alcohol would however minus poisoning body.

It can also help chew through downtime when someone feels like they really need/deserve drink …

  • ….sign-up with jogging group
  • …interact at parks you begin sensing giving joy
  • …pick ball sports player buddies puts accountability factor on table

Finding hobby groups increases sociality by specifically engaging with individuals who have similar interests 

Seek Professional Assistance

Professional assistance covers diverse options ranging from counselling, rehab centers to family therapy et al.
If finances are constraint consider governmental organizations –they generally provide aid/assistance till completion of recovery. Talk honestly(without guilt) about concerns over drinking habit – team will together create plan tailored precisely fulfilling goals rather than broad-brush approaches.

Bottom-line professionals tend to specialise working quietly/be harmonious resulting effectively curing root causes ensuring fewer withdrawal complications(mentally/emotionally).

Don’t forget motivational speakers David Goggins/Mel Robbins/Lewis Howes/Joe Rogan….helpful inputs tackle/addressing triggers confronting fear/apprehension battling addiction quits.

Avoid Triggers That Lead You To Drink

Some habits are so ingrained where if left going unchecked never seem prohibitive triggering without warning (Damn muscle memory)

Ironically often sayings“..I am gonna take today off..” generally mark some trigger(an occurrence/sudden rush /memory)–take notes what provides impulse towards reaching for alcohol(A bad day at work? Some usual people always trying to mess with you?) then proactively tackle the issue.

Working on triggers will bring positive improvement in lifestyle choices

Stay Positive

Amidst difficulties while attempting to quit drinking alcohol it is natural for some mental/emotional dip/crashes. It is important not to get disheartened when these hiccups occur and develop attitude towards moving forward – cultivating an attitude of gratitude makes dealing okay oh-so-easy when times aren’t necessarily so!

Some tips:

  • Plan fun activities keeping thoughts distracted​
  • Remember easy-to forget good things that happen every day
    If negativity overwhelms you seek spiritual tranquility (new experiences like yoga, meditation or other forms of spirituality could be helpful – give a try).

Stay close with trustworthy friends,family who are willing providing emotional support.

In Conclusion

Having control doesn’t mean passiveness rather taking conscious decisions that lead away from mischief… Even jotting down what moral values brewing inside truthfully helps keep relapse at bay.

These tools have been utilized by many individuals fighting addiction which has proven success wherein none completely eradicate all risk – but together they stand good chances winning major battles if employed together!

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