What helps severe headaches?

Have you ever had a headache so bad that it made you wish you could drill a hole in your head to release the pressure? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Whether it’s stress, dehydration, or just plain bad luck, headaches can come out of nowhere and ruin your whole day. But fear not! We’re here with some tips and tricks to help soothe those pesky head pains.

Understanding Headaches

Before we dive into remedies for headaches, let’s first take a quick look at what causes them. There are various types of headaches such as tension headache (most common), migraine headache (sometimes accompanied by nausea) etc., and their underlying cause differ.

Tension Headache

Do you feel like someone is tightening a vice around your noggin? You might be experiencing a tension headache. These occur when the muscles in your neck and scalp become tense due to stress or poor posture.

Migraine Headache

On other days do you experience throbbing pain on one side of your head ? If yes ,then maybe its migraines .Migraines result from abnormal brain activity which releases inflammatory substances surrounding the blood vessels .These abnormalities might also be genetic but don’t get me wrong- this isnt cool like x-men!

Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are rare but intense they are usually felt behind an eye although sometimes spread all through half of face .They occur over periods known as “cluster periods” followed by remissions lasting weeks lessening for up until months even years .

Natural Home Remedies To Relieve severe headaches:

Since over-the-counter medicines aren’t effective for everyone- plus theres always chance they will have adverse reactions/otherside effects-not that im trying to scare you sober -an alternative route would be taking advantage more convenient methods naturally available at home.Even though these solutions rarely have hard scientific backing,certain everyday methods are backed by anecdotal evidence and work wonders.So next time your head feels like an exploding rocket- consider trying out some of these remedies instead:

Ice Pack

Feeling hot-headed? Cool down with a cold compress.We all know that ice packs can help reduce inflammation caused by injuries and soothe sore muscles, but did you know they’re also great for relieving headaches? Applying a icepack plays the same part in this scenario; it numbs pain caused due to swollen blood vessels or pressure.


Off course there is one more excuse for coffee lovers to chug away-
Caffeine constricts dilated blood vessels thereby lessening swelling from vessels .Most headache medicines -like Imitrex (Sumatriptan) contail caffeine which particularly targets migraines while coke /dark-choco/traditional tea contains phytonutrients ,caffeine & beneficial plant elements known as vasodilators that expand/relax narrowed arteries resulting directly or indirectly decreasing undue stress on brain tissue .

However please dont go overboard consuming caffeine as it will have reverse side effects.I have read of 2 people before who had entire pot brownie sandwiches without their knowledge, just because they wanted chocolate-infused edibles!!You do not want end up looking lively like them!

Try drinking coffee or tea with moderate amounts .It mostly depends on the intensity of headaches experienced;small doses may ease tension headaches,while large dosages would worke better against migraine headaches.


“The solution to pollution is dilution” – this adage might apply here.Hydrating equates rehydration-with adequate water/fluid intake ,urination eventually flushes causative toxins such as lactic acid formed during exercise.Pick sports drink /coconut water both containing high electrolytes(conductivity switching fluids) than pure H20 to expedite hydration process when excessive sweating leads to dehydration.Try ensuring daily 3 person average water intake suffices- women at least 2.7 litres and men should drink no less than 3.7 liters .


Poor posture,sleep disturbances or merely from a likely lack of movement in arms/legs – muscle tension causes headaches . Practicing stretching techniques especially those aimed towards neck muscles provide long term relief.Might also try yoga, Pilates for an overall upgrade.

Alternative therapies:

If you’ve tried the home remedies listed above but are still struggling with severe headaches,you might want to consider some of these alternative therapies:


I just cannot understand how sticking needles into your skin could help relieve pain ,but this is exactly what acupuncture aims for.Acupuncture therapy entails piercing small /large filliform (solid) needles usually made out of stainless steel through various pressure points along your body where nerve endings hang out.In case-of necessity disposable needing can be used.Although research on its practical effectiveness isn’t conclusive there have always been successful results reported-an individuality based difference maybe.


Sense those calming sensations,we breathe after entering candleshops ?That’s aromatherapy! Essential oils contain plant extracts that naturally react to our brain chemicals & expedites relaxation process thereby easing headache symptoms.Oils mostly utilized during aromatherapy treatments include peppermint,lavender,eucalyptus etc each aptly applied respecting individual choices(most preferably one favourably experienced before).

Now don’t go ahead mistaking essential oils as ‘snake-oil’ cures -as opposed to suggestion promoted by MLM advocates.Not all essentials oils will work as expected on every single person due their distinctiveness.Hence selecting oil according personal preference would oppose unbalanced imbalance consequences while enhancing mental peace.

Preventive Measures

Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to experience a headache in the first place? Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to prevent headaches from occurring too often:

Regular exercise

Regular workouts helps improve sleep quality, mood and reduces stress levels which would then eventually leads to less frequent headaches .Exercise encourages cardiovascular health & also strengthens muscles that are prone to tension eliminating muscle cramps prevalent during sudden pains.

Avoid Triggers

Certain foods,wine- especially red(sadly),loud noises ,sudden monotony(coping with hard tasks-to-working on screens) etc act as triggers for migraines/ stubborn headaches.Avoidance of these elements combined with healthy habits is considered an effective preventive measure against chronic recurrent migraines.

When To Consult A Doctor

Unfortunately,there will be instances even after following home remedies or undergoing alternative therapies will categorically let you down.Headaches might possibly indicate much more serious illnesses like infections,negative tumor growths accompanied alongside other symptoms.Situations where severe throbbing results in memory loss,numbness,cognitive disability,dizziness associated with fever should always have doctors’ appointment scheduled immediately.

Allergic reactions caused due intake certain medication administered previously could give way severe allergic reaction-acquiring expert guidance becomes necessary. Note that self-medication using over-the-counter drugs (OTCs medics)is highly unsuggested.Thorough knowledge regulates correct usage -indiscriminate oversight leaves room for abuse resulting in hazardous grounds.Please consider consulting right expertise professionals when something seems off/symptoms worsen/decrease.

Headaches comes unexpectedly unfortunately but implementing easy techniques such as providing proper nutrient supply,staying hydrated,exercising regularly,and treating them quickly when they occur can help reduce their frequency and severity while enhancing daily productivity.Try being responsible rather than seeking quick-fix solutions.Seek medical advice at earliest.Do not ignore indications.Proper medical attention remains key preventative/common cure against these frustrating situations.Waiting until situation become irreversible only magnifies issues somewhat.

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