What has selenium sulfide in it?

Do you know what has selenium sulfide in it? Well, if you don’t, fret not! We will guide you to the various products that contain this fascinating ingredient. Get ready to dive into the world of personal hygiene and hair care with a focus on this peculiar element.

The Element Selenium

Before we delve further into products containing selenium sulfide let’s first talk about its parent compound selenium. So what is selenium? You might ask. To put it simply, selenium is an important trace mineral required by our bodies but only in minute amounts(). Despite being an essential mineral for animal health, too much of anything can be harmful even water ().

Introduction to Selenium Sulfide and Its Uses

Now that we’ve shed some light on the basics of what selenium is let’s move onto something more exotic- yes folks we’re talking about the one and only ‘Selenium Sulfide’! This compound primarily used as an antifungal agent can found mainly as a pale yellow crystalline substance (I mean who knew right!).
Selenium sulfide due to its antifungal properties finds use against many fungal scalp infections like dandruff ()(), seborrheic dermatitis (aka oily skin flakes- eww gross!), pityriasis versicolor aka Tinea versicolor(nasty patches anyone?) among others.(Goodness gracious these are bigger words than my pay-grade)

But wait there’s more!! If I haven’t scared you till now(read: made your head spin) then hold on tight because sul-S-selenides(yes people those exist believe me) found through high-pressure synthetic sonication have potent antimicrobial/antitumor activities ( whhhhat!!, when was I signing up for chemical warfare?!?).

Products Containing Selenium Sulfide

Below are listed common products containing this magical compound ((drum roll please)):
Dandruff shampoos: Selenium sulfide primarily used as an active ingredient in dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis shampoos. Two popular examples are the Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength Dandruff Shampoo()(), and Selsun Blue’s Deep Cleansing Anti-Dandruff Shampoo().

  • Pityriasis versicolor lotions/Sprays/Creams: Pityriasis versicolor a rash that causes discolored patches, is commonly treated with selenium sulfide lotion or spray like the Physicians Formula Medicated Scalp Treatment Spray, or by cream applications such as SelRx.

But wait! we await brave warriors to explore beyond mainstream uses ().

Beyond Commercially Available Products

Selenium sulfide also finds utilization in low concentrations for the selective oxidation of alcohols over others via catalysis using TBHP.(). But!, it doesn’t end there folks; research reports indicate that along with other similar chalcogenides( learned a new word yet?)it may be useful in enhancing ion storage properties of certain materials through some alloy magic(jokes aside we can’t get into more detail because progress takes time!).

Hats off to science…

Safety Concerns where Not To Use

Although harmless when used topically on your scalp, one should avoid ingestion or any contact near delicate tissues due to its irritative nature according to studies(Ah! Think before you play superheroes people!).

Alas courage brethren readers –now We’ve tackled all areas concerning what contains ‘Selenium Sulfide’, this concludes our adventure for today. Until next time let’s keep exploring strange but exciting chemistry related topics– After all who knows which interesting chemical compound could bring forth a product revolution? Stay curious!

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