What helps extremely dry skin on face?

If you’re reading this article, then it’s highly probable that you’re one of those unfortunate folks who get cursed with perpetually dry skin. If yes, then congratulations – your life is about to change! This comprehensive guide will help transform your skin from being parched and flaky to supple and healthy.

Let’s dig in.

The Problem: Dry Skin

Dry skin occurs when there is a significant loss of moisture from the outermost layer of the epidermis or stratum corneum caused by factors such as cold weather, low humidity levels, hot showers/baths, overuse of soaps/cleansers and certain medical conditions. While some people have inherently dry skin genetically predisposed towards drying out quickly others can develop it over time due to exposure to these environmental triggers given above.

The result? A complexion that looks duller than a dental appointment – leaving us looking tired all the damn time.

But do not be despaired yet; believe me when I say there are ways out (not necessarily clear) – read on for more tips!

The Treatment: Moisturize All Day Erryday

First things first – moisturizer! Your number one defense against droughtiest state imaginable needs to be applied at least twice per day…if not more frequently like every few hours if feasible for them hands clappers. Think of what happens if you don’t drink sufficient water throughout the day (like literally letting yourself turn into a raisin). Same goes with our facial tissue too… give it some H2O goodness 🌊💦👶 ! Apply a light weight lotion preferably fragrance-free can save ultra-sensitive faces 2x times beyond repairing. Additionally use nice neat strokes but don’t tug aggressively given how delicate facial areas are!

Turn up in Humidity Settings

Another trigger factor which contribute towards making our skin prone to dryness is staying in rooms or with environs that have low humidity levels. It’s like breathing – only moistened 🔑🌬️ . Keep some humidifiers running throughout to ensure good moisture balance which helps the skin stay supple.

Mask your Face would ya

One of the best solutions for improving the vitality of dry skin is definitely face masks. Look for special formulations created specifically for parched complexions, such as ones containing hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe vera etc. You could either buy facial masks or make one at home if you’re feeling adventurous! Just make sure to check what suits best according on how sensitive the face is and applying it gently.

Some DIY mask recommendations are –
– Greek Yogurt & Oatmeal: A mixture formulated well can create ultimate GLOW(®)
– Avocado Magic Kitchen Mashup: Moisture lock capability soothes your soul
– Coconut Oil & Honey: Ice-box it before usage coz otherwise honey drippings may become nuisance

Apply each in gentle swirling motion all around cheeks, chin and easily missed spots like areas near the hairline (or lips).

Stay Clear from Soaps like Mug-Shots

Say No-no 👎 🚫❎🙅‍♀️! You heard me right; skip those chlorinated-soap bars designed by satan – these strip way too much natural oil from our pores resulting into even more maturing wrinkle farms over time than most people need so its time ditching them entirely It’s important because foaming substances contained within them attach strongly onto lipid layer thus leading markedly less fewer problems they helped with when used aptly…

Instead try gentler glycerin based products which provide hydration without disrupting our natural barrier function of epidermis!

Boil down Water Temperature

Long hot showers imitates putting our epidermis under pre-heated iron roller pressing out all moisture, leading towards lackluster downward spiral. No one wants grandma face before thier time👵! So, adjust thermostat to lukewarm sensations overall showers which helps kicking in each morning with refreshed skin and evening bringing on some relief from daily stresses.

Indulge Vitamin Rich Treats

Increase more vitamins A and E containing foods in diet; these nutrients are vital for maintaining healthy skin especially helping the cell turnover rate go smoother.

Here’s a list of tasty treats that’ll keep you well nourished –
– Sweet Potato
– Almonds (grind them up into almond butter for toast or dessert drizzle)
– Spinach
– Carrots
– Sunflower Seeds

Additionally incorporate food sources rich in essential amino acids like fish oil supplements because they can provide great benefits by aiding collagen protein synthesis thus improving elasticity around facial muscles making us look young…YAS Queen 🎉!

In Conclusion…

A few simple changes to your daily routine could completely transform parched complexions – from mild fluctuations of minor discomfort causing dryness over occasional patches appearing quite intensely when neglected even as long as not treated soon enough provoking cracking peeling inflammation discoloration areas throughout cheeks forehead nose mouth n eyes sparking unstoppable flare ups (ew) .

These techniques have given me amazing results so I hope the same success awaits you too! Start testing various products listed here whose ingredients speak louder than words themselves spreading their magic formulas within seconds… transforming you from Sahara Desert akin skins to moist dewy fresh appearance makes everyone envy.

And on this note we end our exceptionally witty (and probably pun-driven) yet informative rundown regarding curing extreme dryness encountered upon faces across globe corners – if there’s one takeaway message then it is quite delightfully highlighted already putting emphasis towards advocating giving this a shot yourselves instead of just pondering dreamily without taking any action towards its successful implementation ever. Remember, hydrated is happy…and might we add gorgeous too ❤️!

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