What helps energy?

Do you ever feel like a sloth on a Monday morning after binge-watching Tiger King all weekend long? Or do you find yourself constantly hitting snooze in the mornings because your energy levels are tanked faster than David Blaine’s last magic trick?

Well, have no fear because there are plenty of ways to boost your energy levels without relying on that extra shot of espresso. It’s time to wave goodbye to those sluggish feelings and hello to feeling energized and ready to take on the day!

Hydration is Key

Hydrate or Diedrate

First things first, water is not just essential for life but it can also help improve your overall energy levels! Staying hydrated helps increase blood flow throughout your body which means more oxygen gets transported around our systems.

When we are dehydrated, our bodies enter into what I like to call ‘power saver’ mode causing low moods and reduced motivation. So make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day – aim for at least 2L!

If plain old H2O isn’t doing it for you, why not try adding slices of lemon or cucumber for an added refreshing twist? You’ll basically be channeling Beyoncé’s Lemonade album – minus smashing windows with baseball bats whilst wearing yellow dresses.

Say Goodbye to Coffee (Occasionally)

It’s Time To Get Off The Bean Juice Train

Whilst coffee may be tempting in order give us that much-needed buzz when we wake up or hit that mid-afternoon slump but actually caffeine can lead-to burning out quickly making us feel more tired in the long run.

However swapping regular coffee with green tea provides benefits beyond its lower caffeine content: green tea contains a combination of l-theanine nutrient which has been shown through studies reveal mental stimulation – helping us sustain focus .

Snack O’clock Anyone?

Snacks= Survival

Picture the scene: it’s two in the afternoon and you feel like taking a siesta. You’ve got work to do but working? Seems impossible. In reality, an energy boost is only one snack away! Eating every couple of hours ignites metabolism, which means more calories burnt and more sustained energy throughout the day..

But don’t go reaching for that sugary or carb-heavy candy bar just yet! Snacks high in protein or fiber help fill us up longer while consuming less calories will help sustain your stamina . Try snacks such as; nuts , apples and cheese cubes are perfect quick-fire snack ideas without bombarding yourself with unhealthy fats.

A B5 Boost

The Element of Choice

Vitamin B5 plays a crucial role in our body’s ability to create new cells which provides renewed revitalisation through constant cellular growth.

Both uncontrolled anxiety and low mood states can be combated using Pantethine supplements (B-Complex).

Whilst this method takes some discipline maintaining proper vitamin levels can lead-to enhanced mental agility coupled which improved focus ensuring we optimise our lifespan performance-levels.

Exercise Fuels Energy Tanks

Sweat = Satisfaction

When you’re feeling relatively sluggish while crying at Millionaire Matchmaker reruns on Bravo – why not try distracting any sort of negative inner dialogue by reflecting positive energies onto a workout routine?

Not only is exercise essential component for fitness,it’s also been proven as effective against depression related symptoms whilst being active aids increased circulation rates elevating happy ‘feel good’ endorphins release all locked-up within ourselves` !

Caveat:- hygiene remains key.
Experts recommend daily moderate movement spread out over ongoing time periods flexibly resists persistent grogginess from sleep deprivation easing introduction factors towards expressing rejuvenation over burnout.

Aromatherapy Hour!

Here Comes The Smell-Good Express Train To Body Boost Station

You didn’t just read that, it is actually real!

Essential oils such as basil,pine and cypress juniper provide the most benefit when aiming to achieve an adrenaline rush.

By applying a few drops directly onto clothes or even with the inclusion of diffusers- our brains tune into these calming essential oils – modifying neural attempts by revealing clarity for improvements over energy levels meaning no more collapsing at your desk from unreliable coffee influences !


From staying hydrated to eating snacks and taking supplements, there are plenty of ways to help improve your overall energy levels without constant caffeine intake. In order to keep feeling energized throughout the day – remember try some aromatherapy especially during times where sudden mood changes wreak havoc on personal agendas . So forget those 4 cups of coffee and embrace living happily buzzed!

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