What helps a leaky bladder?

Do you feel like your bladder is taking control over your life? Do you have to map out every bathroom before leaving the house? Fear not, because in this article, we’ll give you some practical tips on how to manage and improve a leaky bladder.

It’s All About Control: Pelvic Floor Exercises

The muscles surrounding the pelvis (also known as pelvic floor muscles) are responsible for controlling the flow of urine from our body. If these muscles become weak or damaged due to various reasons such as pregnancy or aging, it can lead to urinary incontinence (AKA peeing your pants). But fear not! You can regain control through pelvic floor exercises.


Squats aren’t just good for toning those glutes but also helpful in strengthening those pelvic floor muscles! Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart and slowly bend into a squatting position; push back up using those glutes followed by contracting those pelvic floor muscles.


Kegels are maybe one of the most popular forms of pelvic floor exercise that definitely be done anywhere since no one will know what in heaven’s name you’re doing. Sit down and contract your vaginal muscle – yes ladies, clench that purse tight. Hold it for 5-10 seconds then release before repeating around ten times relaxation… rinse and repeat!

The Foods You Eat Affect Your Leakage Game Too!

Believe it or not but YES-what goes into our bodies affects our whole being too far beyond than simple leakage issues at play here. There are some foods that can help reduce leakage while others may exacerbate urinary symptoms leading to more frequent washroom runs than usual.

Probiotics – Get Them Gut Bugs Going!

Probiotic-rich yogurts carries something called Lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacteria. These are the kinds of bacteria that are your friends, in a way; good ones for you digestive system to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) by balancing out those pesky bad guys.

Alcohol – Time To Stop FaF(oops)

We all love a little drink now and then but perhaps it’s time take head knowing how much damage alcohol can cause to our bladders in more ways than one. Drinking alcohol increases urinary output and irritates the urethra, which is where our pee mixes with urine- producing an irresistible urge to go relieve ourselves.

Better Bladder Habits: Tricks That Work

One crucial key for fighting these leaky bladder annoyances lies in habits we’ve developed over time without even realizing they existed this entire we just shattered past drinking too much alone or with consume any acidic substances especial oral uptake of vitamin c capsules – but before consuming or after consulting your doctor obvs Just like peeing before bedtime (sponsored by Captain Obvious) since last night’s ice-cold tea tends straight through us rather exponentially than it does when we’re fully awake during daytime hours .

Here are some steps:

  1. Keep Urine Flowing!
  2. Never Delay A Bathroom Break!
  3. Train Your Body For Long Intermissions!

Hearken Back to Bedtime Basics

There are multiple preventive measures here listicle ahead:

  • Minimize evening fluids(ice-covers-none-for-us-idk)
  • Use adult diapers/pads specifically designed fight incontinence-along with pelvic floor exercising.
  • Reduce caffeine intake(it only gets weirder-even decaf ok?)
    Letting hormones do their thing while well-slept adhering basic logic means drainage remains easier whatever stage lasts forever? Oh forget it its not worth explaining!

When It May Be Time To See A Doctor

Most importantly, don’t let the fear of embarrassing intake a wise call for help! Sometimes, leaks are symptoms more serious issues that could go unnoticed if left unattended. If you’ve tried some pelvic floor exercises or slight wound healing after doing the deed and practicing better bladder habits but in vain.. doctor check up is mandatory especially when:

  • You feel sharp abdominal or vaginal pain during everyday activities
  • Your diet doesn’t affect urinary leakage
  • Urinary mini spasms stubbornly continue unabated
  • Kidney/cancers besides other harmful ailments maybe on radar.

In conclusion, having to think about making using washrooms are unfortunate reality with bladder leakage disorders- however; there’s no need to suffer silently with its manifestations because our routines within & outside dictates how often it disturbs lives as well – be proactive rather reactive & start changing all ways triggering allergic reactions immediately possible by taking aforementioned tips into consideration without delay!