What helps jaundice?

Have you ever seen someone with yellow skin and wondered if they had gone spray tanning on the bad side of town? If so, that might be a sign of jaundice. Jaundice is caused by an excess amount of bilirubin, a yellow pigment produced during the breakdown of red blood cells in the liver. In this article, we’ll look at various ways to help treat jaundice.


Before figuring out how to help jaundice, it’s important to first detect it. Yellow-tinted skin is one visible indication that something is not quite right. But there are also other symptoms like:

  • Yellowing eyes
  • Dark urine
  • Pale stools
  • Fatigue
  • Abdominal pain

If any of these symptoms hang around for more than two weeks or cause concern otherwise, see your healthcare provider as soon as possible.

Lower alcohol consumption

Most people love nothing more than sipping a fine wine after a long day’s work except maybe their boss getting fired for being outmatched at table tennis club… Nevertheless drinking excessive amounts can contribute to damage to your liver thus increasing your chances got jaundicery.. When we consume alcohol within healthy limits – safe alcohol according to standardized measures will have negligible effects on health but rather clean up our gastrointestinal systems by keeping toxins under check provided its done safely. Excessive alcoholism could result in alcoholic hepatitis which then could lead into cirrhosis (the endgame when trying non-alcoholic beer). Cirrhosis disrupts normal blood flow through vessels causing scarring from the present dead tissue presented across doing bloody harm leaving spot marks all over such livers. With lower doses presenting himself greatly recommends.

Positive attributes shown without including actual figures making data techniques apply nearly impossible but did relay some degree information contained.

Increase water intake

You’ve heard this one before, make sure you drink plenty of water! Water is vital in keeping your body functioning well, this helps ensure that the needed organs also carry out their necessary functions without struggling with dehydration-causing havoc.. In addition, drinking lots of fluid decreases bilirubin concentration levels by increasing urine production to keep it consistent thus aiding its decomposition. Aim for a minimum intake bracket (around 3 litres if possible).

Cut back on fatty foods

If food were car races, we would all love junk food like burgers and fries being crowned as champions than raw fruits and vegetables which have beneficial attributes for liver conditions such as jaundice. If people start making themselves vulnerable to excessive unhealthy eating habits can cause certain triggers catalysing inflammation uptil causing long term harm leaving lasting marks hence it’s important that you cut back on them.

See an acupuncturist

Acupuncture may seem quirky but does cater offering holistic procedures that are natural for helping ailments like jaundice relieving the pain possibly lying within inappropriate energetics which could be blocking proper flow energies along meridians inducing sedating points so freeing up blood circulation changes. This has helped patients both curious or desperate feel better time after time similar to how a referee ensures that no fouls occur during sports events; similarly acupuncture contains same fundamentals acting as final fail safe measures ensuring there aren’t any hiccups.

Increase vitamin D consumption

The worst thing about staying indoors is starting to break bad (you know what) along dwindling downwards off balance following depression trails due reduced access sunlight inspired Vitamin D nutrients your body needs help prevent triggering onset jaundicery attacks especially when entering darkened environments encountered on daily basis i.e kiosks opening late at night etc these dormant areas provide less opportunities so growing distress forces unavoidable consequences which lead into puny situations specially if our diets lack enough protein and fat amount ratios..

Take medication

Sometimes self-pampering isn’t enough to cure jaundicery, therefore seek professional help in forms of medication.. So you’re probably wondering: ‘are there any?”’. Definitely! Lactulose has been known to work wonders when it with urochromes which are waste products that feed into bilirubin – a key ingredient used by the liver for detoxification. This medication works by treating conditions such as constipation and hepatic encephalopathy (brain fog and confusion experienced from untreated chronic liver disease). 

Consistently exercise

Being sedentary could be thought upon as being imprisoned; having zero physical movement makes concentrating harder causing brain waves thereby affecting judgment laced with feelings occasionally leading one along self loathing ‘I’ll look like Mom soon…’ etc – this could all add up eventually contributing towards development jaundicery Take high-intensity exercises that won’t exert your entire energy at once… push-ups might make us think otherwise, but hey, on second thoughts getting moving today sounds great right?

Increase fiber intake

Eating large amounts of junk food is no bueno throwing itself around responsible worsening situation surrounding constant maintenance similar to keeping chickens penned in cages accruing more fat resulting fatty foods must be avoided or kept low across skinny eating habits coupled within ensuring body gets sufficient vitamins, protein and various minerals incorporating Veggies/Fruit alternatives also helpful.

The role of fiber ranging varied nutrients derived complex carbohydrates containing wheat bran or fruits & veggies often fosters improvements flowing through the digestive system functioning well inducing promotion bile secretion needed regular digestion adjustments designed different mechanisms for sure its efficient.

Milk Thistle Extract

Milk thistle extract packs many advantages ideal for patients experiencing jaundice symptoms repairs damaged cells increasing elasticity thus blocking possible entryway torn & bleeding walls however lacks extensive research i.e clinical studies available backing proven treatment importance nevertheless listed medical experts consider it solid natural remedy. Furthermore, any complications could arise from this extract unless treating gallbladder or hormone dependent conditions so be careful.

Increase turmeric intake

Turmeric swayed with ultimate winners alongside other traditional remedies such as milk thistle and barberry ,all of which sit comfortably in the category of natural antioxidants effective at speeding up waste breakdown within hepatic system production leads properly inducing bile leaving liver improving functioning capacity over time range approximated 70% improvement levels but still subject additional tests..


Jaundice treatment is not rocket science depending on severity – most times lower doses simple action plans could change life completely. As previously discussed; for all preventive measures to boost your health ensure to include regular exercise programs along nutritive intake sufficient fiber contents essential vitamins than continuously monitoring alcohol/tobacco consumption helps too.. Next time you see intense yellowing starting show itself around an individual’s skin – remember these options while sharing some tidbits!

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